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The Good you do

jesus-words1I have embarked on a study of Jesus’ words. This is going to take me a while, cause I keep getting side-tracked. For instance, I just ran into something that “Christians” seem to forget. . . . Matt. 5:16 – “Let your light shine like that in the sight of men. Let them see the good things you do and praise your Father in Heaven.” . . . .It is precisely because this has been disregarded that so many have questioned whether “God” even exists. That’s sad.

As a result of E. Tolle’s books, I have come to call God the Presence, because there is so much misunderstanding of the “function” of God in society and in our lives. First, we humans, from the darkest to the brightest have free will. When I speak of the darkest, I mean really dark, as in Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pott and others that have visited such wickedness of their fellow humans as to be thought to be devilish. There is not a “Devil” involved here, onlly wicked and twisted humans who think only of what they want in the world, no matter who else gets hurt in the process. Now, that wisdom comes from the Buddha. And is called the Tanha condition.

When Jesus spoke of the “good that we do” he was speaking of the compassion we show our fellow travelers. Modern Christianity has walked away from this, and, instead of being kind to one another, Christians are often mean, dirty and under-handed in how they treat each other, and all other humans in the bargain.

You see, most people think that if there really existed a “God”, then that Presence would feed the hungry, clothe the naked, hungryand provide housing for all that need it. That isn’t how the Presence works, that isn’t how God works. The Presence works with individuals, bringing light into their everyday activities. It is those who follow that Presence that in turn feed, clothe, and house those less fortunate than themselves.

It isn’t until the majority of the human race walks in the light that we will see an end to the horrors of war, and the basic needs of the poor will be met. Right now, most humans are operating under the tanha condition, Some only mildly, being good to family and friends, and even to those in their community, disregarding the needs of the larger community. Some walk in nearly total darkness either self-destructing, or destroying all those around them.

Do not blame “God” for the evil that you see. Blame the human condition. It is only when the majority of humans see the need for compassion toward all that we will see others, and the earth treated with the respect and kindness that is needed for us to survive.


simpleI haven’t posted for quite some time, partly because I seemed “stuck” on the theme of compassion,  I still am, but have a few new things to say. I hope to keep your interest, and that what is here will help.

This “Salvation” bit that the church has been throwing at people for millenia, it’s backwards. It isn’t about asking Jesus or Father God into your heart, The Presence is already there. That is the divine spark of life that all humans carry. You wouldn’t be breathing if it were not so.

The scriptures, flawed though they be, have carried the instructions for you from the beginning. “Be still, and know that the I Am is God”. It’s that simple.All you have to do is silence your mind, that’s right, so you can listen instead of chattering nonsense, then release all the things that are gone “wrong” in your life, yes, you need to forgive others if they have wronged you, and you need to forgive yourself for the wrongs that you have done. We’re human, we miss the mark daily, the Creator knows that.

Then, in the silence, surrender to the Light. It’s there, even if you have lived a life full of whining, groaning, and complaining, you wouldn’t be breathing if the light had gone out. In doing this, you will find that you are slowly, but completely saturated with joy and peace. A peace that passes all understanding. As this joy and peace begin to flow through you, you will find that your heart of hearts will be filled with compassion, for your self and for all living things. Do this, don’t make it complicated, keep it simple. The Presence is there for you, at the very core of your being.

This is available to you no matter what relligion you have followed, and you can continue to follow that religion if you choose to do so. The Presence cares for you as an individual, that was the message brought 2000 years ago by the Master Y’shua. That was the message Buddha brought, though he was careful not to talk about “God” so that it would be a path to finding happiness whether you were religious or not. It is not compllicated, the path is simple, follow it to your heart’s fullfillment.

Sins of Scripture, Author Bishop Spong

Sins of Scripturesinsofscripture

I am half way through this book. I must admit to being thrilled to find that Bishop Spong speaks of Spirit the way I do, and sees scripture the way I do. He, however, is much more thorough than I have been, being well equipped with a lifetime study of the Bible from the point of view of an Anglican Preist. He touches on many of the subjects I have written of here in my blog, and I would encourage anyone who is interested in this point of view to read the book. He speaks of the Bible and ecology, of the Bible and women, of the Bible and homosexuality, of the Bible and Anti-semitism, of the Bible and child abuse. He also has addressed the idea of a need for a reformation of the faith of Christianity, noting that the ways of the past will no longer serve those who live in the here and now.

