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Inner Child ~

“HELP!, my inner child has escaped and refuses to go back inside!”

“Ye must become as a little child in order to enter the Kingdom.” Did you ever wonder what Y’shua meant by that? I have heard many teachers speculate, and I think some have almost hit it, but I suspect we had to begin to explore and face our inner workings with something like psychology in order to discover the depth of the meaning of that one simple teaching.

Once you realize that the child within the adult that you are needs healing and help from childhood traumas, you can begin to see that it is here that Y’shua’s teachings can become real. There are many Inner Child Therapists available to help if you need more than a simple meditation for this healing, and there are several recorded discs by different authors and counselors that will help you relax and have a good experience with a guided meditation.

I would truly recommend that, if you do not have a pleasant and fulfilling time with the meditation, that you take the time and seek a good therapist to help you sort out the trauma that may have interfered with that, as the likelihood that such is the case may be high. Do not attempt to use one of the discs if you know that you have unresolved childhood issues.

So, what is the “Kingdom”? I would love to ask Y’shua that face to face, and intend to when I see him. Many preachers and teachers have addressed that question, but I am not sure any one person actually has the answer. I can tell you what I think it is, but, the likelihood is that your preacher will disagree with me. Nevertheless, I will share what I believe it to be, and you may use to concept or not as you choose.

For me, the “Kingdom” is a mental, emotional and spiritual place within my own self that is “where” I meet with Spirit. This is my meditation space, though to be truthful, it usually feels like a place far away and in another dimension. Sometimes it is a lovely garden where I meet with a gentle healer looking very much like my picture of Y’shua. Sometimes I am simply sitting on a hill surrounded by golden light. It veries vastly from the influence of what my days and weeks have been like.

I have a specific meditation in which I meet my Inner child on a beach in the summer and we play, and swim, and talk. It’s a lovely meditation, and sometimes a gentle woman joins us there, ageless, beautiful and wise. She is of such a skin tone that I cannot tell if she is Native American, middle Eastern or Oriental. It doesn’t matter, she is kind and gentle, always leading me toward loving thought. It is this gentle spirit whose influence has kept me from following darker ways, and, though I have no doubt whatsoever that I would be thought possessed by my Christian bretheren, her teachings have always been filled with compassion and understanding. I guess I will choose to still hear her voice and take my chances on the other side.

Please, if you have not done any inner child work, explore it, it would be quite rewarding.

God is?

Is God? Does a true God exist? I should have put this post much sooner, shouldn’t I, because you know that I believe God is, but is not necessarily as conceived by the Gurus. It is one of the reasons I have been rather careful to put my comments in the sphere of one imperfect, maybe crazy (voices, you know) woman who lived most of her life in Indiana. Don’t mistake me for a guru. My posts are aimed at making people think, and to stop the insanity of war over whose God is bigger. I know, that’s asking a great deal, and one little woman now in Texas, probably ain’t gonna accomplish much.

Back to the question; Is God real, and if so, what is God, and what does God expect, or does God expect? Now, those who have contemplated the heavenlies before me have concluded that good and evil existed before man was created, and that man was “supposed” to be some sort of answer to that. Well, that experiment seems to have gone awry. Of course, we see the big blue marble that is our home as quite large where to God it might be no larger than a petri dish is to us.

Since this blog really is about my own experiences, I am going to try to convey my perception of Spirit and why I believe in what I believe. You are aware if you have read my previous posts that I hear voices, and have for much of my life. As an adult who has read and attended more than one psychology class, AHA there is some truth to the idea that people study psycholgy to find out how to “fix” themselves, I am quite aware that these may be no more than splintered portions of my subconscious mind, giving substance to both dark and light beliefs. It is possible. I think it is more than that.

Why? Because every great once in a while from either end of the spectrum of good and evil one of the voices will introduce me to a concept to which I had not been before introduced, even when I look back over my life to see where that might have come from, there seems to be no point of origin within me. So, either I am hearing what other people are thinking; possible, or I am hearing entities that exist outside the bubble that contains the me that is me. Possible if you look at the spectrum of energy and realize that all energy travels that same path, not necessarily visible, but certainly known.

