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Principle number 2 ~

2) The Song is in everything and is everything and everything is part of the Song. Everything is an inseparable part of the whole.

This is where I have come across the thought that Pantheism and Monotheism may actually be different perspectives of the same thing. There is either one Deity who pervades all, or many deities who are so entwined with one another as to give the Presence a singular point of view. My own take is that this is One person, many aspects, though a solid argument could be made for the opposite view as well.

There is simply put a cohesiveness to the Universe that makes it such that, somewhere deep, it’s all connected. I sometimes wonder if Hashem is simply so big that we exist in His/Her mind. And I even hate to put the gender thing there, as The One is actually Before gender, if that makes any sense.

I sometimes think of the gentle indulgence of Spirit in encouraging us to contemplate the cosmos. For, there is no doubt in my mind that such contemplation is desired on the part of Hashem by us. Yet, we cannot be any more than somewhat close at the best of times. There must be the sense of the “Proud Parent” when Hashem looks at the workings of the mind of an Albert Einstein and contemplates what big thoughts come from such little beings.

And then there are the rest of us, mundane thoughts, mostly of how to get through the day, what to wear, what to eat, the very things that Y’shua said were taken care of and should not be a source of worry for any of us, and the realization that it is not Hashem that keeps the plentitude from being there for all, that false lack of plenty comes from the wickedness of the few who “own” the resources. You cannot, in a very real sense “own” the Earth’s plenty, but we have developed such an artificial system for just that “ownership” that we don’t really seem to know any better.

There fore we have children starving in the US as well as in Darfur. Yeah, and Halliburton cannot figure out how to disperse all it’s millions to make sure we foolish plebes cannot find them. Politically I am not a communist. That way of life does not seem to work for humans, but neither am I a pure capitalist. That way of life is killing millions while encouraging further overpopulation, how insane is that? The saddest part of all that starvation is the lack of vision on the part of the greedy who cannot see that when one soul hurts, all souls feel the pain on some level. Sometimes the music is beautiful, sometimes it is just sound, but it is always there.

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