Hi! Happy 2013!

hnyGreetings, readers. I am looking and realized I hadn’t posted in some time. I am so sorry, I am at that point where many who write for a living find themselves, and this is just my thoughts, so I cannot even imagine the pressure one would be under if this were my livelihood. I have said a lot about compassion, almost to the point of boredom, and, though I have written about political issues, I really do not want this to be a political blog. I want, however, to wish you all a wonderful and prosperous New Year, and hope that all is well with you!!!!!

Morality ~

I find myself contemplating the Eightfold Path often, and wondering why it is that the faiths that believe in God very God should find it necessary to place commands for right living rather than principles. Buddha said all that was needed, by putting forth 8 well written principles to live by, rather than 100’s of laws that basically say the same thing, but get into the minutiae of how to shake hands on Sunday, if you will. I, personally, have not found ritual to be that helpful, other than in my times of meditation, when I am settling into “that” space, which is what I think it’s all about. Unfortunately, I also think that much of the ritual is intended to entrain one toward the thinking of the leaders rather than enlighten one about one’s own truth.

That being said, I do believe that each of the prophets and teachers was intent upon leading us closer to what was, to them, the desires of a Holy God. Look at Moses, he was nearly right on a lot of things, most of the mitzvot of the Hebrew faith leading his people toward compassion and forgiveness. You can’t ask much more of a leader, until you look at Buddha, who put all those laws into a set of principles that are timeless in nature. Then came Jesus, a rabbi, whose original words have been so coated with other men’s thinking that it is hard to sort through the teachings and come out on the other side truly enlightened. His goal, of course, was to make faith a more personal thing, while still retaining compassion and forgiveness as the center of all that he said and did. Add Mohamed into the mix, and you have compassion mixed with militarism. Eh, not my cuppa tea, but it calls to many.

However, there seems to be a lack of understanding regarding just how far we were to go with compassion. I am not saying they were wrong. I am saying they simply did not go far enough. None of them said war was wrong. None of them said anything about slavery that would make you recognize it as something deeply wrong. Child marriage was still allowed in all that, girls as young as 9 years old. Child labor still remained right up until the 19th century, as legal, and “under the table” it still exists. Rape didn’t even get a nod as the horror it truly is. So, we have a long way to grow in awareness of right and wrong. Pedophilia was never recognized as a sin, but sends shudders up and down my spine every time I think of a child being forced into adult sexual activity!

Many of those faiths and others not listed still consider homosexuality wrong on the whole, even though where it is addressed in both Old and New testament it was being held up as an example of wrong worship (not brought out so that you could see it that way, but when we dig that’s what it was about.) In fact, when you look at Sodom and Gomorrah, the entire question had more to do with people being taken, and harmed, against their will. That isn’t what homosexuality in this era is even about, so there is no connection to that from a modern view.

In fact, it looks to me to be that the Buddha had it closest to right when he said that all sexual contact needed to be consensual, and that one could not even consider it if the person with whom one had it was basically unable to give consent. To Buddha, that meant a child, a slave, a married person. The child because they were not old enough to resist, the slave because they were owned, the married person because they had made promises to another. Buddha thought it was best to remain celibate. but if celibacy was beyond you, at least make sure of the playing field.

In fact, if you are going to quote ancient teachers to me regarding what should and shouldn’t be allowed, quote Buddha. One must strip away most of what is extant in the New Testament in order to get to Jesus actual words, and one must consider that Moses didn’t even know that war, rape, and child molestation were wrong. And don’t quote Mohamed because, as long as it is woman’s fault that men cannot control themselves, (consider the Burka) then something else is going on. It looks to me as though our laws have moved into the realm of what is considered consensual, that’s a major plus. But otherwise, we need to reconsider and revamp our views of what is moral by law. In fact, I am beginning to like the Dalai Lama more and more. It’s time to take this out of the realm of religion altogether, and come to terms with what is compassionate, what is forgiving, and what is right.

