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Murk ~

Murky-FoggyGod does not see into the murkiness of our souls. I have held this view for many years, and every horrible thing that happens, from school shootings to genocidal events confirms this for me. I have even had debates with my fellow believers on this subject as they insist that the “Almighty” can see whatever the Holy Presence looks at. But, therein lies the rub. We were given free will. If the Ancient One interferes with that, it is not free will. But that means that in this world in which we live and move and have our being, there will be horrible atrocities that are completely unexplainable if you believe that God has set the Holy Presence as some sort of GameMaster.  That isn’t how it works, obviously, or 26 people would not have died at Newtown, many of them children under the age of 7.

Do I believe God called these children home? Well, I believe that God opened his arms to receive them when they were sent home by a  madman. Is that the same thing? I don’t think so. I, personally, believe that the only way such an atrocity, such a heinous act, could have been prevented was to restrict and enforce that restriction of the sale of such guns. I know, I will be told by those who believe in gun freedom that the law breakers will get their hands on them anyway. Maybe. Murders with firearms, are down in many countries, the only countries ahead of us on this scale are war torn, at best. We need to admit that we are not first (I know, GASP!) and look at their laws and adapt such laws to our nation.

But, getting back to this thing about the murkiness of the soul, and God’s not looking into that murk. I believe the ancient laws of Moses were given so that we could know some of the causes of murkiness andopenbible find the way to be more pure of heart and mind. Now, do I believe that list was complete? No! Do I believe that list was correct? Well, for the most part, but there were things that needed much longer explanations, or just not mention them. Do I believe the Bible was inspired? Sort of. You see, to me, Moses may have had more visionary instruction than dictated instruction. That would lead to wordiness where succinctness would have sufficed, and succinctness where more verbiage would have helped. And, I believe that all inspiration comes through our very faulty filters, in which case, no matter how much God tries to tell us what we need to know, if we are not clear enough to see it, we won’t get the lesson. I don’t care how powerful you believe God is, and I personally believe God to be more powerful than anyone is capable of imagining. If you have not gone through a clearing process, you will not see or hear any instructions you are supposed to see and hear.

Dalai LamaIf, in fact, we were all clear enough to see and hear the best instructions from the High One, there would be a world of people like Buddha and Jesus. I don’t think we’re there yet. I think we are much more inclined to be like a sieve, where some of the holes are blocked, and some are clear, where we hear, we may, indeed, hear with great clarity, but where the holes are blocked, we don’t even see that there’s a problem. And, there’s another issue. Many times what we do hear is for us, not the congregation, and we think this light we’ve just been given must surely be shared. That has lead to some incredible confusion. The only “‘sharing” of light that we are to consistently do is to be compassionate toward each other, to forgive perceived wrongs, and to be responsible for our acts and words so as not to hurt others unnecessarily in our quest for higher living.

Power Crimes ~

Child harm, such as this: http://samuel-warde.com/2012/11/american-misogyny-peaks-as12-year-old-sex-abuse-victim-is-blamed/
And rape, such as this: http://kidshealth.org/teen/safety/safebasics/rape_what_to_do.html
as well as slavery, such as this: https://www.freetheslaves.net/SSLPage.aspx?pid=301
ARE POWER CRIMES!!!!! They must be abolished for us to call ourselves civilized!

In doing a Google search for “power crimes”, I find little or no discourse to make my point. So I am going to try to wing it, and hope that I make sense. All of these crimes fall under one umbrella, the term “power crimes”, and are all equally heinous. Whether you are raping a woman, harming a child with sexual assault or enslaving another human for your own pleasure, you are committing crimes that have long been ignored, or shifted to back burners, or even minimized by the verbal badinage that is used by politicians. As an example: http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/opinion/oped/bs-ed-reimer-women-voters-20121107,0,3771323.column

I am aware that rape and child molestation are much more in the frame of public awareness than is slavery, but slavery still exists, and until we ad

dress the horror of all of these crimes, studying them to find the ultimate cause, and find a way to eliminate these crimes from our society, we are not even remotely civilized. Most of the time I think of these crimes as proof of testosterone poisoning in our society, but as we change and women become more involved in the workaday world, we see more women committing these crimes. This may be an indicator of the level of insensitivity that one must reach in order to succeed in the working world. How sad a society
we must be if this is true.

However, as we find ways to insulate people from the horrors of slavery, we may find ways to insulate our children and women from sexual assault, merely by empowering them. If you read the comments about the 12 year old that was sexually abused by two of her male teachers, you will be aware that the child is being blamed for the abuse. The Old Testament shows a marked lack of compassion toward women in the case of rape, apparently Moses felt women were to blame for being attractive to possible rapists. GAH! And how does society blame slaves for their enslavement? By looking the other way. By acting as though slavery were a personal problem rather than a societal problem. GADS!

