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The Web of the Universe ~

162571main_gpb_circling_earth3_516I am forever fascinated when science “catches up” with the visionary truths of the past. The television show was the Discovery program, The Known Universe. The discussion on this particular show centered around the fabric of  “Space-time” and the way it’s fabric is “warped” by the gravity of planets and other heavenly bodies where they are. The pic is from NASA, so it’s not something that I dreamed up, it is apparently known and accepted science. In fact, I would suspect from what I see from very good sources, that I could consider myself behind the curve, were it not for the fact that, in studying Native legends and teachings, I already “knew” about it.

Yeah, too funny, eh? The legendary teachings have to do with one of those Spirits whose gramstornedgeswork it was to put the Old One’s vision into discernible manifestation. She is Grandmother Iktomisha, Gradmother white spider. She it is who wove the “web” that holds things in space-time. Grandmother’s “medicine” is creativity on all levels.  She is the inspiration for writers, musicians, artists, scribes,  and all who work with communication in a creative fashion.

When I learned this particular legend I laughed for days. It is no wonder we are NOT to put a face on the Old One, on Hashem! The Spirits involved in creating our world are too varied and too different from us bodily for us even to imagine their appearance accurately. Furthermore, whatever “bodies” they may have do not exist in this particular time-space continuum.

binary-waveWhen we attempt to pin down what a Holy Spirit looks like, it is with the intent, no matter how subliminal of categorizing that spirit, and gaining a foothold on attempting to control that spirit. We humans are mere dust specks in the Universe. To attempt to control one of the Great Ones is simply laughable. It is our job to learn to ride the waves. It is our job to find the flow of Spirit and do our best to reside there. It shouldn’t be all that difficult, we are given lifetimes to learn to do it while wearing bodies. Though that, indeed, seems to be the problem. It is not difficult to ride those waves when we are in spirit, it is these dense bodies that get in the way, with their senses and weight that holds us down.


Change, the only constant in the Universe

And then there is the primary challenge. We not only need to learn to ride the waves, understanding that the only constant is change, we need to learn to ride them with continuously  growing love and compassion for our fellow travelers. Now, you may tell me you are quite up for the challenge. Good for you. I try to be. But I will guarantee you that I do falter on more than just the rare occasion.  I wish all that travel beside me the very best and can only hope that each of us has the strength to weather the storms.

Balance and Blessings to you,


Change ~

deltablueYes, change is the only constant in the Universe. That is one of the most difficult things for us to cope with, most especially as we grow older. We want the security of certain things in our lives remaining constant. That does not happen on this planet, it may not happen anywhere in the Universe. There are references that say that Hashem remains the same forever. That may be quite true, and indeed, I suspect it is, But our understanding of Hashem has changed many times through the ages, and will yet again. Part of that is that we as a race of beings are getting “older” in our understanding of ourselves.  Some say our culture is in it’s teens. Which means we are capable of depth of thought, but not of sustaining depth of being. I can believe that.

All of the pieces parts are there in the Law to show us a way of life that is compassionate and gentle. Yet, because of the various instructions to oust and decimate unlawful peoples we have a perception of Hashem that is harsh and even possibly cruel. Certainly, there is a verse in the Tanach that says Hashem is a jealous G-d. Yet, what is asked of us is a kindness at the level taught by the Buddha some years later in another area of the Globe altogether.

It is in contemplating this factor that I have come to believe that all inspiration, no matter the timing or the person, comes through our own filters, and if we are not absolutely clear, afi50000with no agenda of our own, we will hear what we want to hear. In other words, in order to change our perspective of Hashem, or Moses, or Buddha, or Y’shua, or Mohammed, we may need to change internally enough to hear with the clarity of a clean and polished bell what Spirit has to say to us as individuals.

That requires a change that can only come from within, not from others, not even from Hashem, except that it is the Eternal Spirit that puts the tools in our hands to effect those changes:

In Aramaic, the word “mitzvah” means connection. Here, then, is the next level for understanding the word’s meaning in a modern context. The business of every Jew is to testify to God’s goodness and God’s sovereignty by fashioning our lives in ways of holiness and peace. We connect ourselves to our Creator; we link ourselves to the one who liberated us from slavery, by the way we live our lives. Each deed either strengthens our connection to God, or attenuates that link. There is no neutrality in the world of action: we either weave a web of goodness, with each new action adding a new strand to the fabric of our lives, or we snip away at the weave of righteousness that Judaism establishes in the world. In this second sense, mitzvah isn’t just what you do because God said so. God isn’t a cop, and mitzvot are not simply statutes. We do mitzvot because we seek to allow holiness into our lives.

