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20080118-missing-section-3d-sidewalk-art3D sidewalk artists have a great deal of fun showing us that our perceptions of the world may not be correct. I love the work they do, and have a friend who is always forwarding me the new stuff as it makes it’s way around the internet. What a wonderful way to teach us to be on the look out for those things meant to fool the eye, or other senses for that matter. Yet, our world is so complex that if we do not trust others to report “truth” in their perceptions, how can we survive?

I remember many years ago being under the teaching of a man whose simms_wc_lgperceptions of the world were so straightforward that there was no room in his world for other ways of “seeing” things. It was he that threw me out of a Catechism class at the age of 12, yes, he had been explaining that Creator’s time line had no beginning and no end. I asked if he wasn’t describing a circle? He became so distraught, he asked my mother to withdraw me from the class, as he did not want the other children exposed to the perspections of a “witch”. Now, a mentor of mine, who helps me with my drawings and exploration of the visual world wrinkled her nose when I related that tale and said, “That question was normal from the point of view of an artist!?” So does that make artists witches?

I don’t think so! But then, I prefer the company of witches to the company of stodges, so who knows?

large_webBut that same man said something else that caused me to contemplate then, and even today it’s a point of query. He said that one could only worship with others that percieved G-d in the same way you perceive G-d. I disagree. I can’t remember that I said anything at the time, though if I did, I probably had that poor man’s back up before I ever mentioned the “circle”. If we wait to find only those who perceive G-d the way we do, we will never fellowship with others. Our individual filters are such that each of us has different perceptions deep within our psyche as to who and what G-d is to us.

To me, everything we are and that exists in our world exists within the mind of G-d. Now, that makes G-d immense physically, or makes our world in all it’s layers an illusion of incredible proportions. The Native seers speak of the dreamtime, so perhaps that is the case. However, that is not how others perceive G-d or the Universe. I have had some wonderful discussions with others during fellowship gatherings at my teacher’s house. Those were the best times in my life, and though none of us saw “G-d” in exactly the same way, we enjoyed the companionship of others whose openness allowed for free and unencumbered¬† discussion on all manner of things spiritual.

willow_tree_on_the_sunset_by_rattodisabinaI would not trade those times for any amount of pure church attendance, even with a fellowship circle after, as in many of those fellowship halls, little of spiritual note is discussed for fear of offense to others. No one dares take that chance. I like being with those who will discuss without offense what those in the circle believe, leaving room for others’ views to prosper. I am aware of those who feel that being too open minded allows the wind to come whistling through, but I prefer the fresh air to the smell of mustiness.

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