Perhaps the solution, then, is to teach all those who are potential victims the art of self defense. This would be most easily accomplished by beginning to teach children and women to do meditative Tai Chi. That seems too easy, but if you are aware of the martial arts, then you must know that the power of Tai Chi is in the ability it gives its practitioners to concentrate, and the wise and certain control of their bodies in crisis. A child who knows Tai Chi would be one a potential rapist would not wisely approach. A woman who practices Tai Chi would be one who would be deadly to an aggressor. Yet, Tai Chi is not for combat, it is for self control. It is for meditation. Yes, I begin to think that I would like to see Tai Chi taught in public schools here in the States. It might civilize us.

Creating our own world ~


Second Life store front

I have been looking at the tools for building one’s own virtual world here on the net. Such tools look to be fun and helpful in building the imaginations of our young people. My computer is not powerful enough to use some of the tools, so I sit back and “watch”. I see correlations between the virtual world and the real world that are both intentional and simply cannot be helped because that is where we “come from”. Yet, there are accidental correlations that may be helpful in the understanding of universal principles.

The Primary Principle that comes to mind is “What you put out into the Universe will most assuredly come back to you, sometimes by threes, sometimes by tens, sometimes magnified by 100”, i.e. “What goes around comes around.”  The virtual world may teach that principle more instantaneously than our “real” world. The users create their world with avatars and have basically a “social life” online. Since I cannot power up enough to be there I cannot go into it much more than that, though, should the “computer gods” shine, I certainly plan on upgrading, so, one day, I may operate a store front there.

However, we do need to keep in mind that the virtual world may give us more



freedom to be inventive with the background, but human nature is human nature, so even with a sci-fi or fantasy background, people will ultimately be themselves. (Even Tinkerbell has a jealous streak.) One can only keep up a “personna” for just so long, eventually a person’s true nature will surface. Though, when it comes to personal relationships, the warning to err on the side of caution holds double or even triple. If I had the Know How, I think that the thing I would try to create would be a place where the metaphysical lessons of life could be played out in scenarios that don’t damage the way those lessons do out here in Realityville.

Speaking of Realityville, a friend asked me not long ago if I believe we create our own world, I said yes, in most instances, but I want, here, to address the fact that that is less than half the picture. First, be aware that we can and do by our own will find the place in life where we are best suited. But! We can be knocked out of that place by random acts of destruction, as well as being helped by random acts of kindness. The Universe is a very big place, and if the Quantum physicists don’t change their minds in the next instant, even science is beginning to see the strong possibility of parallel universes.

I am aware of Occam’s razor that states that the simplest explanation is usually the correct one, but I siblingsrefuse to buy into the idea that children ask to be molested. I do not care if you think they do! They are not of an age where they can ask for something the consequences of which they do not understand. That means that those who would take their innocence and blame them, need to sit and take a long look in the mirror. If you are an adult and would willingly do something so heinous to a child, you need to look at your own actions and take responsibility. That child is too young to play in your world.

I am also aware that a person can be careless and be in the wrong place at the wrong time, or wearing the wrong thing when some lascivious monster that cannot control his primal urges is lurking in the bushes. God help us when that peacock-swr-april-2007happens. I, however, want to go on record as one who refuses to blame the victim. If we continue to allow the perpetrators to roam free, we will never have a society that can heal. Once a person has shown a tendency to take someone into sexual bondage, even for a short time, without their consent, they, from that point, get watched until we have the means to be certain they will not do such again.

I guess the only answer to such a question then is, sometimes. Yes, we can, if we have the courage and daring, change the circumstances that seem to hold us back. No, our fate is not written in stone. Yes, we can make a difference. But those of us without omnivision need to not look at our neighbor and judge him or her if they cannot.

Free Will ~

binnewies-390-for-tridion_tcm18-115975Do we have free will? Well, I personally believe so. We have mapped the human genome, and they don’t seem to have found a gene for free will, but, there are many things that point to the idea that each of us, in spite or because of our genetic make up, can make choices as to how we will respond to life’s stimuli.

There always seem to be those who would love to tell us that we are just chemicals reacting to what the world delivers at our doorstep. Yet, looking at life in intensely disturbing reality will show us that this is not necessarily true. One sibling with a similar genetic make-up to the other will struggle against the tide and surface far from muck and gore, while another from the same family will sink into the mire of a life underscored by suffering and sorrow. Why? We don’t really know. It is most certainly NOT just genetics.

From my perspective, as a mystic and student of the cosmos, I think of it as martin-luther-king-jr-picthe “medicine” each child was born with, though that entails not just genetics, but past lives, and ancestral contributors to one’s make-up. There is one other contributor to character that may or may not be counted by the “experts”. The person that child adheres to as a role model may make all the difference in the world. If one thinks in terms of the difference between a “Hannibal Lechter” type or a “Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.” type the two paths in life are so obvious as to be painful. But children in their first 7 years of developement are often not exposed to such archetypes, their world is much more tightly knit that this.