God’s Love

I have come to believe that God’s Love is a given. It is there at one’s birth or origin from the moment you are brought into existence. You and every creature on this planet. That makes it simple, and I believe that the Love of God is that simple. It’s there for you to lose, not something you can earn, it was always there. In fact, it is that that makes it so difficult for me to listen to all the Preachers and Teachers who speak condemnation as part of their belief system. But what would that mean? It means that it is your decisions that make or break you. You have to be deliberately mean and cruel to others in order to lose the love of God. It means that all concepts of Hell are erroneous at least in part, for a God that loves completely will not condemn completely unless you choose deliberately in your life to walk away from that love.

If you choose to live your life as though God does not exist, but are kind to others, and hold no grudges because you simply know this is not good for you, you will not lose the love of God. This is why prayers of those who have not lead devout lives are often answered. And why the “devout” who are cruel to their fellow men are often ignored. You simply can not lead a life of cruelty and call yourself a Christian, or a Muslim, or a Jew, and expect God to respect your self-naming of your faith. In fact, I believe that once you call yourself a believer, you are more responsible than ever to be good to your fellow creatures.

It doesn’t matter if you believe, God does not need your adoration. God is complete, therefore He/She does not need ANYTHING from you, not your devotion, not your worship, not your dissidence. God does not need you. However, having said that, God loves you completely, and listens always to your cries for help. It is simply there.

Now, you may ask me why there is so very much evil in the world if the Love of God is this complete. It’s a valid question, but you know the answer before you ask it. Look into your own heart. Is there no anger, no jealousy, no hatred there? If there is none of those things you will not be able to understand evil. But, if you truly have examined yourself and your feelings you will know that multiplied by all the people of the earth, there is a great deal of evil all over the world. Is there a Satan? Well, not as a person. In fact, I don’t believe evil is well enough organized to call it a force in and of itself. That is why a mere babe may back it off with a simple tune which praises Good, or God. For that is part of what God is, Good. All else that we would call evil is just our human dark side shaking in the abyss.

Further, you cannot do evil in the name of good, that would constitute the “sin against the Holy Spirit”. That would earn you a place in a world in which God does not exist, call it Hell if you wish, for it will feel Hellish even were it not so.

Gay Marriage ~

Many of the texts used by this young man, and researched for true meaning, are those that I have looked at and felt as he teaches that they were misconstrued. It is thrilling to see it all put together so well.


Matthew Vines speaks eloquently to the needs of Christian Gays. His research is solid and his conclusions are good. I have found myself frustrated for my gay friends who need this teaching. The teaching is long, but well worth taking the time to hear from beginning to end. Good health and good listening to all who have visited my blog. This will show you as well as possible that my stance on this matter is, first of all, love, then acceptance. Compassion is always the very best way to deal with any issue, any time.

Sept 11

Equality ~

Y’shua thought of men and women as equals, and consistently treated them as such. This was not what he was taught by Mosaic Law, but what he knew in his heart. Moses, bless him for being there when he was, was not evolved enough as a human being to “see” the wrongness of rape or the need to guard the children and not harm them. It was not until 1836 that we as humans began to develop the depth of conscience that saw the need to protect children and women. It is only in the last 30 or 40 years that anti-rape laws have been written tough enough to prosecute rapists in our laws.

(Deuteronomy 22:23-29 NLT)

If within the city a man comes upon a maiden who is betrothed, and has relations with her, you shall bring them both out of the gate of the city and there stone them to death: the girl because she did not cry out for help though she was in the city, and the man because he violated his neighbors wife.

    If a man is caught in the act of raping a young woman who is not engaged, he must pay fifty pieces of silver to her father.  Then he must marry the young woman because he violated her, and he will never be allowed to divorce her.

