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Voices . . . .again~

Well, we know that Moses heard voices, and saw things that others wouldn’t necessarily see. It’s why I cannot condemn him as a spokesman, as I am in the same boat. Though I wouldn’t dare to speak to others as though it were God very God that spoke to me. In fact, in order to keep some semblance of balance in my life, I have had to come to the conclusion that, for me, at least, if it was not of compassion, forgiveness, tolerance, love: it was not from God. I had to hold to that boundary, for if I listened to just any voice in the wind, I’d be listening to the dog telling me to go kill the neighbor, yikes, and no thanks!!!

Those of us who do hear those voices are always going to have that dilemma, as, if we are truly hearing voices from beyond the veil between dimensions, we cannot be sure whether the voices stem from high or low energies, or simply from our own minds misfiring in the auditory parts of our brains.  It was my mother, heaven bless her, who taught me to always ask questions. So I do, now and always. That’s ok, I know it means I will never be mistaken for some high prophet, mouth of God, if you please. But even if it keeps me from such wondrous elevation, it keeps me from being one of those who sent children into war. I know that Moses heard the voice he heard tell him to go kill the neighbor. But there you have it, because the question remains: why would a God who told us not to kill, instruct us to carry out commands that do that very thing?

Yet, among those who believe the Bible to be God’s written and holy word, to question the killing of neighbors if the voice instructed one to do so, would be tantamount to blasphemy. Oh well, I guess I’d rather go down in history as a blasphemer than as a killer. (Though betwixt me and thee, history will most likely not remember me at all.) I have  been contemplating the “rules” by which we are to interact with one another. The best set I have found was taught by one who didn’t even speak as a prophet, but as a being of enlightenment. Buddha. Hence, I have thought a lot about paraphrasing his words for those of us who feel God is very real, and ultimately very personal. Buddha spoke of concepts and principles that could guide a person in any era, any circumstance. It makes the list relatively short and sweet, where learning rule by rule would mean memorizing thousands of laws entailing every situation in which one would find oneself.

Principles can and do speak to circumstances in any time and place, rules speak to specific circumstances and may be outdated as soon as they are written. Principles will only guide us to more and more light. As we look at Buddha’s Eightfold Path and realize that slavery, child molestation, rape, were not issues that he grappled with, we can see that the principles he taught would lead you, with light to see that they are power driven crimes, and therefore not to be allowed a free ride in one’s own society. It seems that those who believe that we must lead lives governed by God, also believe God would govern us with rules rather than principles, I do not agree. Compassion speaks of a principle, forgiveness speaks of a principle. I cannot afford to limit myself to rules when principles have been written that can guide me in my life. I believe God is very real, I also believe Buddha had the best handle on how to walk this Earth. When I walk as Buddha taught, I find I am in obedience to the principles behind all the rules set forth by the prophets except those rules that say I have a right to kill those who don’t agree with me. I guess I will just have to hope that’s enough. I cannot afford to kill my neighbor, I’d be killing myself.

Destiny of Souls ~

I recently read a Kindle copy of this book, and plan to get it for my own library. There has not been another book, at least that I have read, that so completely and accurately echos what Spirit has been telling me for years. The process of going home is so umencumbering, so lifting, gentle, and pure, and the love one experiences is not to be found on earth. There is so much that Dr. Newton has learned in his research that is right on target. I will even have to agree, at least in part, with his assessment from his research that there is no hell, and there are no demons.

Now, are there darkened spirits that exist in such hellish conditions within themselves that they are all but without the light of heaven? Yes. Indeed there are. Is there a dark Lord that rules a lower kingdom that endevours at all times to bring us down into the depths of that realm? No. Were such a person to exist, those who choose to live non-spiritual lives would be easy prey, unable to discern the evil pursuing them, they would be in hell on earth. There are way too many folks who live without any need for spiritual encouragement that the approach of the churches has never truly made sense to me. I had been told through Spirit that even when a person experiences “spiritual attack” that it is not an issue with the dark ones, but a living incarnate who is sending hate and anger, that the darkened spirits attach to that energy, this causing the affects experienced by the “victims”.

