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A Visualization Prayer ~

the-power-of-prayerA loving friend just sent me a powerful visualization prayer to use in my current circumstances. Among the elements is a bolt of lightning empowering the hands in prayer. Wow! That asks for help from the beings known as the Wakayan in Native American Cosmology, powerful beings who like to help the people. I love that visualization, but I have a word of caution for Christians who call on the help of these wonderful spirits.

The Wakayan are inclined to let your prayers backfire onto you if you are too “controlling” in your prayers. They are also inclined to be watchful that one’s prayers are neither too ‘proud”, nor “judgmental”. It is best when calling on their help to be praying for needs where you have no negative feelings, as your negativity will wash back onto you. The Wakayan are not picky about your religion, nor do they seem to care the color of your skin. They care about how you walk you walk and how you walk your talk. One of the things I have been taught about these Holy Helpers is that compassion is a chief criterion for receiving their help. If you are a person who is inclined to help others, they are more inclined to help you than if you were a loner or one who takes rather than gives.

I am not trying to discourage you from calling on these wonderful beings for help. They are powerful and capable and willing. I am simply cautioning you that if you are not willing to live a life respectful to Spirit and others, you may not want to call on these particular helpers.

The Magi ~

xmas-magi2In St. Luke’s retelling of the legendary beginnings of the rabbi Y’shua, there is an oft repeated tale of a visit by three “wise men” of the time whose astral calculations told them of the birth of a specially anointed child. Their path to get to him is not recorded among our literature, though one could wish it had been. Hollywood has speculated on that journey,  the story carries all the romance and intrigue one would desire in a good tale. What they embody for us is an allegorical journey toward the light.

I have said before that I do not see Y’shua as G-d incarnate. Yet, neither do I see him as an ordinary man. I see him as a type of Buddha, a mentor in Spirit upon whom we can call for enlightenment, and even assistance when needed. I have never doubted the strength and possibilities of faith. Y’shua often said to those he ministered to that their own faith had made them whole. That is pretty incredible, for it implies that we live well below our full potential. Many times he said to those who listened to him that they could become like him. He wasn’t wanting followers to bow to his “glory”, he was wanting brothers to walk at his side, doing the deeds he did, from that time unto the present. If I understand that correctly, we have certainly missed the boat.

I had wondered about his mission’s failure to bring about the kind of living among the common man that he intended, and what he planned on doing about it until I read about a wonderful Jewish teacher called the Baal Shem Tov. I suspect, if that’s him, that he has things well in hand, and will keep coming back and teaching us silly folk until we get it right, for which I am most grateful. Until we understand that the walk along the path is as important as getting there;  that how we live each day of our lives, giving, loving, laughing and being true to Spirit is what we are supposed to do, not beat each other over the head or kill for the sake of religion; he will just have to keep coming back to teach each new generation, hoping that someday we get it right.

In the meanwhile, the best thing that we can do is celebrate the greatest gift, the gift of Love. As Spirit teaches us, through Y’shua, through the Baal Shem Tov, through Shakyamuni Buddha, through Ptesin Win, through Mother Theresa, how to love, we can learn each step of the way, to be kind, to be helpful, to be faithful to our teachers. Many blessings to you this season, no matter which Holy Days you observe!


The 7th ~

7) Harmony and Balance are the keys to Life. Everything evolves by seeking balance with everything else.

Google harmony and balance and you will find all manner of wonderful esoteric studies and plans to help you find an inner balance. There is very little said, at least on the web regarding the scientific observation that nature in her own right, is always seeking balance in the ecosphere of our very own planet. Look at the stars and the galaxies, and you will see much that would indicate that all move toward finding that balance just to exist. One wonders why our Creator would choose to make this a goal rather than the natural way of things. Yet, all creatures seem caught in a balance wheel seeking the way of harmony.

We are incited by many Holy Books to believe that the Universe was once in balance and something knocked it for a loop. The are those who teach that man is the one who knocked things out of balance and others who teach that it happened much earlier in time and space than the point at which we came onboard as a species. There are even teachings that we were created to try to help put things back in balance, (whooo, that failed badly if that was the case!) However, no matter which origin stories you hold dear, it remains that our world’s dynamic is to seek balance, it is, then, this balance that supports life on Terra.

Saddest, however, is that we humans seem to have lost the natural grasp of balance, if we ever had it, and now must find our way to living our lives in a manner that seeks balance in even the smallest things, such as how much food to take into our bodies, and how much sleep to get in a 24 hour period in order to stay at optimum for as long as possible. As we move from an agrarian society through mechanics into a technical society we find we must teach ourselves much about how to maintain the simple balances of eating, breathing and sleeping.