Moses may have seen women as much more valuable than most other leaders saw their women, and his laws reflected that, but it was not until the New Covenant of Y’shua that men even began to see women as needing treated in any form of equality. Since it has been approximately 2,000 years since Y’shua’s time on earth you cannot say that human society has rapidly changed to project this new perspective. I realize that many feel that the words in the Old Testament were God’s words. That is such a fallacy that I cannot even begin to comprehend it. Inspiration by God is not the same as taking dictation from God, that should be obvious.

It’s only been in the last 100+ years that we have realized how very wrong slavery is. We now understand that slavery in any form is wrong, just as rape and child molestation are wrong, but we are slow as a people in coming to understand the higher way. We are beginning to understand that free will is a gift from God. It is only with this understanding that we can begin to understand that if God gives us free will, we should not even try to remove it from others. This is why it is so important to prosecute slavery, rape, and child harm when they occur.

In the case of slavery, to hold someone against their will and require them to work for us with no compensation is wrong, you remove their free will, we cannot do this. In the case of rape, it is sex without the willing participation of the partner, hence, removal of free will, and should not even be allowed to be part of our lives. In the case of the children, to allow molestation or forced labor to be part of our society is wrong, harms the children, and creates an atmosphere that makes it all right to remove the free will of the adults. Children cannot, by virtue of their age, give consent to work or have sex, they simply are not old enough to know the consequences of the things being asked of them. Hence, my argument is the same as the Buddha’s, one must seek the consent of a possible partner in sexual encounters, and understand that when the ability to give knowledgeable consent is absent, the deed is wrong.

I am well aware that there are those who in the “New Age” society say that there is no such thing as a victim, but I am saying that until we learn to stand for the rights of all, we are all victims of our own blindness. I pray daily for clarity in my vision, for cleansing of my soul, and for the peace that passes all understanding to become the way we all walk this earth, we cannot do so while we allow some to take the free will of others from them. As long as some are hurting, we all are hurting.

Judging Gays ~

I have addressed this before, so I will try to keep my material fresh, but cannot promise that I won’t repeat myself. I have been doing a bit of a survey study of Old Testament Law. One of the things that struck me is that at the points where the Bible speaks of Gay sex as being detestable, it also says that unmarried sex of almost any kind, from simple fornication, as in two unweds fooling around, to adultery where both participants are married to other people, are detestable, and that the Ivrit were to remove the evil from among them, consequently putting to death those caught in the act.

I am blogging this because of the recent spate of fundamentalist Christians and even fundamentalist Catholics, (same thing, really, just clothed a bit differently) that have said that gays should be put to death. To quote Shakespeare, “Lord, what fools these mortals be!” First, there are injunctions in both the Old and New Testament not to judge. You will be judged by the same measuring method you use to judge others. So, why the lists to begin with? Well, I suspect it has to do with showing us what holiness is all about. That living a normal life, with our normal proclivities, carries with it the implication of daily “sin”.

Now, keep in mind that to the Ivrit, “sinning” is falling short of God’s Glory. It is not always some dark and somber commission of an evil deed as we see evil, i.e. mass murder, orgies, serial rape, that sort of thing, but even just doing what we normally do in our daily rounds. We live life. In other words, if you live life in the trenches, you are bound to get a bit muddy. To the Ivrit, and to God in the Old Testament, “sin” was not always an act of commission, but was just as often an act of omission, not doing everything you can to be as good as you can be. Sins of omission, then, would include seeing someone in need and not lifting a hand to help them. Ouch! Doesn’t leave many folks out there, then, who haven’t sinned by these standards.

Now, here, the Evangelical would say that this is where you become a believer in Christ, and let him wash away your sin. But, I want to go one step further, for Jesus said that if we called ourselves by his name, but did not obey him, we were no better than anyone else on the planet. Ok, what is that obedience? It is living each day with as much compassion for your fellow humans as you can, full tilt, 1000%. Do you have that much energy? That’s what it takes, loving others as he loved us. That was his command, you know. His only command.  “Love God, love your fellow man.”

