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Is three a magical number, or a divine number, and is there a difference? You do know that the Trinity does not have exclusive dominion over the number three as to the amount of persons or concepts involved in a particular set of beliefs, right? And you also know that the others cannot be chided for copying Christianity as they existed before Paul and Constantine decided that Moshe must have got it wrong when he quoted G-d as having said he would never come in human form? OK, I just wanted to know we were on the same page.

Three has represented so many wonderful things all along the many spiritual journeys man has set his heart and feet upon. There are the three treasures and the three jewels, these are in Taoism and Buddhism respectively, and signify the discipline, guidance of the Buddha and fellowship in Buddhism, and Charity, frugality and humility in Taoism. Click on the number above and you will see that there are so many ways that three has shown up that one could almost wear a triad symbol into any spiritual gathering anywhere and be accepted as one of the fellowship. I like this little jade mobius strip that isn’t really anybody’s but celebrates the number 3 as well as anything available.

The concept of the several being parts of the one was already in Judaism when Constantine played his hand, showing up in Jewish mysticism as the Sefirot, not three in one, but an entire tree of individuals who all held within themselves the reflection of the whole. Aspects of God they are called, yet each aspect has it’s own personality and is therefore not considered an “it”.

The Wiccans recognize the power of three and the law of returns with their teachings. If you put it out into the universe, it will return to you threefold, hmmm, where did i hear that teaching before? The big difference is that for them it is Maiden, Mother and Crone, not Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

What really makes that number of all numbers so dang special? I have a theory, it’s probably only worth a couple of cents, even in today’s inflated market, but, hey, what the heck . . . . .I think it has to do with the triad made within music of the sound of a chord. When three harmonious notes are played together the chord that results is both stronger and more beautiful than one note alone.

I Googled musical chords, and there was my mobius in the form of chords. I am simply going to have to get one to wear! The link for that picture takes you to an article entitled Goedel, Escher and Chopin, but there’s a book out there entitled Goedel, Escher and Bach, a fun read if you enjoy word play and love allowing the mind to wander through several layers of meaning. Oh, and another triad.

I have not even begun to explore all the places there are triads to explore, from the Parthenon, to Egypt, to Hinduism, it’s all there. Lots and lots of threes. Remember, three harmonious notes make a chord.

Pantheism/Monotheism an old debate ~

God is Everywhere, Everywhere is God! Which is it, really? This is the age old argument between Pantheism and Monotheism. But, truly, how much difference is there between the perspectives? In one you see the world as inhabited by Spirit, in the other you see the world inhabited by spirits. Yet, in monotheism, there is room for angels and demons and all sorts of “in betweens”, so a minor “garden god” in pantheism becomes an angel of the garden in monotheism.

The difference between the two perspectives is the idea that you can see one intelligence as being “in charge” of the whole. I believe there is, but even that “in charge” being is not as we presume. We think being in charge means that everything that happens on your shift is your responsibility. In which case, everything from the greatest good to the darkest evil can be “pinned” onto God’s robes and we can get all sorts of “mad” at God for allowing bad things to happen.

Perhaps. But what about the idea that God may “create” simply because that is the nature of God’s “being”, and then, when it is created, God releases it into the universe having already endowed it with the ability to make choices on it’s own, and hopes for the best. With the ability to make choices comes an insidious little thing creeping into the works called an ego. This ego then, has the choice to “obey” the “Prime Directive” to Love, or to go it’s own way, wanting what it wants and not giving a d*mn about any other entity’s rights or feelings.

Since that latter seems, indeed, to be the way things are, in backtracking the clues, it would seem to me that this GOD is inclined to create and release. But, why? Well, this theory has been around for a long while, as have most of the things I have put together on this blog, but, perhaps the Creator desires to be loved freely, not by command. In that case, the Creator would have to give the created the choice to love or not to love.

Now, lets go back to the question of pantheism v. monotheism. If we understand that there is but one actual God, then we begin to at least look for the primary reasons for our having been created. If we leave it that the spirits are as we are, and unguided, or perhaps guided by one as faulty as Zeus, each a being unto himself, then there really is no reason to look for motive beyond the existence of life itself. That’s almost good enough, after all, there is simply a sacredness about life that is so profound that Moshe wrote into the laws the idea that if a man wasted his seed he had sinned, (this would, indeed be the idea behind the gay lifestyle being sinful, one was created to procreate, never mind that there are already too many of us on the planet {or that that is the precursor to a proliferation of same gender relations throughout all of nature.})

¿Do you ever wonder if God can change his/her mind? After all, the command to go forth and multiply has been obeyed to the point of overflowing, can God command us to close the tap down to a trickle? And are we so foolish that we need God to even make such a command?