This is why Y’shua told us that our faith could and indeed does make us whole, and protect us from such “attacks”. I fully suspect that these are the truths that Y’shua said we would learn as we grew in our relationship with Spirit. I am aware that his emphasis was on the Ruath HaQodesh, or Holy Breath, usually translated as the Holy Spirit; he spoke of kingdom living, he spoke always of personally being aware of Spirit’s guidance and presence in our lives. The Spirit that is with us always is an emissary of the Holy Spirit, I do truly believe this, and have no doubt that there is one such person guarding each of our lives. To call them Spirit Guides may, indeed, not fully embrace all that they are for us.

The one who has been with me is a guardian, mother, mentor, teacher, friend. It is her guidance that has kept me from falling prey to the voices that echo in my brain. According to Dr. Newton, we are given bodies that are less than perfect for the spiritual lessons we have come in to learn in this lifetime. Yes, he has found that we reincarnate, some many times. This would make incredible sense to me. My paternal grandmother heard the voices and saw the things that I have seen. She became paranoid and was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Because of the help with these voices given by Spirit, I have never been hospitalized for this. Yes, when I have not listened to her, I have taken paths not good for me, but when I listen to her, I am given the guidance to move in the direction in which I need to go.

As I process more of what Dr. Newton has to say about his case studies, I will happily share those insights with you, my readers. I thank you for continuing to read, and hope you will find the time to read his books, please feel free to share in comments any insights you experience in that reading. One last thing I would like to share. In his books it becomes extremely apparent that compassion, forgiveness, indeed unconditional love, are the goals toward which we all are working. Take care, and blessings to all!

Cause and Effect ~

The Teacher spoke of this in simple terms, “What you sow, that shall you also reap.” But the principle, Cause and Effect applies to everything, everywhere. In the Principles gleaned in working with Spirit several years ago, I learned the basics of that principle, but in the teachings of the Buddha on dependent origination, one learns that this is a profoundly important principle throughout all of nature. Yes, it is important to know that what we put out in the universe we will undoubtedly get back in our daily lives, but it is important, also, to realize that this principle is completely woven into the fabric of life.

This is where we learn that all is connected, everything here depends on everything else. The flower depends on the nutrients in the soil, the temperature of the air (the amount of sunshine available in the climate of the location the flower is growing), and the moisture available for it to grow. I have been watching a fascinating series of television programming called “Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman”. I started watching it simply because I like his acting. But the program itself is wonderful. In one episode the tilt of the universe was discussed, as many of the galaxies are going in a particular direction, toward a “cold spot” in the fabric of the universe. The theory is that there is another universe touching ours at that spot, pulling the galaxies in that direction, a rather large and magnificent example of “cause and effect”. So it is that we can see that this principle is woven into the very smallest things observable as well as the largest.

Thus we must ask, how do we proceed in our own lives? As the Buddha, Y’shua, and Moshe all teach, we must live consciously every moment of our lives. It isn’t just what you say, it isn’t just what you do, it’s how you live, from the moment you awaken in the morning until you lay down to sleep at night. I am well aware that this world is torn and shredded by the cruelties that are brought by life, from the child molested by her father, to the seedy trafficker in human slavery. I will not pretend that all of this will go away in an instant if we learn to be compassionate, but eventually, all human life, and all that is around us will learn to be more sensitive to the needs of those around us if we can learn to turn the sorrows into opportunities to be gentle . We are, as human beings, inclined to return kindness for kindness, even in the midst of turmoil.

I cannot tell you that it will be easy. I wish I could. I have had problems all my life in my own path. I do hear voices, I do see things that “aren’t there”. Learning to be here, and be now with my fellow humans has been a monumental task. But, it can be learned. I learned early to concentrate on my lessons so thoroughly that the voices didn’t bother me. Even that would get me into trouble, as I then had so filtered out all that was around me that I wouldn’t hear my teachers or the other students until someone either yelled or touched me. This even affected my play time, as it was also more difficult to “connect” with my playmates in a meaningful fashion. I often ended up playing alone. But, I made it through, may be not in the best way, may be not in a way that others should follow. The thing that always helped was when another soul, no matter how simply done, or how profoundly done, would touch me with that gentle hand of compassion. It has been that compassion that has brought me through. I hope that you, too, can be kind to the ones that need it, it has most assuredly been there for me, and giving it back is all I know to do! It all boils down the the Dalai Lama’s simple phrase, “Be Kind”.

