A voicehearer’s path ~

Working the “Path” ~

trails01Because of the queries that are popping up in the stats portion of this site, it seems that I need to define what I mean by Pathwork. I follow the path of mysticism, basically Christian, but I am not Trinitarian and I do not want to deceive anyone on that score. I believe Y’shua to have been quite inspired as a teacher, an innovative rabbi, certainly Blessed with a special relationship with Hashem, one he felt he needed to share with others.

When I began to realize just how much Y’shua wanted to share his special zoo-lionsrelationship with Hashem, I began to examine that relationship, and the things Y’shua said we needed to heed in order to have that relationship with G-d very G-d. I found that there were several things that Y’shua emphasized that were either suppressed by the preachers and teachers in the fundamental movement of which I was a part, or completely ignored. Instead, 90% of the teaching came from Paul’s letters, and only a very few things were ever taught that were Y’shua’s teachings.

At that point I began to study what 1a_duerer-prayerY’shua had to say doing my best to eliminate Paul’s influence, therefore not reading Luke’s gospel or Acts either, as Luke was Paul’s companion, not Y’shua’s, I found that a slightly different picture began to develop before my eyes. I found that, rather than wanting us to “follow” him, like good sheep, he wanted us to be like him, and his teachings were spoken with the idea that we would become more the “completed adult” that Hashem intended us to be from the beginning.

Several other things began to come alive with the reading. He did not want us to pray to him, he wanted us to pray to Hashem in his name. He said he was a son of G-d, but he also said we were sons and daughters of G-d. He said that the things he did, we would do likewise. He said that when he died, the Spirit of Truth would come and tell ontario-fall-colors-hiking-trailsus things we weren’t yet ready for. I began to think that the way the church taught us to practice our faith had somehow halted our growth as spiritual beings.

Since that time, I have studied Buddhism, at least Siddhartha’s basic teachings, and have come to realize how similar were their teachings. I have also come to realize that Y’shua was also teaching a “Path to Enlightenment”. In fact, it became more and more apparent to me that, though he spoke of an “Awakening” to Spirit as Salvation, he never taught that Salvation was an instant pill that we swallowed and immediately wore a crown and could advance through the Pearly Gates whenever our bodies quit functioning. He spoke of it as a growth process, and continually encouraged us to become “good trees”.

I feel the path to spiritual growth is extremely personal, and I must remind you, I do not ask you to follow me, I ask you to examine the scriptures and follow your own heart, I am not forming a church or a group where you have to leave the church you are in, I am not even asking that you give up your faith in Y’shua’s deity, that’s something I have no need to interfere with for you. If I am wrong, that is my burden alone. All I ask of you, my readers, is that you take it upon yourself to grow as far as Spirit will take you.

May you be Blessed!


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