Now, I must confess that the spectrum so symbolizes the God presence in my life that at one time I felt that I should call God “Prismaspirian”, for the whirling spectrum of light that seems to guide me, yes, I ‘hallucinate” as well. She, however, seemed to inform me that she was not necessarily Greek, or any other nationality, so that Spirit was sufficient to call her, since any such name would merely describe what I “saw” of her, not who she is. Even that name is Latin, but it’s meaning is breath, and she has seemed to be satisfied with that “title” with many more than just myself. She also said that she was not God, but more a representative of the higher energies available to a human.

It was she that introduced me to the idea that God very God was so immense that there were many many parts of God’s being that had nothing at all to do with human beings or with the big blue marble we call home. It was also she that introduced me to the idea that we were indeed made in God’s likeness, but that it had nothing to do with our human form, but with the rainbow of energies known as the chakras (Hindu origin, but still, apparently as close a proximity to reality as possible).

She also cautioned me not to get too caught up in any one particular concept regarding appearance because though there had been some really close portrayals, none had yet won the prize for accuracy, partly because we do not have enough senses, apparently there are more than 5 if you “graduate” to the higher levels, to understand or even get an accurate “picture” of the Highest and Holiest. And the five we have need to be more acute to actually catch all the nuances of each and every vibration.

She has also cautioned me that I was not to presume I was any kind of Moses or spokesperson for God or mankind, but was to presume at all times that the lessons she gave were for my own spiritual growth, not necessarily for others. This is why I offer my experiences as my experiences, if they help you, fine, if not, disregard them as the ramblings of a crazy woman.

How it is with me ~

I am not here to tell you that my path will work for you, or that it will work for every voicehearer. I am simply here to share what has worked for me. There are, among my friends, those who would lovingly tell me that I should not share my world at all with those who do not know me. Most of the time, you would not know that I do indeed hear voices. I have, for the most part, learned to cope with the differences in perception that the voices create.

There are reasons, however, that make it such that I feel that this may be exactly the best way to “give back” for all the help I have received in my life. It is, in essence, paying it forward, so that if someone else who is a voice hearer and lives under the same onus should find this, it may help them. We have lived for generations with the fears that accompany this phenomenon, and it is time to stop running.

There are many others, and I have seen on the internet signs that there are groups forming that help voicehearers affirm their lives in meaningful ways. The sad part is that, once upon a time, voicehearers were thought to be hearing the “gods” and were therefore spokespeople for the divine. Mouthpieces, so to speak. That, I would have to say was a false presumption and probably led to complete idiocy or the hanging or drowning of many a voicehearer for heeding the wrong voice.

I do know a couple of other folks who hear voices, and they will be invited to give input into this blog as I continue to post. And, yes, by implication of my last paragraph I have found that there are voices that I hear that have led me to make loving and good improvements in my life, and there are other voices that would have led me down some dark and dangerous roads, and indeed did for a time, until I realized I was going a direction I did not want to go.

Now I will tell you that there are many of us who cannot hang onto the present, the here and now, and for that problem I do not have any recommendations. Personally, I have considered wearing a Jabra phone accessory like you see here, so that, should I accidentally feel I needed to answer one of the voices and someone was around, they would think I was talking to someone on the “phone”. It would work. You find yourself wondering about the folks that go around talking animatedly to one of those things, anyway.

All kidding aside, the path I walk has been a spiritual path, and I am not sure I had a choice, though there are those who would argue that point. I did a lot of exploring to find the right “religion” and found that none really seemed to have all the answers, even though many claimed they did, or that they had the answers we needed and the rest should be taken on faith. I wasn’t willing to do that, so there are those faiths that will insist that I am possessed, and should not be listened to at all.

I will respect that you may think that way, as long as you respect my right to be who I am and not live my life your way. Since I do not live be a formulaic faith, my world is not so cut and dried. I am quite thankful that many of the churches of today are beginning to deal with those of us out here that do not fit the “norm’.

If you look around this blog, you will see a page posted on Neil Douglas-Klotz’ translation of the beatitudes. He is a Sufi mystic, yet his translation makes a great deal more sense to me that the King James version of that same passage, so I post it here. Look him up, he has a web presence that will tell you much more about him. It is in exploring work like his, and teachings by the Buddha that I have found a peaceful way to live my life. That is what I will discuss on this blog. You are welcome to look in from time to time, I have a circle of friends back in Indiana that I hope will look in often. Thank you,


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