Oracles ~

Because of the voices I hear all the time, I have explored areas that are discouraged in the Bible and other sacred writings. There are some things that I have discovered in my exploration that may help others in their curiosity about this phenomenon.  Most who read oracles are asking about the future. This is a less than optimal way to use this tool from the very start. Your future is not written in stone. You rewrite your future every time you learn a valuable life lesson, as your path will change because of your new knowledge. Just to hammer that home, if you do not learn the lessons you came in to learn, your path is extremely predictable, and therefore readable by fortune tellers anywhere.

One of the basics to learn is something taught in Buddhism, and encouraged in Y’shua’s teachings when they are looked at from a different perspective than taught by most Christian teachers. That is detachment from outcomes, emotions and material goals. Without detachment from all these, your own filters are clogged, and you cannot be shown any of the truths that will guide you toward greater growth in spiritual things. Without attachment to outcomes, you can be shown the right way to proceed in most situations without the assistance of an oracle.

The highest lessons, i.e. compassionate living at all times (hard lessons to say the very least), are the goal. If we can learn to love in all circumstances, letting the Holy Spirit shine through, no matter what, we will have accomplished what the Buddhists call buddhahood.  This does not mean we become milquetoasts in our lives, it simply means we do nothing from anger, envy, greed or lust. Every action we take is from compassion. This is the release the Buddha spoke of when addressing the freedom from troubling emotions. At such a point in our development, we no longer need oracles, we can see clearly what must be done, and when.

Freedom from material goals is likewise a must for all who would have need of an oracle, for when we have desires that cloud our vision we will not be able to read an oracle correctly. This, then, is why the cautions in the Sacred Writings regarding the use of oracles. It is not that they are inaccurate, it is that we cannot read them accurately. It requires a Christlike or Buddha-like compassion for the well-being of all to be able to see with the clarity that lets us read what the oracle is telling us. Most of us have not attained that level of compassion. I am right in there with everyone else on this, so, though I do use oracles to check the map to see what I have missed in my own development, I refuse to attempt to read the future, mine or anyone else’s.

Another factor that I have found is that, an oracle consulted may, and often does, reveal the roadblocks in a person’s development, rather than revealing the future. Unless you are on a dedicated path, you will seldom want to know this information. It is often painful to look at, and requires a willingness to do a scorching moral inventory of one’s own failings. If you had been willing to do that inventory, you would have already seen the roadblock thus revealed. So, as shown here, though oracles do have legitimate use, our own failings render them useless for our most pressing requests, where our emotions or desires may, and often do, get in the way.

“The Voices in My Head”

That’s gotten to be quite a joke on the web, and could be taken as a kindness for those of us who do hear them, but I doubt it’s intended that way. What do you think? The painful reality, is that those voices can sometimes, and often for many,are so insistent that they drown out the voices of those who walk in this “reality”. They don’t for me, at least as much as they used to. Every once in a while, especially when I am run down because I have been fighting a bug, the voices will be back, and bothersome, but most of the time, they leave me alone, or at least let me conduct my life in peace.Hence, it seems time to talk about this little “problem” again.

That isn’t to say that I no longer hear them, I do, it’s just that I know they are either a figment of something misfiring in my head, or worse, actual thoughts from some other source, which is rather frightening. Many years ago, a thoughtful individual who in retrospect probably had the same problem, gave me the clue as to how to live with them. She said I didn’t really have to listen to them, and if I chose to listen to them, I could choose to listen to only those who had messages of love for me. Now, that can be tricky, at best. One must first figure out parameters that work in all circumstances about what love is and which actions bring love into play. This is where I studied the Mitzvot of Judaism. This group of commands to the Ivrit tries to outline enough daily circumstances as to leave no doubt what one’s actions toward one’s fellow humans would be in any instance. It helps, believe me. They don’t cover everything, but they cover enough to give any student a good idea what one’s attitude and actions should be.

Through these commands I know that any source that even implies that it is all right to lie, cheat, steal, murder, or create chaos, is not from the high. I wish I could say that I am in constant and consistent obedience to them. I am most of the time, but I am quite human, and have been, like every other human that ever walked this mud ball, been known to zig when I should have zagged. Because of that thoughtful woman from the past, I consider myself one of the functionally insane. Yeah, I am not sure of my sanity at all levels, nor do I think I would be classed as sane by a licensed psychiatrist, but I do function on a daily basis. I manage. Some stressors make coping much harder, and so I try to avoid those. I use the AA acronym HALT, frequently. “Never let yourself get too hungry, too angry, too lonely, or too tired.” That acronym has served me well. In fact, I find AA’s approach to life helpful on a lot of levels. The twelve steps are applicable whatever your coping problem may be, not just alcohol consumption.

