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Second Life store front

I have been looking at the tools for building one’s own virtual world here on the net. Such tools look to be fun and helpful in building the imaginations of our young people. My computer is not powerful enough to use some of the tools, so I sit back and “watch”. I see correlations between the virtual world and the real world that are both intentional and simply cannot be helped because that is where we “come from”. Yet, there are accidental correlations that may be helpful in the understanding of universal principles.

The Primary Principle that comes to mind is “What you put out into the Universe will most assuredly come back to you, sometimes by threes, sometimes by tens, sometimes magnified by 100”, i.e. “What goes around comes around.”  The virtual world may teach that principle more instantaneously than our “real” world. The users create their world with avatars and have basically a “social life” online. Since I cannot power up enough to be there I cannot go into it much more than that, though, should the “computer gods” shine, I certainly plan on upgrading, so, one day, I may operate a store front there.

However, we do need to keep in mind that the virtual world may give us more



freedom to be inventive with the background, but human nature is human nature, so even with a sci-fi or fantasy background, people will ultimately be themselves. (Even Tinkerbell has a jealous streak.) One can only keep up a “personna” for just so long, eventually a person’s true nature will surface. Though, when it comes to personal relationships, the warning to err on the side of caution holds double or even triple. If I had the Know How, I think that the thing I would try to create would be a place where the metaphysical lessons of life could be played out in scenarios that don’t damage the way those lessons do out here in Realityville.

Speaking of Realityville, a friend asked me not long ago if I believe we create our own world, I said yes, in most instances, but I want, here, to address the fact that that is less than half the picture. First, be aware that we can and do by our own will find the place in life where we are best suited. But! We can be knocked out of that place by random acts of destruction, as well as being helped by random acts of kindness. The Universe is a very big place, and if the Quantum physicists don’t change their minds in the next instant, even science is beginning to see the strong possibility of parallel universes.

I am aware of Occam’s razor that states that the simplest explanation is usually the correct one, but I siblingsrefuse to buy into the idea that children ask to be molested. I do not care if you think they do! They are not of an age where they can ask for something the consequences of which they do not understand. That means that those who would take their innocence and blame them, need to sit and take a long look in the mirror. If you are an adult and would willingly do something so heinous to a child, you need to look at your own actions and take responsibility. That child is too young to play in your world.

I am also aware that a person can be careless and be in the wrong place at the wrong time, or wearing the wrong thing when some lascivious monster that cannot control his primal urges is lurking in the bushes. God help us when that peacock-swr-april-2007happens. I, however, want to go on record as one who refuses to blame the victim. If we continue to allow the perpetrators to roam free, we will never have a society that can heal. Once a person has shown a tendency to take someone into sexual bondage, even for a short time, without their consent, they, from that point, get watched until we have the means to be certain they will not do such again.

I guess the only answer to such a question then is, sometimes. Yes, we can, if we have the courage and daring, change the circumstances that seem to hold us back. No, our fate is not written in stone. Yes, we can make a difference. But those of us without omnivision need to not look at our neighbor and judge him or her if they cannot.

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