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The Spectrum ~

Since I have been blogging for the past couple of days on the colors we can see in the rainbow, I found this wonderful graphic at a classroom on the web. I couldn’t resist posting it and it’s connection, since it demonstrates so fully what I have been addressing on several levels. We can see so little of the spectrum that it is amazing to me that those who address the spiritual like to  sound like they know all about it. I have to tell you, again, I do not.

I can only speak of what I have experienced and learned, but like the electromagnetic spectrum above, there is no one who can see beyond a certain level, so don’t let anyone try to convince you they can! We can experiment, we can hypothesize, we can guess all day. We may even end up quite close to the way it truly is on the other side.

There are those who are gifted with a type of second sight, some, like myself have a gift of “knowing”, I do not know where it comes from, but there are times (and not on demand, folks, so I can’t go on TV and make a bundle of your money) when I will know things about others that I could not have known by ordinary means. Believe me, that isn’t always a comfortable thing, and I wouldn’t recommend trying to acquire such a “gift” because there are definitely times you learn things you would just as soon not know.

The Key thing to remember, and I have told those I have mentored this one thing many times, please remember, everything a person “knows” or learns, whether by ordinary means such as conversation, or TV, or reading, or through non-ordinary means like clair-whatever, everything, comes through the filters of that person’s personality and knowledge base! This is why you must be wary of any information you receive this way. It doesn’t matter who it is, if their information does not coincide with specific principles, they are “off mark”. No, I don’t think they or I deserve death, but I prefer such people quit acting as though they own knowledge you can’t get.

First of all, you can get such knowledge. The Buddhists teach their monks the disciplines that awaken that part of who we are so that the monks of their “orders” experience the sensory breakthroughs. The thing most commendable about Buddhism is that it is disciplined and it is known the level of commitment of the individual before they are taught such things. Yes, even then, there are those that turn toward darkness, but that is not something that can be helped, there is an old cliché, “Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

This is one of the reasons that you will seldom find a Buddhist that will try to lead thousands to Nirvana, they know the hours of study and dedication it takes to work in that direction. They also know one other key thing that seems to get lost among Evangelicals, those with greatest humility will be those with greatest power.

Second of all, you can know the principles so that such people can not fool you! One of the first things to remember is that, if it is not of Love, it is not from those who serve Hashem. If such people show any tendency to bring harm then do not follow their way, follow the principles, not the person. Y’shua gave you those principles, they were deliberately mistranslated so that they would not be readily understood as principles, but they are there nevertheless.

They are the beatitudes. These are what each and every person who claims to follow the teachings of the Rabboni should without question be doing. If you see signs that another is not following these principles Do Not Follow Them! Do not condemn them, do not fuss at them, just do not follow them. You can pray with them, you can worship with them, just do not depend on their guidance for anthing that is important to your spiritual path.

God is?

Is God? Does a true God exist? I should have put this post much sooner, shouldn’t I, because you know that I believe God is, but is not necessarily as conceived by the Gurus. It is one of the reasons I have been rather careful to put my comments in the sphere of one imperfect, maybe crazy (voices, you know) woman who lived most of her life in Indiana. Don’t mistake me for a guru. My posts are aimed at making people think, and to stop the insanity of war over whose God is bigger. I know, that’s asking a great deal, and one little woman now in Texas, probably ain’t gonna accomplish much.

Back to the question; Is God real, and if so, what is God, and what does God expect, or does God expect? Now, those who have contemplated the heavenlies before me have concluded that good and evil existed before man was created, and that man was “supposed” to be some sort of answer to that. Well, that experiment seems to have gone awry. Of course, we see the big blue marble that is our home as quite large where to God it might be no larger than a petri dish is to us.

Since this blog really is about my own experiences, I am going to try to convey my perception of Spirit and why I believe in what I believe. You are aware if you have read my previous posts that I hear voices, and have for much of my life. As an adult who has read and attended more than one psychology class, AHA there is some truth to the idea that people study psycholgy to find out how to “fix” themselves, I am quite aware that these may be no more than splintered portions of my subconscious mind, giving substance to both dark and light beliefs. It is possible. I think it is more than that.

Why? Because every great once in a while from either end of the spectrum of good and evil one of the voices will introduce me to a concept to which I had not been before introduced, even when I look back over my life to see where that might have come from, there seems to be no point of origin within me. So, either I am hearing what other people are thinking; possible, or I am hearing entities that exist outside the bubble that contains the me that is me. Possible if you look at the spectrum of energy and realize that all energy travels that same path, not necessarily visible, but certainly known.

Now, I must confess that the spectrum so symbolizes the God presence in my life that at one time I felt that I should call God “Prismaspirian”, for the whirling spectrum of light that seems to guide me, yes, I ‘hallucinate” as well. She, however, seemed to inform me that she was not necessarily Greek, or any other nationality, so that Spirit was sufficient to call her, since any such name would merely describe what I “saw” of her, not who she is. Even that name is Latin, but it’s meaning is breath, and she has seemed to be satisfied with that “title” with many more than just myself. She also said that she was not God, but more a representative of the higher energies available to a human.

It was she that introduced me to the idea that God very God was so immense that there were many many parts of God’s being that had nothing at all to do with human beings or with the big blue marble we call home. It was also she that introduced me to the idea that we were indeed made in God’s likeness, but that it had nothing to do with our human form, but with the rainbow of energies known as the chakras (Hindu origin, but still, apparently as close a proximity to reality as possible).

She also cautioned me not to get too caught up in any one particular concept regarding appearance because though there had been some really close portrayals, none had yet won the prize for accuracy, partly because we do not have enough senses, apparently there are more than 5 if you “graduate” to the higher levels, to understand or even get an accurate “picture” of the Highest and Holiest. And the five we have need to be more acute to actually catch all the nuances of each and every vibration.

She has also cautioned me that I was not to presume I was any kind of Moses or spokesperson for God or mankind, but was to presume at all times that the lessons she gave were for my own spiritual growth, not necessarily for others. This is why I offer my experiences as my experiences, if they help you, fine, if not, disregard them as the ramblings of a crazy woman.

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