So, when you decide to withhold medication from a gay individual who is HIV positive, you are also going against God’s will. You have not loved you fellow humans with the same measure with which God loves us. When you say that all Gays should be put to death, you are also “sinning” by not being compassionate. Oh, and you are also saying we should put every man and woman who has had sex outside of marriage to death, that we should put rebellious children to death, and the list goes on and on. By not loving them as God loved you. You are just as guilty as the serial rapist in God’s eyes. That’s pretty heavy, but that’s the measuring rod you used. Be careful. That rod, when used on your backside, can hurt.


One of the many…

ImageOne of the many things that drew me to Buddhism as a path worthy of anyone was the fact that the Buddha, rather than getting all wound up with exact laws that spoke to each and every possible act of mankind, proposed principles by which all could live, no matter the day or year, as they spoke not to a particular act, but to attitudes and practices that would bring us into “right living”. Here, you will find a summary that makes this teaching accessible to your life as you live it right now.


I haven’t posted on Pathwork for quite a while, mostly because I am living in a learning situation, and Imagedidn’t have much to say. I have been watching some TV online, an interesting experience, and have found that there are things that don’t get much play that should, but then, my tastes may differ from the general public. One of my new faves is Touch with Keifer Sutherland. It’s about an autistic child who is connected with the Universe through numbers, and is teaching his father to see that we are all connected. That’s quite a lesson for a young child to teach an adult, but it’s happening in this series, I hope to see more of it.

I am now living in a house with 3, count them, three teenagers, so things get quite interesting at times. I wish I could say that everything ran smoothly and that everyone is learning all the lessons they ought, but I’d be lying through my teeth to even say it, let alone say it about here.

The two youngest are !4 today. Wow! I remember when they were babies, yes, I have known their mother since their oldest brother was a baby. Dang! I do feel old! The place where we live is a trailer, but I have a built on room that is a luxurious size, in which I have my computer and tables set up as a studio so that I have no excuse not to be drawing more. Oooooops!

My legs are wrapped in pressure dressings for wound care, and I have been experiencing some pain, so I do have a small excuse for the last month or so. But not for the entire time I haven’t posted. I do see that some readers have returned to get more of my meanderings, and I thank you!!

I will try to get back to posting again, so, I hope to be seeing you more often!

Critical Thinking ~

Don’t mistake ignorance for perspective.  Gather complete information.  One of the most important and most violated principles of critical thinking is thoroughness—that is, gathering all available facts on a subject under scrutiny.  Obviously thinking requires facts; erroneous conclusions often stem from inadequate factual knowledge.

Principles of Critical Thinking:

1.      Gather complete information.

2.     Understand and define all terms.

3.     Question the methods by which the facts are derived.

4.     Question the conclusions.

5.     Look for hidden assumptions and biases.

6.     Question the source of facts.

7.     Don’t expect all of the answers.

8.     Examine the big picture.

9.     Examine multiple cause and effect.

10. Watch for thought stoppers.

11.  Understand your own biases and values.

One of the reasons I have so thoroughly come to respect both Judaism and Buddhism, and adopt their views as my own, is that there is an encouragement toward Critical Thinking built into both religions. As this is the reason I drew away from Fundamental Christianity as my source of faith, you can understand that this would be a draw toward these as perspectives to both admire and to adhere to in my own walk. Question, question, question; this is my own stance toward life, and I expect to be questioned by those who walk the path beside me.

I believe Spirit is very real, as I have had that level of help in my own walk, both in making decisions and in who and what to be. I also believe that there is One, Holy and Righteous, that cares intimately for me, and all other human beings that walk the planet. I also believe the One has many helpers on many levels. I have had many mystical experiences along the way, which is why I call myself a mystic, though the path I walk could as easily be called the Questioner’s Path as any other name. In fact, one of the red flags along this path is that, when questioned regarding a particular event, any person says to me, “Don’t ask questions, just believe.” That will get my hackles rising in seconds.

I have been called a “New Ager”, and I understand the wish to label me, so I understand the desire to put this label on me, though, if you look at standard New Age belief systems, generally, I don’t fit with the norm, (when have I ever?), but just for the sake of argument, I have drawn from beliefnet.com a set of general beliefs to show where mine differ.