Yet, all over the planet there are indications that compassion is the paradigm toward which we are to grow. Is this built into us? That implication is there, both scientifically and philosophically. Or is it the response of mankind to One who has been guiding us toward compassion? And even here, I have wondered for some time if compassion is so profound a need (I’d agree) that it matters not whether the students follow monotheism or pantheism?

Witness Taoism and Judaism; the teachings are similar, the core almost identical, yet the approach is mirrored, and so (almost) justifies wars. Just remember, war in any disguise makes compassion more difficult! *The painting is by Dina Dargo, and links to where it may be purchased, but so beautifully makes the point of the dichotomy which I am addressing! The vine in Buddhism seems to signify living in the moment looking neither to past nor future, and for me it signifies Spirit as the vine taking me from gentle human form into something greater, (oops, maybe they are the same perspective?)

I have seen in dreams Hashem as a many faceted jewel, when we look in any one of the faces, things look right and complete from that point of view, yet, a complete understanding of Hashem can only be had when all the faces are put together and one can see the complete and glowing gem.

The Tao ~

On profiles at places like Xanga, and myspace, when asked my religion, I have answered Taoist. I know little of this particular religious practice, though I have read and contemplated the writings called the Tao te Ching, reputedly by an ancient teacher named Laotse.  Philosophically I could in truth call myself Taoist without hesitation, for the meditations as translated into English cannot be mistaken for anything else but contemplations of the one whose purpose and personality are described rather well in Proverbs chapter 8. There she is called Holy Wisdom, and I count her friend and teacher. (Not that I am wise, but that I am forever a student of those who would guide me into wisdom.)

◊Clicking on the image of the first verse of the Tao te Ching will take you to Wikipedia’s definition of Taoism, if the def is right, I really am a Taoist, only from a Native American POV◊

Equally, the teachings of Buddha can be seen to come from this same teacher. His Four Noble Truths, with the Eightfold Path of Enlightenment cannot be mistaken as something evil except by those who have called all things non-Christian as having originated with the “Devil”. I have actually come to consider such prancing foolishness the sin against the Holy Spirit as spoken of by Y’shua in Matt.12;31&32, for if you will study that passage closely, you can begin to understand that it is calling evil good, and good evil that is the sin of which Y’shua spoke.

When you look at the teachings of Native American Wisdom, the Medicine Wheel, you see this same wisdom, the teacher being, again, feminine in the person of Ptesan Win. The teachings of the original people of Australia are quite similar, and fit with the pattern one can see across the entire planet. The Holy Spirit, whether you call her the Ruach Ha’Kodesh, The Tao, Wakan Tanka, or Gitche Manitou, has spoken to humankind many times in the past, and continues to speak, without the human assistance of Jerry Falwell.

In fact, I would go so far as to say that it is possible that JF has committed the sin against the Holy Spirit, in which case, according to Y’shua, he cannot be forgiven. {Well, maybe this lifetime he lost his way, but, hopefully he will be born into Buddhist practice next time, and regain some of the wisdom he seems to have cast aside.} Sorry about the Smiley, couldn’t resist, oops.

To get back on track, it is her consistent presence over the world that has me blogging at this point in time and space.  There are enough voices out there so that anyone searching without some sort of rudder will get easily confused, discouraged, and quickly claim agnosticism, or atheism, and would we all please leave them alone? It was after she began to show me how many places she had been, see the book of Job if you question that, there’s a bit about her in there as well, that I began to feel that the worry that people would “go to hell’ if they didn’t hear the “truth” about the Christ, (reference Constantine to see how much “truth” that is,) was needless, Spirit had it covered.

In fact, what I began to find in my studies was that, wherever she had been, one could count on the central message having been compassion, (which is why I still figure that Y’shua knew her, even with all the, mm, rearranging of his words), Y’shua continually taught compassion as the very yardstick of the believer, oh, I forgot, Jerry says that makes me a gnostic. Even C.S. Lewis noted that over the entire Earth people felt the need to follow the same paradigm.

The upshot, then, is if you practice any form of religiion, and that practice includes and indeed centers around compassion, I am going to consider you a student of the one I call “Teacher”, often referred to as just plain Spirit. I will embrace you as family, and have not one minute’s time to worry about whether you light incense or bow in gratitude for teachings at the foot of a representative statue, or worship in a cathedral, synagogue or temple. There has been too much bloodshed in the name of “My God, Your God”, for me to play on that same field. If you practice compassion, you probably worship the Name above all Names, and that is my God.

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