A voicehearer’s path ~

The Principles ~

Several years ago, as I was learning the practice of meditation, I came across principles put forth that were the way our world “works”. At the time, I was going through a sort of “unfolding” of the idea that music theory, if fully understood, would lead us into a complete understanding of the “cogs” so to speak, that operate the Universe.

Out of that time, this way of seeing those principles emerged. They are still the way I live my life, and how I see all that surrounds me. You are welcome to copy them and print them out if they work for you as well, and any comment you would wish to make on them would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Suzi


The Principles:

♦Creator is Love. The Song of Love, with its melodies, and harmonies, is the expression of the Will and Mind of Creator, who is the Original Source of Life.

♦The Song is in everything and is everything and everything is part of the Song. Everything is an inseparable part of the whole.

♦The Universe sings the Song of Love. It resonates through everything. Mind/Spirit/Matter, as different levels (vibrations) of the same energy.

♦Everything in the Universe has resonance. Nothing is truly dead. 


Everything has a vibration.




♦Everything has its own vibration. When you were born, you had already a song of your own, your expression of the Song of Love. It is the same for all life. Each has its own expression. Even so with plants, trees, rocks, clouds, water, earth; All Life.  

♦Harmony results in maximum efficiency with minimum effort. When it is a strain to sing in harmony with the Universal Energies, there are blockages within your Spirit.

♦Harmony and Balance are the keys to Life. Everything evolves by seeking balance with everything else.

♦The Song is always evolving.

The only constant in the Universe is change.

♦One note, by itself, is not a song. Everything is completely and intimately linked to everything else. All are subject to the Sacred Law of Love.

♦Eternal harmony will be achieved through balance. The human is the only creature that loses its part of the Song shortly after birth. It is the human animal that has thrown this part of the Universe out of balance.

♦The Song flows best through the clearest channels. Be gentle, forgive yourselves your failings, and do not harm the children.

♦Harmony is attained through the Sacred Spiral. Linear thinking cannot achieve balance.

♦Harmonic Resonance is achieved as we learn to flow with the Sacred Song. Dissonance results from resisting the flow of the song. Be certain of nothing, for as surely as you are certain, you are certainly wrong.

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