Aunt Jane, or Mama are their world, or Gramma, or Grampa or Dad or Uncle Joe. How we react to our world is how we teach the little ones to react, mouse1and it is often those we admire that our children admire or reject for just such similar reasons. Many times I have seen an incompatability in “medicines” be the means by which the “bad seed” develops into a rebel or delinquent. A child born with “mouse” medicine to a parent with hawk medicine may learn to hide from the eyes of their elders and becomes sneaky and untrusting and untrustworthy. Yet, mouse medicine is not bad medicine. If the child is guided by one with similar medicine, say a Mama with squirrel medicine, the child may prosper if only because they learn to prepare for what life brings them.

The “hawk” and “mouse” situation may turn abusive, simply because of hawk7frustration and fear of what will result when the child matures, yet the parent never meant to be abusive in the least, loving the child immensely. How tragic this whole scene becomes, most especially when it is from intense love that the results are far from ideal. There are no societal safe zones for either the parent or the child. Nothing “honorable” that will allow the parent to “back off” and let the child become themselves. Our family unit is now too small for the child to find an aunt or uncle who can understand, as the family is often scattered over 1000’s of miles.

I guess then, that I must conclude that though we do indeed have free will, and if the child can survive intact until their late thirties without having been in too much trouble with the law, they may get themselves straightened out, as it takes that long for us to become who we are, even when the parenting was compatible with our “medicines.” Even here, I believe we have free will, and if we have the internal strenth, we can become who we want to be no matter what our parents were or are, good or not so good. One most helpful thing to remember is that most parents truly do the best they can with the tools they are given to hand.

5th Principle

5) Everything has its own vibration. When you were born, you had already a song of your own, your expression of the Song of Love. It is the same for all life. Each has its own expression. Even so with plants, trees, rocks, clouds, water, earth; All Life.

You have your own song, sing it! This is why most often we see a personality coming out even in the tiniest baby. This little person is already very much carrying a tune of their own. We do not make them each individuals, they already are. What we do is add the various grace notes and new phrases to their repertoire so that, if we have done our job correctly, they may sing their own song more fully.

A parent does not give a child their personality, they have that already when born. However, a parent can influence very much how that personality interfaces with the society into which that child is born. Your child is the gift of the many generations both houses of mother and father combined with the love and care given by this set of parents. That makes child rearing an ever present challenge, since, as any good parent knows, no two children are alike. You simply can’t go by a previously given set of instructions.

However, if you think of your child as having their own music when they come to you, and think of your job as truly listening to hear their song, then help them tune it and fine tune it, the rewards for both child and parent will be immense. When we learn to have that kind of respect for each other, let alone the other life forms in the Universe, we may just begin to mature into the kind of enlightened beings that are capable of creating harmony and balance!

Child Evangelism ~

Once upon a time, I had the pleasure of caring for a young child as a “baby sitter cum foster mom”. Her mother had left the home situation and the child and ran off with a druggie friend. She was in my care for about four years and I enjoyed almost every minute of it, I say almost since she was inclined to scream if she didn’t get her way, and I am stubborn enough that getting her way was not going to happen if her way was something that was not good for her.

Her father allowed her to be picked up each Sunday morning by a bus from a local church. I had asked him at one point if he had any idea what they taught her, and he said it was just something for her to do, it didn’t matter what they taught. (YIKES!) It was not but maybe a month later that a friend and I had been discussing spiritual things over a cup of coffee at my kitchen table. BJ started to tell us I was wrong, that God would be angry if we didn’t do what he said and we needed to go to the church she was going to on Sunday mornings.

I asked her Papa if that was what he wanted his daughter to think about G-d. He said no, perhaps he would stop her from going. I asked if he would let me find a church that at least taught of G-d as a loving friend who cared about her, not the angry G-d she was being taught about. He consented and I found a church that would pick her up for him that taught that Jesus was her friend.

That was at least some improvement, though, like many others, I prefer to allow children to start learning about G-d when they start asking the questions, first because that is the point at which they are ready to hear about God, and second because all I feel a child should be concerned with is that

  1. God is love,
  2. God loves you,
  3. God is there as your friend,
  4. We live in a world that isn’t always fair,
  5. God cares even when the world isn’t fair,

Those are the basics that it seems even we adult children need to remember, and sometimes even that is more than we can understand. Since I do not see Y’shua as G-d incarnate, I have difficulty with the entire thrust of Evangelism, not just the Children’s ministry. I believe that if one truly lives in a manner that bespeaks kindness at all turns of the wheel, that alone will bring those who are interested to question what grounds us in such a way of being. I believe that it is a most dishonorable thing for those of us who do believe that God is real to invade the homes of those who do not believe G-d and pluck out their children from them. It smacks of the very things Evangelicals fear most; the “state” removing their children and putting them in government, atheistic facilities to grow up without God in their lives at all. We return then to Y’shua’s teachings, if you do not want it done to you, do not do it to others!

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