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The 8th ~

8 ) The Song is always evolving. The only constant in the Universe is change.

Change is a dirty word to many people. This has always been so, even to the point that 13, the number for “cosmic” change, remains a signal of bad luck from a time when superstition ruled our daily existence. The only symbol for change that is not disliked at a subliminal level is the butterfly, which always signals beneficial and gentle change.

We humans are not likely to seek change, ever, and more likely to grab onto anything we can to bring even an illusion of stability, whether it be religion or money or another person. That becomes complicated by the fact that the human body is always changing from infancy to elder. We have an entire group of industries in cosmetics and plastic surgery to keep that nasty creature, change, from knocking at our door. We are to a point where our society decries wisdom, eschewing it’s benefits for the gloss of skin that will not tell that we are older.

Do we really think we can fool that fellow with the sythe? Apparently there are many willing to bet in that direction. I am not, I am betting that the old one with the sythe will catch me when it is time for me to cross over, and I will not run. I treasure the teachings of the old wise ones, from Lao Tse, to Einstein. We must be willing to grasp the changes and make them work for us if we wish to evolve into a people of maturity and wisdom. These are far more important, or should be, than the surgeries and cosmetics that fool each other if not the Reaper.

There are many forms of wisdom, all of them important, and saddest of all, perhaps, is that the great Lady Wisdom has promised to bless all who seek her. (see Proverbs). It is Divine Wisdom that is the object of search for mysticism, the path I follow. I believe it is she, Lady Wisdom, who has kept me on a good path and out of serious trouble for most of my life. This is not because of some great private gift that is mine alone, she promises to give to all who seek her, that is the truly wonderfly part about serving her, she is not an exclusivist in any way, if you want wisdom, it is yours, you need only seek it.

Our Universe is in a constant state of change, the only way to deal with that with grace is to gain the help of the Lady, and hold on, because you are in for the ride of your life.

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