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The Tree ~

I have been moseying around on the web, looking at the different permutations of the Tree of Life. Some of the art is quite beautiful, and it seems to be the one symbol that transcends all paths from pantheistic to monotheistic. The tree at left is the 9 levels of Yggdrasil, The Etz Chaim of the Hebrews has been shown to be teeming with life in the branches or just a plain, strong tree in it’s prime. I love trees. To me, they make life possible on this earth. I have often wondered if that is what the Shamans that first became aware of the Tree were sensing, that it is indeed the Tree that gives us the life we have here on earth. What a wonderful thought. I love the standing people, the feeling as a child that they held up the sky still infuses my heart, even though I grew out of that thought decades ago.

The many ways in which the tree is depicted often shows the thoughts behind some of the religious views, but often enough there is a simple logical explanation for the art involved. This rather lovely piece of Egyptian art is representative of the stages of life one goes through during the process of living out our years.

Counterclockwise ~

  • The light gray bird symbolizes infancy.
  • The red bird symbolizes childhood.
  • The green bird symbolizes youth.
  • The blue bird symbolizes adulthood.
  • The orange bird symbolizes old age.

Black Elk, a Lakota holy man had a vision of the earth and all thst dwell on her, and with that vision he saw a flowering tree, so large it covered the earth and protected all the mothers and children. This beautiful vision was not so many  years ago, but is not the first representation in Lakota life of the Tree, for the Sundance, little understood, and much less fierce than is reputed, has the tree in the midst of it, a cottonwood full of prayer flags and ribbons, it is beautiful, and the power of it is awesome, with the prayers danced all week by those pledged to dance and pray for the healing of the earth.

{I saw a bit on the news about a woman tonight whose mother’s requests for prayers brought her back to full function after many strokes. Prayer does indeed have the power to heal, and it does not seem that God cares the origin of the prayers, for I have seen healings at that tree, profound healings. They are seldom spoken of outside the fellowship because people will laugh, and often one religion will say that if there was another religion involved, the devil did the healing. That is sad, as these are not devil worshippers, and their ways are the ways of compassion, so be careful what you say of other faiths you do not understand.}

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