A voicehearer’s path ~

Why? ~

Having tried the forums, and found that it was mostly a monologue anyway, I am switching to a blog, as it still allows for ample comment for those who would do so, like Kitten, and Robert, and Crystal, and others who were happy to contribute their thoughts from time to time, but seemed to want more of a reading experience than an expressive experience, so lets see if this format will do it for us.

Personally, I seem to need the give and take of spiritual conversation happening around me, and it is going to have to be on the web, as my immediate family, good people though they are, are not inclined toward the things of the Spirit.

It was not easy to find a name for the blog, as there are a lot of blogs out there that are quite spiritual in nature, and were it not for needing to converse with my friends in Indiana, though those perusing these pages who are not of that group do not need to feel excluded, please feel free to comment at any time, your contributions are indeed welcome, I would probably not open this blog at all.

I like the way WordPress sets these blog sites up, as it is quite possible to have static pages where things that do not change may be presented, and there are such things that I will submit for comment and conversation. The blog then remains a dynamic day to day journal, with room for the comments of others. That will do.

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