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Meekness ~

1raspberryThis is another one of those fruits that Paul listed that doesn’t get a whole lot of attention. To my notion, first of all, this is not necessarily the willingness to stand still and be whipped, though that has been known to happen, it is by no means all that this concept entails. When I look at those who insist that they know G-d better than their brother, I look for a couple of things.

One of them is that a person filled with the love of the Holy Spirit will seldom insist they know G-d better than you, for there are only a few souls privy to the workings of your inner being, and they seldom have that kind of pride. The next thing I look at is whether they show the marks of having learned from the Holy Spirit. This will include Compassion, of course, but it will also include a sense of Joy, a strong peacefulness, and a willingness to learn from all other humans, and from all of their environs.

That doesn’t mean that I expect to see the kind of compassion shown by one as developed as HH Tenzin Gyatso, but it does mean I expect to see the buds of each of these holy fruits the_dalai_lamalargebeginning to appear, or that this person is in that stage of winnowing when Spirit first gets hold of us and starts clearing out the gunk we have a tendency to accrue in our lives. All of these things are included in the concept of teachability.

This is not something that is forced upon us from the outside of our souls, this is a working of Spirit deep within us that is, for lack of a better way to express it, a softening of our hearts. As we grow in the Spirit of Holy Love, we find we develop better ears, eyes, touch and taste, yes I know, you are going, WHAT?

But, most of the time, the Holy Spirit does not teach even those of us who do hear voices through that one capacity.  Much of the time, we are taught by hearing what others have to say; by the leaf that scuds across the road in front of us; and by the sharpening of our senses so that we begin to undedoveyrstand that though life doesn’t always make sense from our lowly point of view, life is always communicating with us if we are willing to take the time to pay attention. This talent for learning is something that seems to come with the touch of the Holy One.

This is why there are those who follow a path of discipline, such as one finds in Buddhism, which brings about this teachability, and there are those on other paths toward the Light that find that the teacher within is bringing about the lessons, sometimes all at once, and sometimes gently, one at a time. Each of us learning at the pace our own Spirit chooses from within, aka the touch of Spirit.

Love or Fear, the choice of how to live ~

I have said before that I spent a while in fundamentalist country before finding my way out to a gentler, quieter stream in the river of life. The preachers in the more fundamentalist style of the faith often seem to act as though they are competing with the evening news, or worse, “Everybody loves Raymond” The style of preaching is almost always volatile, exciting, rythmic and somewhat hypnotic. The usual goal of the speaker is to raise the hoary head of fear and then soothe the fear with “Jeeeesus, Jeeeeesus, Sweeeeeetest name I Know.”

The problem with living in that kind of fear was that most of the time, when I heard the voices, they were obviously of dark origin, and I could not get “above” fear based commentary. I have been quite fortunate not to have the voices that tell you to kill the neighbor, I think I would have been too frightened to move if those voices had spoken to me, mostly the fear would be aimed at an immobilization of anything I wanted to do. The kind of voices that make you agoraphobic, claustrophobic, xenophobic, and just plain phobic.

I did go through one of the “exorcism” prayer circles, it made no difference, other than that I started having remembered dreams of unpleasantness as well. It really was a frightening time in my life. I found that when I had backed away from that fellowship and began to concentrate on Proverbs and the sweeter Psalms, and God’s promises, that the fearful voices subsided and I had prayed for the help of the teacher spoken of in Chapter 8 of that book.

That was when the rainbow teacher began to come around. Her advice was to avoid the fearful preaching and simply lead a contemplative life. She it was who taught me that compassion was the most important lesson. She taught me how to fill my mind with good and kind thoughts and how to overcome the negative thinking that had been so much a part of my formative years. She taught me that high drama is seldom necessary, and that disciplined living that filled the mind, heart and life with higher truths was far more effective than exorcism, in fact the things she taught me were essentially how to exorcise one’s own dark demons from within. It was her teaching that silenced the dark voices.

OK, I will admit that this could quite naturally be some “higher” part of myself, (though I am not sure that the me that is me could reach as high as true compassion 100% of the time.)but then, according to Jewish teaching, we all carry a spark of the divine. I pray that it is the voice of that spark, or that that spark is the door through which she enters, as life has been a whole lot better with her teaching and encouragement. There is another kind of fear with which there is no choice but to deal, the authoress here has written quite well about it.

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