A voicehearer’s path ~

Resources ~

I use the New International Bible, and the New Jerusalem Bible for my Christian references, the Bhagavadgita, online reference for any commentary out of Hinduism or Buddhism, I have some books of the Buddha’s teachings, though the most used for me are the Nichiren Buddhism references, these are online as well.

Other information has come from a Gongyo leader I knew back home, a good man whom I would say came as close to being a Bhodisatva as anyone I have known. There are a number of Jewish references online, Judaism 101 seems about the most reliable.

Much of my information regarding the Native American way of life came from two teachers of the Beauty way back home, Shawnodesa, and Iktomi who have gently taught me for many years of knowing them.

Most of my art and image references are gleaned from places like Wikimedia or pdphoto.com, unless I have drawn them or photographed them myself.


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