From a website called Tikkun, to big-blue-marble-transparentheal, repair, and transform the world. This is Judaism today, marvelously translating Hashem’s words to us in a manner that brings out the goodness and love of the One who asks that of us.

Y’shua is taught to have said,

John 14:21, 15:12-13 He that has my commandments and keeps them, he it is that loves me; but he that loves me shall be loved by my Father, and I will love him and will manifest myself to him. This is my commandment, that ye love one another, as I have loved you. No one has greater love than this that one should lay down his life for his friends.

It was not Y’shua that taught us to kill one another in the name of religion, we have been doing that for a very long time, much before Moshe, much before the Sumerians. We have an attitude from our very outset that says our own perspective is right, and anyone who disagrees must die. In the days before the Law, this was understandable if only in that no matter who won, there would be a blood bath. It is in the Law that you see an attempt at an orderly means of working things out, at all levels. In fact, I find myself wondering if the laws regarding sacrifice were a concession to the already extant system of appeasing  deity, and rather than make wholesale change that folk would not think came from deity, Hashem toned down the slaughter immensely.  (The Eternal understanding that we are not good at change, eh?)

It is in that little added codicil allowing the very poorest members of society to bring somewhere between 1.5-2.5 gals of flour for a sin offering that we begin to understand that 449146a-i101Hashem may indeed have never needed blood shed to be satisfied. That leads to the conclusion that all of the shedding of blood was for our own need, not Hashem’s, so that we would feel that some greater justice had been served. And the very fact that Hashem does not seem really fond of blood letting at any level makes it even more poignantly our problem, not the Deity’s. I wonder when it will begin to dawn on the world at large that Hashem is quite a bit more civilized than the wild children on this planet?

If, then, we factor in Buddhism, which practices compassion as well as vegetarianism, and is tied to no Deity, but actually allows an individual the choice of whether to follow a deity or not, since the focus is on one’s own eternal happiness rather than service to G-d, we are left with the idea that perhaps there are still a great many changes we need to make altogether.

Creating our own world ~


Second Life store front

I have been looking at the tools for building one’s own virtual world here on the net. Such tools look to be fun and helpful in building the imaginations of our young people. My computer is not powerful enough to use some of the tools, so I sit back and “watch”. I see correlations between the virtual world and the real world that are both intentional and simply cannot be helped because that is where we “come from”. Yet, there are accidental correlations that may be helpful in the understanding of universal principles.

The Primary Principle that comes to mind is “What you put out into the Universe will most assuredly come back to you, sometimes by threes, sometimes by tens, sometimes magnified by 100”, i.e. “What goes around comes around.”  The virtual world may teach that principle more instantaneously than our “real” world. The users create their world with avatars and have basically a “social life” online. Since I cannot power up enough to be there I cannot go into it much more than that, though, should the “computer gods” shine, I certainly plan on upgrading, so, one day, I may operate a store front there.

However, we do need to keep in mind that the virtual world may give us more



freedom to be inventive with the background, but human nature is human nature, so even with a sci-fi or fantasy background, people will ultimately be themselves. (Even Tinkerbell has a jealous streak.) One can only keep up a “personna” for just so long, eventually a person’s true nature will surface. Though, when it comes to personal relationships, the warning to err on the side of caution holds double or even triple. If I had the Know How, I think that the thing I would try to create would be a place where the metaphysical lessons of life could be played out in scenarios that don’t damage the way those lessons do out here in Realityville.

Speaking of Realityville, a friend asked me not long ago if I believe we create our own world, I said yes, in most instances, but I want, here, to address the fact that that is less than half the picture. First, be aware that we can and do by our own will find the place in life where we are best suited. But! We can be knocked out of that place by random acts of destruction, as well as being helped by random acts of kindness. The Universe is a very big place, and if the Quantum physicists don’t change their minds in the next instant, even science is beginning to see the strong possibility of parallel universes.