Belief in Deity
God is the impersonal life force, consciousness, ultimate truth and reality, the incorporeal, formless cosmic order personified within all people and matter. God is all and all are God.

God is very real, not only not impersonal, but extremely personal, with a sentience that goes well beyond our understanding. God is in all of creation, this is truth, but we are not God, we are co-creators with God, therefore gods, in a round about way, but not God the One.

Origin of Universe and Life
The universe, life, and matter were not created by God but “are” God. The universe and life emerged out of the creative power of the eternal universal life force.

This could get “tricky”. God is very real to me, as a personality and sentience that goes beyond understanding by my finite human brain, but though I believe God is made manifest in all of life, I do believe God has an existence outside our own universe, and that to presume all of life is “God” is a mistake. The idea that life emerged from the creative power of the eternal universal life force, well, there is truth in that, but only part of the truth, not a complete picture at all of what and who God is.
After Death
Some believe in continual rebirth–no death–as life is spirit. Some believe that our souls rest for a time before deciding on a new body (or bodies). Heaven and hell are states of consciousness, self-imposed, due to ignorance of God as all.
I am a reincarnationist, so there is a partial truth here, but I believe life on this planet is for learning, so there is much here that is left unsaid. And, while it is true that I believe Heaven and Hell are states of consciousness, and therefore “self-imposed”, they, Heaven and Hell, are part of the experience of living in a dense reality through which the eternal light does not necessarily shine, it is that very denseness of matter that creates the darkness into which evil presents itself as a dual reality, it is a lack of life, not another life form.
Why Evil?
No original sin, no Satan, and no evil. Most believe people make “mistakes” when they are ignorant of the power of goodness, which is God, within themselves and others. Some believe evil is perpetuated through accumulation of past-life wrongs and spiritual ignorance.
While I do not believe in original sin, I do believe there is actual evil in the world. The idea of Satan as an overseer of Hell is a bit skewed in my beliefs, as evil is chaotic and self-serving, therefore incapable of organizing on a level that would create an “Army of Darkness”. This does not, however, preclude that there are not dark forces at work, they are just not organized enough to prevail in the face of ultimate Good. As I hinted earlier, in my contemplations and meditations it has become apparent to me that evil is the result of the denseness of materiality, that it is in fact, a lack of light, the light of God, and the denser the matter, the less of God you will find in those places. This does not mean that I think of God as limited, au contraire, God is beyond such limits, I do, however, believe that God just doesn’t “go there”, in those places where the light is not.
Salvation lies in the realization of oneness with the impersonal life force. Awareness can be heightened through methods that induce altered states of consciousness, e.g., hypnosis, meditation, music, drugs. Spiritual “tools” include crystals, tarot cards, amulets, channeling, fortunetellers and psychics. Some believe the salvation of humanity will occur when a critical mass is reached, when people converge in experiencing their oneness with God and with each other. This will bring a New World Order or new Planetary Order, resulting in oneness of civilization and one-world government, peace, and harmony.
Ah, no. Obviously, since I believe God is a real, sentient being, and a “person” who wants each of us to be “in relationship”, this is not part of my belief system. One part of the twofold issue of Salvation is that God saves, and God saves to the uttermost, so all are “saved” in that all will eventually be “in relationship” with the One. We may have to live many lives to eventually “get there”, but we will all eventually get there. The other part of the twofold “Plan of Salvation” is that each and every one of us, when we finally reach that point of being in relationship with the One, will know that living in unconditional love, compassion, and forgiveness are our “chores” in the learning process. This is what we are here for. This is what we are to learn. It is necessary for each of us to learn these functions in order to reach our own personal salvation. When we learn this, we will be able to “go home” permanently, living in the unconditional love of the Creator of all life. As for the New World Order, well, it isn’t happening in the next six hours, so the best we can do is learn our part in the plan, and see where that brings us when we have managed that.
Undeserved Suffering
Suffering is the result of greed, hatred, and spiritual ignorance in a person’s, or humanity’s, past lifetimes, which returns as suffering (karma). Suffering is sometimes viewed as occurring for a specific purpose, to further spiritual growth and learn a life lesson. Suffering is also seen as illusory, in that it results from attachment to bodily pleasure and pain, and only the universal life force within, God, truly exists.
Well, what we have here is a partial truth. Karma is very much a part of the picture, as Y’shua is quoted, “What you sow, that shall you also reap”. And, yes, I do believe that part of suffering is to learn a life lesson, but that is most definitely NOT all there is to it. Remember that I believe that there are three “lessons” that are uppermost in our learning process, unconditional love, compassion for ourselves and others, and forgiveness; when we have truly learned those lessons, suffering as such will become a non-issue, as it really is an attachment to bodily pleasure and pain that is the ultimate cause of such. What is not being said here is that this is a Buddhist teaching, and the teaching has a great depth not under discussion here. To learn the entire teaching, please refer to the Buddha’s teachings on suffering. I do want to mention here that, Buddhism is the ultimate of humanism. There is no mention of “God” in Buddhist teaching, as the point in the Buddha’s entire journey and teaching was the alleviation of suffering for the human soul. His point was to find what could lead to happiness within the heart of each and every human being. In my own journey, where I have come to believe the reality of Spirit, and the belief that God is real, is that ,most profoundly,  from a Buddhist viewpoint, one must learn to be compassionate and forgiving, and from a Judaic viewpoint one must be compassionate and forgiving. Hence, the ultimate obedience to God is to follow the same path that Buddha taught as the way to alleviate suffering: be kind.
I don’t believe that there is any religion on earth that has all of the truth. I do believe that there is a core truth in all the light serving religions, in that all teach that part of the path is to learn to be compassionate and forgiving. Will we ever see a time when there is only one religion? I hope not, as that implies that the World Order is evil finally organizing itself to destroy us all. What I hope for is a mutual respect given to all light serving religions, so that each and every person on the planet has a choice, finding the path that serves them best in their journey of growth in understanding of Spirit. May all be blessed. Namaste!

