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The Tao ~

On profiles at places like Xanga, and myspace, when asked my religion, I have answered Taoist. I know little of this particular religious practice, though I have read and contemplated the writings called the Tao te Ching, reputedly by an ancient teacher named Laotse.  Philosophically I could in truth call myself Taoist without hesitation, for the meditations as translated into English cannot be mistaken for anything else but contemplations of the one whose purpose and personality are described rather well in Proverbs chapter 8. There she is called Holy Wisdom, and I count her friend and teacher. (Not that I am wise, but that I am forever a student of those who would guide me into wisdom.)

◊Clicking on the image of the first verse of the Tao te Ching will take you to Wikipedia’s definition of Taoism, if the def is right, I really am a Taoist, only from a Native American POV◊

Equally, the teachings of Buddha can be seen to come from this same teacher. His Four Noble Truths, with the Eightfold Path of Enlightenment cannot be mistaken as something evil except by those who have called all things non-Christian as having originated with the “Devil”. I have actually come to consider such prancing foolishness the sin against the Holy Spirit as spoken of by Y’shua in Matt.12;31&32, for if you will study that passage closely, you can begin to understand that it is calling evil good, and good evil that is the sin of which Y’shua spoke.

When you look at the teachings of Native American Wisdom, the Medicine Wheel, you see this same wisdom, the teacher being, again, feminine in the person of Ptesan Win. The teachings of the original people of Australia are quite similar, and fit with the pattern one can see across the entire planet. The Holy Spirit, whether you call her the Ruach Ha’Kodesh, The Tao, Wakan Tanka, or Gitche Manitou, has spoken to humankind many times in the past, and continues to speak, without the human assistance of Jerry Falwell.

In fact, I would go so far as to say that it is possible that JF has committed the sin against the Holy Spirit, in which case, according to Y’shua, he cannot be forgiven. {Well, maybe this lifetime he lost his way, but, hopefully he will be born into Buddhist practice next time, and regain some of the wisdom he seems to have cast aside.} Sorry about the Smiley, couldn’t resist, oops.

To get back on track, it is her consistent presence over the world that has me blogging at this point in time and space.  There are enough voices out there so that anyone searching without some sort of rudder will get easily confused, discouraged, and quickly claim agnosticism, or atheism, and would we all please leave them alone? It was after she began to show me how many places she had been, see the book of Job if you question that, there’s a bit about her in there as well, that I began to feel that the worry that people would “go to hell’ if they didn’t hear the “truth” about the Christ, (reference Constantine to see how much “truth” that is,) was needless, Spirit had it covered.

In fact, what I began to find in my studies was that, wherever she had been, one could count on the central message having been compassion, (which is why I still figure that Y’shua knew her, even with all the, mm, rearranging of his words), Y’shua continually taught compassion as the very yardstick of the believer, oh, I forgot, Jerry says that makes me a gnostic. Even C.S. Lewis noted that over the entire Earth people felt the need to follow the same paradigm.

The upshot, then, is if you practice any form of religiion, and that practice includes and indeed centers around compassion, I am going to consider you a student of the one I call “Teacher”, often referred to as just plain Spirit. I will embrace you as family, and have not one minute’s time to worry about whether you light incense or bow in gratitude for teachings at the foot of a representative statue, or worship in a cathedral, synagogue or temple. There has been too much bloodshed in the name of “My God, Your God”, for me to play on that same field. If you practice compassion, you probably worship the Name above all Names, and that is my God.

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