I am aware of Occam’s razor that states that the simplest explanation is usually the correct one, but I siblingsrefuse to buy into the idea that children ask to be molested. I do not care if you think they do! They are not of an age where they can ask for something the consequences of which they do not understand. That means that those who would take their innocence and blame them, need to sit and take a long look in the mirror. If you are an adult and would willingly do something so heinous to a child, you need to look at your own actions and take responsibility. That child is too young to play in your world.

I am also aware that a person can be careless and be in the wrong place at the wrong time, or wearing the wrong thing when some lascivious monster that cannot control his primal urges is lurking in the bushes. God help us when that peacock-swr-april-2007happens. I, however, want to go on record as one who refuses to blame the victim. If we continue to allow the perpetrators to roam free, we will never have a society that can heal. Once a person has shown a tendency to take someone into sexual bondage, even for a short time, without their consent, they, from that point, get watched until we have the means to be certain they will not do such again.

I guess the only answer to such a question then is, sometimes. Yes, we can, if we have the courage and daring, change the circumstances that seem to hold us back. No, our fate is not written in stone. Yes, we can make a difference. But those of us without omnivision need to not look at our neighbor and judge him or her if they cannot.

Courage ~

Paul’s list of fruits of the Spirit does not speak of courage or integrity, but they are most definitely a fruit of that which is highest and best in our lives. Here is the Serenity Prayer in it’s entirety,

600px-vodicka_triquetra1svgFull Original Serenity Prayer
by Reinhold Niebuhr (1892-1971)

God, give us grace to accept with serenity
the things that cannot be changed,
Courage to change the things
which should be changed,
and the Wisdom to distinguish
the one from the other.

Living one day at a time,
Enjoying one moment at a time,
Accepting hardship as a pathway to peace,
Taking, as Jesus did,
This sinful world as it is,
Not as I would have it,
Trusting that You will make all things right,
If I surrender to Your will,
So that I may be reasonably happy in this life,
And supremely happy with You forever in the next.


Dr. Keshavan Nair,

With courage you will dare to take risks, have the strength to be compassionate, and the wisdom to be humble. Courage is the foundation of integrity.

I had not heard of Dr. Nair and did not know of him at all before I found this quote about courage, but it so spoke to what I wanted to bring out in this post that I had to look him up. He is apparently an inspirational speaker for fortune 500 companies. With that particular quote I can see why he would be in demand. It says a great deal in a very few words.redspottedpurple

Courage is indeed the foundation of integrity, for it takes courage to speak when others hold the opposite opinion yet, you know the truth. It takes courage to speak when you are wrong and it will hit your hip pocket to say anything because no one knew but you. It takes courage to speak when the facts you must present are the opposite of what you want them to be. It takes courage to stand alone. It takes courage to be part of a change that needs to happen.

Most of us have a “comfort zone”. Hopefully it’s within the bounds of love, peace and joy, but when we must leave that comfort zone because duty or life makes that call, no matter where that comfort zone lies in the scheme of things, it takes courage to leave that and move into a new zone. Even when our lives have been messed up with drugs or alcohol, we are in a type of comfort zone in that it is a familiar place. We know the “rules” here, if we leave this “place” we will be on unfamiliar ground. But, if we want to live a better life, if we want the voices we hear to be of clearer and cleaner source, we must leave the familiar, and dare to change our lives. Believe it or not, that takes as much courage as mounting an expedition to the antarctic.


One isn’t necessarily born with courage, but one is born with potential. Without courage, we cannot practice any other virtue with consistency. We can’t be kind, true, merciful, generous, or honest.

Maya Angelou

The 8th ~

8 ) The Song is always evolving. The only constant in the Universe is change.

Change is a dirty word to many people. This has always been so, even to the point that 13, the number for “cosmic” change, remains a signal of bad luck from a time when superstition ruled our daily existence. The only symbol for change that is not disliked at a subliminal level is the butterfly, which always signals beneficial and gentle change.

