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dance-of-lifeWhat goes around comes around, i.e. if you don’t want it done to you, don’t do it to someone else, or more positively “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” This is another of the parallel teachings that Y’shua echoes from the Buddha. It does make a person wonder if he did travel to India or further into Tibet during the missing years. I am not sure, and there is little to support the idea except that his teachings so completely echo the truths of the Buddha who lived some 500 years earlier in the Orient.

The graphic above is my own, called, “The Dance of Life”. It is my interpretation of the Tai Chigolden-key1 Tu, the  symbol of balance that is used in Taoism, and other Eastern philosophies.  Karma, though it easily boils down into the goes around comes around platitude is a bit more complicated than that. But, of course, that’s like saying Y’shua taught only the Golden Rule, which, BTW I think of it more as a Golden Key, as it is a key behavior that leads more clearly to peace and gentleness between peoples than any other teaching. If you treat others with the respect you wish to receive from them, you will lead a peaceful life for the most part.

dharma_wheelBuddhanet.net gives a classic explanation of Karma as it is accepted through most beliefs where Karma is a doctrine. As I understand this explanation, it would seem that Karma then is comparable to Y’shua’s teachings regarding a tree and it’s fruit, a good tree grows good fruit, a bad tree grows bad fruit. So it is not something quite so simple as one would presume from simply “what goes around comes around”, though that is obviously part of it. It would also explain, to a degree, why “The Secret” is an incomplete teaching, as there are many more factors than simply putting your shopping list out to the Universe and getting what you ask for.

There is another factor that this definition speaks of negatively. I do believe in the mercies of a Creator, and I also believe in help from Spirit. So the teachings on Karma, though good teachings, are not all that appears to be out there in the Universe.

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