The Wren as a Totem ~

I love studying totems. They are a way of visualizing what each of us carries that makes us unique, as each of us carries a slightly different combination of the “medicines” that help us through life. Totems are not to be worshiped, they are like friends, teachers, companions that travel with us through life. Guiding us, if we know how to access their help, and giving us strength to do what we have to do.

The wren is a cunning little bird, considered “cheeky” by those who have familiarized themselves with animal lore. Their coloring is rather plain, being mostly browns, but their “design” is compact, downright pretty, and they hide well within the bushes of any terrain. They have a rather loud voice, being able to sing a song that can be heard above other bird calls.

When wren has appeared in your life, you are often asked to take knowledge already available and apply it with a unique twist that brings about a different perspective, so that all can see the solutions to a problem and solve it with ease. Wren people make good team leaders, for though they can speak loudly enough to be heard by the entire team, they do not need to take center stage, therefore letting other members of the team shine when it is appropriate and good for all.

Rights ~

Our civil rights have been an issue since humans first began to gather and form tribes for survival. Each person is born with a Sacred Space around them that is their space, no matter where they are or what they are doing. This is a Native American concept, and since the first time I was aware of it, I have felt the truth of it. Where the issue comes into play in our world today is that we gather in larger and larger groups, crowding one another into smaller and smaller spaces. It can get quite complicated making sure that each and every person has their rights observed while respecting the space of others.

Don’t like gay marriages? Don’t get one..

Don’t like cigarettes? Don’t smoke them..

Don’t like abortions? Don’t get one..

Don’t like sex? Don’t have it..

Don’t like drugs? Don’t do them..

Don’t like porn? Don’t watch it..

Don’t like alcohol? Don’t drink it..

Don’t like guns? Don’t buy one..

Don’t like your rights taken away???

Don’t take away someone else’s!!!

