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Shiny rocks ~

petrified-woodI have always adored shiny rocks. I collected them as a child. I remember my mother asking me one time what were all those boxes under my bed, and she made me pull them out so she could see them. I had a lovely collection of river stones and arrowheads and Indian beads. I thought they were fun to collect, and besides, if I had my floor all covered with stones right up to the springs, no monsters could stay there and scare me at night. Well, think about the logic, it worked, didn’t it? I didn’t see one monster while I had those rocks under my bed! She made me take them back outdoors. Pssst, I kept a few, and would trade them with my other stone rainbow_4opfriends back and forth. OK, so I was a little off-center, what else is new? Now, with all the New Age shops and all, I get to collect pretty rocks, and only look silly to the folks who label the NewAgers as kooks.

When I moved to Texas I only kept some of my stone friends. Most went back to the Mother Earth. I have a friend who paints river rocks, she does a nice job, and they look collectible when she gets them done. The Native Americans value the stone people as friends, and I think that is perhaps what drew me to the culture as much as my father’s ancestry.

I found a white holey stone once, and my teacher told me to keep that, because it meant that the river spirits liked me and would protect me. I still have that friend. I wear a jade pi now, a circle that represents heaven and earth.

“Jade held a special place in Chinese religion; a place accorded no other substance. It was the link between earth and Heaven, 2282the bridge from life to immortality. It was a conduit, a conductor, the embodiment of man’s highest thought, just touching upon the divine. In religious ceremonies the Emperor often used jade as we might a telephone, except that when he held up the jade Pi form and spoke through it he spoke to Heaven. And through jade, Heaven was said to send its blessings in return.”

Jade: Stone of Heaven, Richard Gump, 1962

Jade, then is a prayer stone, and I treasure it thusly. In fact, that has long been my connection with stones. I think of them as solid prayers. When I give a stone to someone as a gift, I will meditate on what to give and then find the stone that best suits their need in color and shape. Color being the key to the sense of prayer with each. I have no diamonds, as much because even an uncut one the size I would want is exorbitantly priced. I love the way a properly cut diamond shines the rainbow when the sun shines through it. My mother’s used to catch the sun and splay little bits of rainbow scattered all over the walls and furniture.

helioI didn’t feel quite so whacked when I found out as a teenager reading the Bible, that the breastplate of the high priest was a cage that bore twelve stones to signify the 12 tribes. I guess Hashem likes stones, too. Are they “spiritual?” I don’t know, but they work for me much the same as prayer beads work for others. I sometimes use the mantra, “Aum mani padme hum.” when I am meditating with my stone friends and thinking of the prayer needs of others. The “a” in aum stands for the manifest world, the “u” for the transitional world within ourselves where things are coming into being through our thoughts, and the “m” stands for the unmanifest world, so essentially the aum stands for the “All that Is”, the rest of the phrase is loosely translated as a request for enlightenment toward compassion for all living beings, and therefore very much a request for healing for those on my prayer list.

Totems ~

Have you wondered what you might have as a totem? These energies in our lives are not worshiped in the sense of worshiping Hashem, did you know that? There is Wakan Tanka, who is worshiped, {directly translated, Sacred Spirit}, the totems are allies, helpers, teachers, even friends.

So, how do they function in our lives? There is one book I would advise you to get your hands on if this is something you really would like to know. Sun Bear, and Ojibwe holy man was in trouble with the elders of his tribe for publishing such clear information as is in the book, “Dancing with the Wheel”. It is a valuable resource for me, and I have had two copies, I wore the first one out completely, and gently retired it just a couple of years ago. It sits respectfully wrapped in a special box with other books that have brought special experiences with the reading of them. But I have a working copy available, as it is something I would not want to be without. You can get the book from Amazon, B&N, or any bookstore that would handle books dealing with the metaphysical.

Sun Bear died a few years ago, much to the distress of all who loved and respected him, but his work lives on. there are websites where you can connect with his people directly. Click the book to connect with one of the authors. One of my most respected friends and teachers, Shawnodessa, is an herbalist, and respected this man’s work enough to recommend the book.

The reason I bring up this book in particular is that he has in it, a chart of totems that correlate to one’s astrology sign, his point of view regarding this perspective is that one is given this knowledge to “dance the wheel” and learn all the lessons Creator has from each particular sacred point of view. For instance, my birth totem would be the raven. This bird is a trickster in the creation stories and able to see many sides of the same situation. However, this is my starting point at birth, it does not have to be the place I end up on the wheel at my crossing over. We built a medicine wheel according to his plan on my teacher’s property, much prayer went into that wheel, and the energy of it is still lovely just to stand within it’s bounds to pray.

Traditional astrology, that was taught as though one’s fate was sealed always bothered me. Even that has changed and today is taught, as is this, that one’s free will is in full power, but looking at the influences and how they slant our choices if we are not careful to keep ourselves on a high road. You will see, in this workbook, how to connect with the stones, plants, trees, and animals for meditation and self-growth. Through it, you will begin to understand that “Power” is not really the proper way to look at one’s totem teachers, they are not to be “used” as one uses facial tissue and discards, but valued and treasured as precious friends along the journey of life.

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