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The Good you do

jesus-words1I have embarked on a study of Jesus’ words. This is going to take me a while, cause I keep getting side-tracked. For instance, I just ran into something that “Christians” seem to forget. . . . Matt. 5:16 – “Let your light shine like that in the sight of men. Let them see the good things you do and praise your Father in Heaven.” . . . .It is precisely because this has been disregarded that so many have questioned whether “God” even exists. That’s sad.

As a result of E. Tolle’s books, I have come to call God the Presence, because there is so much misunderstanding of the “function” of God in society and in our lives. First, we humans, from the darkest to the brightest have free will. When I speak of the darkest, I mean really dark, as in Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pott and others that have visited such wickedness of their fellow humans as to be thought to be devilish. There is not a “Devil” involved here, onlly wicked and twisted humans who think only of what they want in the world, no matter who else gets hurt in the process. Now, that wisdom comes from the Buddha. And is called the Tanha condition.

When Jesus spoke of the “good that we do” he was speaking of the compassion we show our fellow travelers. Modern Christianity has walked away from this, and, instead of being kind to one another, Christians are often mean, dirty and under-handed in how they treat each other, and all other humans in the bargain.

You see, most people think that if there really existed a “God”, then that Presence would feed the hungry, clothe the naked, hungryand provide housing for all that need it. That isn’t how the Presence works, that isn’t how God works. The Presence works with individuals, bringing light into their everyday activities. It is those who follow that Presence that in turn feed, clothe, and house those less fortunate than themselves.

It isn’t until the majority of the human race walks in the light that we will see an end to the horrors of war, and the basic needs of the poor will be met. Right now, most humans are operating under the tanha condition, Some only mildly, being good to family and friends, and even to those in their community, disregarding the needs of the larger community. Some walk in nearly total darkness either self-destructing, or destroying all those around them.

Do not blame “God” for the evil that you see. Blame the human condition. It is only when the majority of humans see the need for compassion toward all that we will see others, and the earth treated with the respect and kindness that is needed for us to survive.


simpleI haven’t posted for quite some time, partly because I seemed “stuck” on the theme of compassion,  I still am, but have a few new things to say. I hope to keep your interest, and that what is here will help.

This “Salvation” bit that the church has been throwing at people for millenia, it’s backwards. It isn’t about asking Jesus or Father God into your heart, The Presence is already there. That is the divine spark of life that all humans carry. You wouldn’t be breathing if it were not so.

The scriptures, flawed though they be, have carried the instructions for you from the beginning. “Be still, and know that the I Am is God”. It’s that simple.All you have to do is silence your mind, that’s right, so you can listen instead of chattering nonsense, then release all the things that are gone “wrong” in your life, yes, you need to forgive others if they have wronged you, and you need to forgive yourself for the wrongs that you have done. We’re human, we miss the mark daily, the Creator knows that.

Then, in the silence, surrender to the Light. It’s there, even if you have lived a life full of whining, groaning, and complaining, you wouldn’t be breathing if the light had gone out. In doing this, you will find that you are slowly, but completely saturated with joy and peace. A peace that passes all understanding. As this joy and peace begin to flow through you, you will find that your heart of hearts will be filled with compassion, for your self and for all living things. Do this, don’t make it complicated, keep it simple. The Presence is there for you, at the very core of your being.

This is available to you no matter what relligion you have followed, and you can continue to follow that religion if you choose to do so. The Presence cares for you as an individual, that was the message brought 2000 years ago by the Master Y’shua. That was the message Buddha brought, though he was careful not to talk about “God” so that it would be a path to finding happiness whether you were religious or not. It is not compllicated, the path is simple, follow it to your heart’s fullfillment.

Sins of Scripture, Author Bishop Spong

Sins of Scripturesinsofscripture

I am half way through this book. I must admit to being thrilled to find that Bishop Spong speaks of Spirit the way I do, and sees scripture the way I do. He, however, is much more thorough than I have been, being well equipped with a lifetime study of the Bible from the point of view of an Anglican Preist. He touches on many of the subjects I have written of here in my blog, and I would encourage anyone who is interested in this point of view to read the book. He speaks of the Bible and ecology, of the Bible and women, of the Bible and homosexuality, of the Bible and Anti-semitism, of the Bible and child abuse. He also has addressed the idea of a need for a reformation of the faith of Christianity, noting that the ways of the past will no longer serve those who live in the here and now.

Hi! Happy 2013!

hnyGreetings, readers. I am looking and realized I hadn’t posted in some time. I am so sorry, I am at that point where many who write for a living find themselves, and this is just my thoughts, so I cannot even imagine the pressure one would be under if this were my livelihood. I have said a lot about compassion, almost to the point of boredom, and, though I have written about political issues, I really do not want this to be a political blog. I want, however, to wish you all a wonderful and prosperous New Year, and hope that all is well with you!!!!!

Morality ~

I find myself contemplating the Eightfold Path often, and wondering why it is that the faiths that believe in God very God should find it necessary to place commands for right living rather than principles. Buddha said all that was needed, by putting forth 8 well written principles to live by, rather than 100’s of laws that basically say the same thing, but get into the minutiae of how to shake hands on Sunday, if you will. I, personally, have not found ritual to be that helpful, other than in my times of meditation, when I am settling into “that” space, which is what I think it’s all about. Unfortunately, I also think that much of the ritual is intended to entrain one toward the thinking of the leaders rather than enlighten one about one’s own truth.