A precious friend posted this on his facebook, and while I agree with it 100%, my feelings about it require more than a reposting. I posted a couple of days ago regarding the right to Free Speech. It was a short post, I was venting, (sorry about that). Like most rights it has been abused, and continues to be abused even at the allowance of the Supreme Court. In fact, the Supreme Court has gotten into the rights above listed quite often. What worries me is that there seems to be no balance applied that keeps those rights from interfering with the rights of others. Eh, let me back up a bit, sometimes the rights of others are the point, as with smoking, making it unlawful to smoke in public in many areas.

My stance on gay marriage is that it should be a right to marry the person of your choice, regardless of gender. That right in no way hinders my right to marry or not to marry, so is moot as far as I am concerned. Cigarettes? Well, I do see the issue here, even though I am a smoker. I do believe it should be the right of an individual not to even second hand smoke if they desire that right. I suspect that things are going a bit too far in some areas, as even smoking outdoors in some areas is being questioned.

On abortion, well, it gets complicated, as do most rights. At what point does abortion become murder? To some, it’s right from the point of conception, while to others (myself included) it is at the point when there is a fully formed tiny human in the uterus. This occurs at about the 4th month, and then comes a time that is in a grey area, what you see is a tiny baby, but the ability to survive exutero is still not there, simply because this tiny one cannot create many of their own enzymes and secretions, requiring then, massive care in order to survive. At about the 8th month, most babies can, with a little extra help, survive being born. That all said, the point at which an abortion is still appropriate is much in question, even to the best minds of our time. I prefer to see abortion as a legal option until the 4th month, when our little fetus has become a “person” that you can recognize as a human. I would also like to see the entire question left in the hands of clinicians, as there are many circumstances where abortion should still be a viable option. And, for the most part, this is the way it is, as in most states, until the baby takes it’s first breath, it does not have the rights accorded to it’s status as a human being.

Regarding sex? Ha! Legislating sex is a lost cause. If someone wants sex, preventing it may be out of the question. But  herein lies the rub. It better be consensual, and with one who is able to give consent legally and morally, because if it’s not, you, my friend, are in trouble, with a capitol T, and should be. I do not care if you have been teased by an 11 year old female child who dresses like a hooker. It doesn’t matter to me. She is not able legally or morally to give consent, so you are out of bounds. Don’t do it, it’s not your right, just because your “member” is itching, you don’t have the right to scratch it on someone not legally able to give consent.

The question then of drugs, well, dang, I suspect we are going to have to legalize the use of illicit drugs, not because we want to, or because it is healthy, but because it may be the only way to prevent the massive spread of diseases and infections that come with the sharing of needles, something that happens quite often, because needles are not easy to get where the use of recreational drugs is illegal.

Regarding pornography. It isn’t healthy, it’s an addiction for many people. That being said, the only objection that I have to it’s being protected by the free speech laws is that there are times that it proliferates on the web to the point that it comes popping up on a computer when a web search is done regarding diseases of the breast or genitals. That is unfortunate, and, in my opinion should be illegal. If I want pornography, (which I don’t, by the way), it should be something that must be specifically searched for, not shoved in my face with a web search for something else.

And, you cannot legislate alcohol use, it’s been tried, it’s too easy to make it yourself. The best we can do is try to keep it out of the hands of the youth. Even that’s a major challenge.

Regarding guns, well, I want the right to own one even if I don’t have one at the moment, the gun laws are intricate, and the question of controlling them has been examined by legal minds ad infinitum. The belief is that an unarmed populace leaves room for political take over by unscrupulous forces. That may be a moot point in this day and age, I wouldn’t want to own the kinds of weapons that are available to militia groups everywhere.

All this has been for the purpose of stating that, though I most definitely want the right to act in any manor that pleases me, I have no right to act in such a manor when it interferes with the rights of another. I want to see balance in legislation, and a sense of reality, what really works, and what doesn’t. We humans are quite inventive when it comes to our desires and cravings, if we want it, we will find a way to get it. For that reason we need to protect the rights of the innocent and the underdog. Beyond that, we need to be concerned that the removal of rights is a dangerous thing, it leads to too much power being in the hands of the few. That is a scary proposition.

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