In order to grow in spirit, we also need to learn how to maintain a balance in life. It is easy for the ascetic to have the wonderful mountain top experience and “find God” there. It is not so easy to maintain that sense of the divine in the traffic patterns on Monday morning. Yet, G-d is not distant when we are in traffic, in fact, unless I am mistaken, the Angels that guard us are more present there than on the mountaintop. I hope so, we certainly need them.

If I understand Spirit correctly, here, it is not on the mountain top that we grow, it is in the valley, in the traffic that we are stretched and pulled in order to remain calm and cheerful in the midst of anger and futility on the part of those with whom we travel. One of the toughest points of balance is the one that applies internally, learning to be less harsh with ourselves will help us to be more compassionate with others.

No Boundaries?

Yikes! I don’t know if I want to live in a world where the “press” can decide that the world needs to know if you passed gas this morning!? Yet, that is exactly what is happening in our society. How gross is that? And, most frightening is that, the more a person resists the boundary breakers, the more certain the newshounds are that there is something to hide, so they pursue it with even more vigor. Many times they have been right, but, do these pencil pushing detectives have mores enough to back off when what they find really is nobody’s business? I wouldn’t count on it.

So, how do we determine the extent of healthy boundaries in a world that glorifies having no boundaries? I can only answer by sharing what has been given me. If it helps you, use it in good faith and enjoy. Hedgie, up there in the corner is the animal in the Native American cosmology that teaches us how to maintain our boundaries, as when you reach out in good intent, brushing from head to tail on his quills, you will not get hurt. However, if you go to harm our nonshallant little character, you will pull back a handful of quills. Hedgie’s “medicine” is innocense and boundaries.

I want to introduce you to a stone friend of mine, and yes, like the Native American teachers I have known, I consider the stones to be “people” with things to teach us. This fellow is rhodochrosite, and it’s “medicine” is unconditional love. It teaches this to it’s wearer and is best able to teach this when given as a gift. But note the banding. Note the way the stone looks when sliced straight across. There is a center (the sacred heart of each and every human), striations circumventing outward, and then more banding.

What my teachers have used this stone to teach me is the idea of compassionate boundaries. Holding onto my sacred space in such a way as to cause as little offense as possible, while still holding onto that space as mine alone. That is a tough lesson, and it takes time to learn. I wore my friend for a number of years, and still keep it in a special place in my room as a gentle reminder of the lessons.

Now, if you should choose to follow that same pattern, I would like you to understand that the stone is a reminder as well as a teacher, but that you must seek out the conscious knowledge that goes with this. Find the books and human teachers that can teach you these lessons in a gentle way, for as surely as you do not seek to learn the quiet lessons of spirit, there is a trickster prepared to teach you by other means that will grow more and more painful.

Compassion ~

Heaven help us, I know that if you are “out there” looking, you are getting scads of input on compassion. Especially if you are willing to look at the Buddhists sites. This is because though there have been a lot of things going on in Southeast Asia, the basic thrust of Buddhism has always been kindness, and the current Dalai Lama, is emphasizing compassion and kindness altogether.

I suspect that for me, the saddest thing of all is that Y’shua taught this to his followers also, it just got lost in all of the other stuff that the “church” seems to have thought worth the arguing. It wasn’t, it never will be. All of the other stuff, the style of baptism, or the style of church leadership, those are all temporal things, and have nothing to do with the development of your eternal soul. When Y’shua said, “Love one another as I have loved you!”, and repeated it many times throughout his teaching career, and said it in a thousand different ways, he wasn’t just talking to hear the wind in his throat. He meant it.

If we learn to care about one another, and by this I mean to learn to respect one another so that we give when giving is needed, and give space when that is needed, we will be following his clearest and best teachings. That business about giving space when it is needed, that is just as important as all the things or hugs you can give. Now, I don’t mean to just move on and let Joe stand on the street corner shivering in the cold, that is not acceptable, unless you have offered warmth and Joe said “No thank ye.”

But, then you have to ask, “Why did Joe not want to be warmer?” Was it because we really weren’t “giving”? Probably. If there are strings attached in any way, we are not giving from compassion. We’re advertising our version of God just as though we were a part of the money making corporate world. True compassion reaches out to Joe with what he needs and asks nothing in return. Now, I am not saying that giving that kind of kindness is easy. If it was, we wouldn’t have to learn to do it, would we? We would practice it out of hand. No, giving that kind of compassion and kindness is extremely difficult.

When we give in that manner, we are leaving Joe’s belief system in place, and maybe his culture in place, and asking him only to receive what we give. Yet, that very act, though slower, perhaps than the zealot stance of asking payment for the “gifts” we give with a change in their outlook, operates as a “witness”. You can do so much more if you give this way. Yes, make what you believe open, discuss it if asked, but do not push it down people’s throats. Then, they might actually believe you gave out of the goodness within you rather than out of some avaricious intent. Just a thought.


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