Because the “dark voices” can be both subtle and seductive, I am constantly taking measure of my attitudes and actions. I know this must seem tedious to those with a firmer moral compass, but it works for me most of the time. I can never be 100% sure at any one time that I have an answer that works, and seldom try to make others see things my way, no matter what. I will voice my opinion, and if others agree, that’s cool, if not, well, I tried to do what I thought was right. I always hope that I succeeded in that, I just can never be sure. So, take what I say with a grain of salt, find your path and hold on for the ride, sometimes it gets kinda bumpy.



Abiding . . . . . .3rd part.

Please forgive me for the length of this discourse, this is so basic to the path I have walked, and though I would by no means hold myself up as a marked holy person, the fact that the voices have made life more difficult for me, and may be doing the same for others, they have made it more difficult even at times, to hold onto reality and my place in the sun. This is, again, the reason I share my path with you, if what I have learned can in any way ease your path, I will feel it was worth the risk in exposing myself this way.

Again, simple ceremonies, such as Tai Chi, or walking the labyrinth, or laying out ones “sacred” items, even if it is nothing more than the book you are reading, your copy of Holy Writ, (be it Bible or Quran, or Bhagavadgita, or Torah), perhaps a candle, a cloth for the table on which you will work and take notes. These things help to put you in the “space of prayer”. What ever works for you, that is what you do. Do not tell another that they are doing it “wrong” even if they are frustrated and asking you how you ‘do it’. Share with them the way that works with you and let them find the way Spirit works best with them.

I have worked with several “students”, other voice hearers mostly, who have been dedicated to wanting to learn a sane way to live and learn and serve Holiness. In the progression of learning, I have found that there comes a time when Spirit takes over the lessons. Spirit will still send them back to me to get more depth, but she begins to lead them in their learning. I have had more than one with whom this has happened. They would come sit with me and we would talk about a concept that needed to be introduced into their lives, and they would leave me shaking their heads, puzzled at what that was all about.

Over the next several days, she would show them the lesson in the best way for them to learn it. It would amaze me. I was not their teacher, she was, I must say that because of that, I began to think of myself as a mentor much more than a teacher, as I simply facilitated the learning process in my charges. This is why I say to you do not insist on a specific way of learning for anyone else. If Spirit works with you as she has worked with me, you are not the teacher, you can only show what works with you, and let Spirit guide the others from there.

I will emphasize again, the only command Y’shua gave was to love, the basis of Buddha’s teachings was kindness to all. If the dog comes to you and starts talking about killing the neighbor, warn the dog that such talk will get it permanently kenneled, you don’t live that kind of life. I have never sought students, they have come to me. I would never encourage one who does not hear voices already to try to hear them. It is difficult to discern the source of those voices and there are many that will attempt to guide you in the wrong direction. That is the reason for the emphasis on compassion in my teachings. A voice hearer cannot afford to live any other way. Let the ones whose minds are not so open to the realms of light and dark be the ones to condemn others, it is not your job, and you cannot afford to let such thought patterns creep into your thinking. Not in any way!

Now, perhaps I need to discuss something here that will help you understand how I came to “teach” the way I do. I worked for a time in a spiritually oriented drug rehab center. The administrator spoke of the fact that alcohol, like drugs, opened up the mind to the lower realms of the spirit. It really made no sense to me at the time, and in context of his conversation on that day, would not have lead to what occured to me later. It was in knowing a gentleman whose association had been with AA and learned their way of viewing the spiritual life that it all came together.

I have come to realize that AA’s practice is a solid spiritual path that cares not the parent faith, simply disciplines the individual to live a personally spiritual life. With all the things that have been brought into my awareness regarding my own difficulties, this makes a great deal of sense. Again, it is not about what you call yourself, it is about how you live your life.

Therefore, know that I would not willingly teach anyone who has the will to hurt another, if you have not already been broken by the pain of what you have suffered it is not mine to break you. If, however, you are ready to live a life in service to the highest, I can help get you on track, that is all. I am not some grand “faith healer”, I am not some incredible “evangelist”, I am a simple woman, living a simple life, willing to share the path that has brought peace to my troubled mind in times that in their way are no more nor less troubled than the past. It is my sincerest hope that if you are also a voice hearer, what I share will help you to find a path of peace and gentle grace.

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