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The 13th Principle, oooooh bad luck?

13) Harmonic Resonance is achieved as we learn to flow with the Sacred Song. Dissonance results from resisting the flow of the song. Be certain of nothing, for as surely as you are certain, you are certainly wrong.

I have long been one of those incredibly curious people, in fact, my mother used to kid about how she should have made my middle name “Why?” I have even observed how the little ones move around in their world, and curiosity is natural, folks, it’s parents and teachers who pound it out of us at an early age. So be careful how you respond to that constant “Why?” One of my ‘why’s’ was what made people think of certain things as “bad luck”, like black cats, and the number 13.

When I found out that to the ancients the number 13 was significant of change of any kind, I realized that was it, nobody likes change, so any indicator of change would get a bad reputation. Pretty simple, eh? What about black cats? The ancients thought of them as guardians, who would warn us off of something if there was trouble down the road. So, the black cat crossing your path was warning you, not bringing the bad luck to you. That figures, we humans are good at shooting the messenger.

I always figured I was doomed to an early grave, since curiosity killed the cat, which is one of my totems, and the curiosity is still alive and perking in me, but, here I am, just turned 56 a couple of weeks ago, and still asking “why?” Well, who knows, with my heart doing puddle jumps these days, it could be anytime, but, ya know, 56 really isn’t an early grave, all things considered.

One of the “why’s” that has happened over the years is that sometimes, when I have been seeking an answer for a while, when the answer comes there will be a type of ringing in the ears that seems to indicate that I need to pay attention to what’s happening. I love that, that the universe actually will tell us when we’re closing in on one of the important things in life. It seems a shame that isn’t in some “manual” somewhere, so that more people actually know it when it happens.

And I know that almost all of my fellow travelers wish we came with a tried and true owner’s manual. There are some who believe that is the Bible. That’s fine, but there are too many man-made glitches there for me to trust it completely, and, unfortunately, any manual I have ever seen bears the fingerprints of “humans” all over it. What the hey, if it were produced by non-humans we would probably find reasons to doubt it, we are good at that. But, the warning to be certain of nothing, that holds true for almost everything I have ever run into, when you become that certain, you are certainly wrong.

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