We humans are not likely to seek change, ever, and more likely to grab onto anything we can to bring even an illusion of stability, whether it be religion or money or another person. That becomes complicated by the fact that the human body is always changing from infancy to elder. We have an entire group of industries in cosmetics and plastic surgery to keep that nasty creature, change, from knocking at our door. We are to a point where our society decries wisdom, eschewing it’s benefits for the gloss of skin that will not tell that we are older.

Do we really think we can fool that fellow with the sythe? Apparently there are many willing to bet in that direction. I am not, I am betting that the old one with the sythe will catch me when it is time for me to cross over, and I will not run. I treasure the teachings of the old wise ones, from Lao Tse, to Einstein. We must be willing to grasp the changes and make them work for us if we wish to evolve into a people of maturity and wisdom. These are far more important, or should be, than the surgeries and cosmetics that fool each other if not the Reaper.

There are many forms of wisdom, all of them important, and saddest of all, perhaps, is that the great Lady Wisdom has promised to bless all who seek her. (see Proverbs). It is Divine Wisdom that is the object of search for mysticism, the path I follow. I believe it is she, Lady Wisdom, who has kept me on a good path and out of serious trouble for most of my life. This is not because of some great private gift that is mine alone, she promises to give to all who seek her, that is the truly wonderfly part about serving her, she is not an exclusivist in any way, if you want wisdom, it is yours, you need only seek it.

Our Universe is in a constant state of change, the only way to deal with that with grace is to gain the help of the Lady, and hold on, because you are in for the ride of your life.

Butterfly prayers ~

The Native American “medicine” of the butterfly is transformation. I heard one of the more famous teachers from among the Lakota once comment that Y’shua’s “medicine” was the butterfly. I treasure that medicine, it is my own, from birth, actually, and when the teacher made this comment, I will admit to having been quite thrilled. It is the medicine of transformation, from a leaf crawler to a flyer. The transformation is so deep the leaf crawler must go into a deep sleep in order for it to occur.

This, then, as a prayer, is not some wimpy or sentimental prayer of butterfly kisses, but a deep and changing prayer that goes to the very heart of a matter. It is my prayer for all of us regarding our attitude where the Earth is concerned. I have never been particularly worried about Mother Earth surviving the little parasite known as humans, she will brush us off her skin when she grows tired of our bungling clumsiness.

I would like, however, for us to survive; to learn to honor her, so that she has no need to send us flying into space with no oxygen to survive. If this is to happen, however, we must decide that our survival as a species is more important than our individual desires. That’s asking a lot of us, we’re not known to be altruistic for long periods of time. Many of us can manage that a few minutes here and there, but, most are not made of the same cloth as Mother Theresa.

Many generations ago, that “survival” command was basically to go forth and multiply. We did! Oh boy, did we! We have pretty much crowded up the place at this point and are ruining the very old growth forests that keep the species alive. So, how do we do this? ZPG (zero population growth) is not a new concept. It’s been around for quite a while, yet there is recently an upsurge again in people having large families. Why?

Nature’s answer among the wild ones is to foster same gender teams instead of mixed gender teams for working and living. Yet, among humans, such same gender teaming up is a controversy. What once fostered the very atmosphere in which our species was to thrive, i.e. have babies, is the very thing that will kill us if we do not control our urges. And I am certain that the Fundamentalist Christian answer would be celibacy if they thought curtailing the population was necessary, but they are the source of the recent upsurge in large families. EEEK!

Hm, it would seem that FC’s (fundamentalist Christians) are setting up the stage for the very persecution they have been fearing for decades, as they decide that the rest of the world is wrong and they are the only folks who are right. FC’s have been known to bomb abortion clinics, and even protest milder forms of population control such as “the pill”. It is often the FC’s who demonstrate and instigate the anti-gay movements that make same gender relationships among humans a dangerous way to live.

They claim the example of Sodom and Gomorrah as their reason for rejecting gays, but no gay I know is violent or invasive just because they are gay. In fact, it is the gay bashers that are the violent ones. What’s up with that? Y’shua taught peace and love, turning the other cheek, etc, yet, that is most definitely not the brand of Christianity practiced in America today. It is for this reason that I pray my Butterfly Prayers. We need change at every level of being.  You are welcome to join me in those prayers, may The Ancient of Days bless your every word.

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