That being said, I do believe that each of the prophets and teachers was intent upon leading us closer to what was, to them, the desires of a Holy God. Look at Moses, he was nearly right on a lot of things, most of the mitzvot of the Hebrew faith leading his people toward compassion and forgiveness. You can’t ask much more of a leader, until you look at Buddha, who put all those laws into a set of principles that are timeless in nature. Then came Jesus, a rabbi, whose original words have been so coated with other men’s thinking that it is hard to sort through the teachings and come out on the other side truly enlightened. His goal, of course, was to make faith a more personal thing, while still retaining compassion and forgiveness as the center of all that he said and did. Add Mohamed into the mix, and you have compassion mixed with militarism. Eh, not my cuppa tea, but it calls to many.

However, there seems to be a lack of understanding regarding just how far we were to go with compassion. I am not saying they were wrong. I am saying they simply did not go far enough. None of them said war was wrong. None of them said anything about slavery that would make you recognize it as something deeply wrong. Child marriage was still allowed in all that, girls as young as 9 years old. Child labor still remained right up until the 19th century, as legal, and “under the table” it still exists. Rape didn’t even get a nod as the horror it truly is. So, we have a long way to grow in awareness of right and wrong. Pedophilia was never recognized as a sin, but sends shudders up and down my spine every time I think of a child being forced into adult sexual activity!

Many of those faiths and others not listed still consider homosexuality wrong on the whole, even though where it is addressed in both Old and New testament it was being held up as an example of wrong worship (not brought out so that you could see it that way, but when we dig that’s what it was about.) In fact, when you look at Sodom and Gomorrah, the entire question had more to do with people being taken, and harmed, against their will. That isn’t what homosexuality in this era is even about, so there is no connection to that from a modern view.

In fact, it looks to me to be that the Buddha had it closest to right when he said that all sexual contact needed to be consensual, and that one could not even consider it if the person with whom one had it was basically unable to give consent. To Buddha, that meant a child, a slave, a married person. The child because they were not old enough to resist, the slave because they were owned, the married person because they had made promises to another. Buddha thought it was best to remain celibate. but if celibacy was beyond you, at least make sure of the playing field.

In fact, if you are going to quote ancient teachers to me regarding what should and shouldn’t be allowed, quote Buddha. One must strip away most of what is extant in the New Testament in order to get to Jesus actual words, and one must consider that Moses didn’t even know that war, rape, and child molestation were wrong. And don’t quote Mohamed because, as long as it is woman’s fault that men cannot control themselves, (consider the Burka) then something else is going on. It looks to me as though our laws have moved into the realm of what is considered consensual, that’s a major plus. But otherwise, we need to reconsider and revamp our views of what is moral by law. In fact, I am beginning to like the Dalai Lama more and more. It’s time to take this out of the realm of religion altogether, and come to terms with what is compassionate, what is forgiving, and what is right.

God’s Love

I have come to believe that God’s Love is a given. It is there at one’s birth or origin from the moment you are brought into existence. You and every creature on this planet. That makes it simple, and I believe that the Love of God is that simple. It’s there for you to lose, not something you can earn, it was always there. In fact, it is that that makes it so difficult for me to listen to all the Preachers and Teachers who speak condemnation as part of their belief system. But what would that mean? It means that it is your decisions that make or break you. You have to be deliberately mean and cruel to others in order to lose the love of God. It means that all concepts of Hell are erroneous at least in part, for a God that loves completely will not condemn completely unless you choose deliberately in your life to walk away from that love.

If you choose to live your life as though God does not exist, but are kind to others, and hold no grudges because you simply know this is not good for you, you will not lose the love of God. This is why prayers of those who have not lead devout lives are often answered. And why the “devout” who are cruel to their fellow men are often ignored. You simply can not lead a life of cruelty and call yourself a Christian, or a Muslim, or a Jew, and expect God to respect your self-naming of your faith. In fact, I believe that once you call yourself a believer, you are more responsible than ever to be good to your fellow creatures.

It doesn’t matter if you believe, God does not need your adoration. God is complete, therefore He/She does not need ANYTHING from you, not your devotion, not your worship, not your dissidence. God does not need you. However, having said that, God loves you completely, and listens always to your cries for help. It is simply there.

Now, you may ask me why there is so very much evil in the world if the Love of God is this complete. It’s a valid question, but you know the answer before you ask it. Look into your own heart. Is there no anger, no jealousy, no hatred there? If there is none of those things you will not be able to understand evil. But, if you truly have examined yourself and your feelings you will know that multiplied by all the people of the earth, there is a great deal of evil all over the world. Is there a Satan? Well, not as a person. In fact, I don’t believe evil is well enough organized to call it a force in and of itself. That is why a mere babe may back it off with a simple tune which praises Good, or God. For that is part of what God is, Good. All else that we would call evil is just our human dark side shaking in the abyss.

Further, you cannot do evil in the name of good, that would constitute the “sin against the Holy Spirit”. That would earn you a place in a world in which God does not exist, call it Hell if you wish, for it will feel Hellish even were it not so.

Gay Marriage ~

Many of the texts used by this young man, and researched for true meaning, are those that I have looked at and felt as he teaches that they were misconstrued. It is thrilling to see it all put together so well.


Matthew Vines speaks eloquently to the needs of Christian Gays. His research is solid and his conclusions are good. I have found myself frustrated for my gay friends who need this teaching. The teaching is long, but well worth taking the time to hear from beginning to end. Good health and good listening to all who have visited my blog. This will show you as well as possible that my stance on this matter is, first of all, love, then acceptance. Compassion is always the very best way to deal with any issue, any time.

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