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A Visualization Prayer ~

the-power-of-prayerA loving friend just sent me a powerful visualization prayer to use in my current circumstances. Among the elements is a bolt of lightning empowering the hands in prayer. Wow! That asks for help from the beings known as the Wakayan in Native American Cosmology, powerful beings who like to help the people. I love that visualization, but I have a word of caution for Christians who call on the help of these wonderful spirits.

The Wakayan are inclined to let your prayers backfire onto you if you are too “controlling” in your prayers. They are also inclined to be watchful that one’s prayers are neither too ‘proud”, nor “judgmental”. It is best when calling on their help to be praying for needs where you have no negative feelings, as your negativity will wash back onto you. The Wakayan are not picky about your religion, nor do they seem to care the color of your skin. They care about how you walk you walk and how you walk your talk. One of the things I have been taught about these Holy Helpers is that compassion is a chief criterion for receiving their help. If you are a person who is inclined to help others, they are more inclined to help you than if you were a loner or one who takes rather than gives.

I am not trying to discourage you from calling on these wonderful beings for help. They are powerful and capable and willing. I am simply cautioning you that if you are not willing to live a life respectful to Spirit and others, you may not want to call on these particular helpers.

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