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The Promise of the Rainbow ~

rainbow2There is just something so uplifting and beautiful about a rainbow. I remember as a child oohing and ahing, and still do so when I see a particularly bright one or a complete one. They are gorgeous. When I went to Sunday school and learned that that was G-d’s promise that the earth would not be drowned again, but burned next time, I was thrilled, there was a reason to love the rainbow as much as I did. The Bible would have you believe that the rainbow did not exist before then, or I should say my Sunday school teachers, as I recall, the Bible says nothing one way or the other. A large part of my heart fears that’s just another lie, though there is this little corner that sort of wishes the statement were true, since it would mean that the communications from G-d that each of us gets might have a source other than somewhere inside us.spectrum

Whether it is G-d’s promise of no more mass drowning of the world or not, it “feels” like a promise from Hashem. There is this sense of inclusiveness about the rainbow, it includes all the colors we can see. Now that we know through science that there are most likely many more colors that our eyes cannot see, one wonders just how big a rainbow really is. But that is just my silly mind wandering off on one of it’s tangents. The point I was writing about has more to do with that feeling of “promise” I was talking about.

The sciences have shown us clues for many years now, that the basis for many of our traits is in our genetic make-up. What it seems to be showing is not that genomeour “fate” is pre-written, but that our reactions to events are somewhat pre-ordained. Now, personally, I believe that there are many things we can choose to live above. Do I believe that is easy? No! But there are many who are unable to feel empathy toward others of our kind, yet do not go out and murder dozens of their fellows, and until we understand the mechanism that drives those toward murder that do commit it, we are not going to be any closer to living free of that horror than we are today.

But, there are other things where our genetic make-up may indeed lead us to possibilities that are not necessarily “right” or “wrong”. When the imperative of the species was to pro-create, I can accept the idea that Hashem might have indeed said, “Go forth and multiply”. The Earth had plenty of space for all. As medicine has given us longer lives and more live births, I cannot accept that that genetic imperative is there any longer if Hashem truly wants us to live and be free to enjoy the bounty of the earth.

Indeed, I do not believe that it is. There are many couples choosing not to have children. Other couples of the same gender stay together out of caring for one another, not an imperative to have children. This is not just in one area of the world, it is all over the world, where people are too crowded to live healthy lives, including our own cities. I am aware that most people do not like to be compared to the “lower” animals, (so maybe they are glad of that, ’cause we don’t make that great a contribution to the well-being of their living space either.) but we are all here, and we all share the earth!

prismaspirianWhoa, that came around to my point almost as if I’d planned it that way. To me, that is where the rainbow is both a promise and a command. We are all here together, whether green (plant life), blue (some insects and birds), two-legged(most of the other colors), purple (flowers), we are here in the same eco-system, we must learn to work together to survive, and if we do learn that little trick, if we learn to work in harmony, we’ll fit together like the colors of the rainbow. In learning to honor our selves, we’d learn to honor Hashem, and, oh, I think Y’shua and Buddha taught that long before we came along.

Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera . . . . .

I love this symbol. It has not, to my knowledge ever been made the symbol of a cause or religion. It is so beautiful I have often wondered why. I have also wondered why my fascination with this beautiful mark that simply signifies et cetera, all that other stuff. Except that I am an amateur calligrapher and have been since I was 12. That would probably explain loving the beauty of it, but there’s more to my love than that.

The very meaning of sacred is to set apart, as in no longer common or profane but held in high regard. The ampersand is a bridge; its meaning is inclusion, not exclusion. It ties things together: Black & White; Red, White, & Blue; You & Me. There is nothing exclusionary about the ampersand. If it became a holy symbol it would be because there was a group of people that understood that God loves everyone, red & yellow, black & white, they are precious in his sight, and it’s not just the little children of the world, it’s the workers, & the aged, & the moms & the dads, it’s the bus boy in the restaurant & the owner, & the waitress, & the waiter, & the customer, the straight & the gay. Oops, did I say that? Yeah, I did.

There are those who would point out Sodom & Gomorrah to me and say, hey, God doesn’t like gays! And I would have to say to you that you haven’t studied this tale nearly well enough to even begin to preach to me if you take that as the message. I want to know a couple of things. Have you seen groups of gay men going around and raping other men? Have people come knocking on your door insisting you give them your guests to appease their sexual appetites? If that is the case, then, maybe God does need to come around with fire and brimstone. I’m glad that’s not my call, but, as a woman, I really detest the idea of rape, and I cannot believe it would be any easier on a man.

As far as I can tell forcing others into a sexual byplay is not what being gay is all about. I have had the honor of having been befriended by some very honorable men who happened also to be gay. They wouldn’t think of forcing a partner. So, where is your comparison, really? Does it even come close to holding? I don’t think so. And that only works for me if you take seriously the idea of stoning your children if they refuse to clean up their room, or stone a stranger for walking through your church when uninvited, now there’s a church that forgot the message for falling in love with the messenger. Go for it, sing Hallelujah, Glory to God, and when the stranger comes in your midst and doesn’t wipe his feet, (yes folks that is in the OT!) you stone him. That would make the headlines

To adopt the Ampersand as a holy symbol requires that we see ourselves as being “in the soup,” as it were, with everyone else. It requires that we drop the us and them perspective. It requires that we love God, and love our fellow man; even when our fellow man isn’t from our social club.

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