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Truth ~

Ethical axioms are found and tested not very differently from the axioms of science. Truth is what stands the test of experience. Albert Einstein

One of the things that bothered me immensely when I participated in the church was the oft repeated phrase that the “truth” needed to be defended. I am not a scientist, but did train as a nurse, so was quite familiar with the concept that a truism, or axiom, that earned it’s place in the base of knowledge by which we operated in our work had to prove itself in the results we gained in using it. Put more simply, a truth will surface in the using of it. This is so contrary to the idea that the truth needed defended that I had to choose a different way of seeing spirituality or give up being a nurse.

Now, keep in mind that I hear voices, and knew other folks did not, but I had also seen what I would call “snippets” of things that often were warnings of things to come. I had also found, through the years, that I would just simply “know” things about others that were not known to the general public, things neither they nor anyone else had verbalized in my presence. I had lost more than one friendship because of that, and it had been a tough lesson to realize that just because I had these insights into others, it wasn’t mine to comment on them to the person or those around them. That being the case, it wasn’t difficult to convince me that the people who ran the churches I attended didn’t quite serve the basic no nonsense truth. It also wasn’t necessary to convince me that Spirit existed; I didn’t have to accept that on “faith” alone.

This “difference” that I have lived with through all of my years of remembrance has left me questioning nearly everything around me: from my faith to my sanity, to the veracity of nearly everything that anyone has ever put before me without empirical evidence. I have been called a “doubting Thomas” when poking at the things people would tell me that they had seen or done, as well as being told I ask too many questions. I have gotten so used to that that when someone starts dithering with comments of that nature, my antennae immediately start to buzz. I have found that the people who don’t like questions are usually deceiving at some level or another.

Basically, that is the reason I began to explore other faiths and perceptions of God. When someone tells me that I must simply accept what they have to say on faith, they are dismissed as flim flam artists in my book. Now, that probably isn’t fair. I am sure there are many who truly believe that Spirit is a concept to be accepted on faith rather than a phenomenon to be experienced. That’s fine, but it doesn’t work for me.I am not saying that if you have accepted God’s existence on the word of another that you need to doubt that existence, for I have no doubt at all that God is and God rewards all who seek to know that.

I am, however, asking you to understand that, as long as your faith teaches compassion as a cornerstone of your religious life, you are on a path that will reveal God to you. This does not mean that there are not other things to learn, for the realm of God is full of things to learn, all along the path; it simply requires that you understand that the moment anyone, anywhere begins to tell you that you don’t need to be compassionate to your fellow travelers, no matter their circumstances, they are leading you down a dangerous path, and away from God.

The point of all of this is to ensure that you are aware that you may test everything anyone says to you, always. You are responsible for your path, no one else is, if someone tells you to “kill the neighbor”, they are most likely not speaking for God. If that’s a voice in your head, tell it to go away, it doesn’t come from God. If a man or woman purporting to be “of God” tells you to destroy another or their property, that isn’t from God. You can only serve God from a perspective of choosing compassion first. You must learn to walk your truth, doing so from a perspective of humility and compassion ensures that you reach your goal with as little damage to you or others as possible. Y’shua said it best, “You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”



Sikhism ~

459px-khanda1svgI am quite thankful for Wikipedia, it lets a person do casual research into almost any subject one can think of, and there are usually references where a person can do deeper research depending on the need or desire. I have heard of Sikhism, of course, and anyone who desires a successful interfaith structure to see us through this millenium sans “holy wars”, has seen the symbol, but I had done no reading on it that would let me know the stance of this faith regarding compassion, that one thing that seems to flow through any faith founded on the holiness of Spirit.

Sikhism fits, most definitely. The emphasis is on good works, the faith is monotheistic, and according to Wikipedia the practice is based on the teachings of the 10 gurus or enlightened beings that founded Sikhism in a span of time from 1499 to 1708. There is a home page for those who wish to research this way of life more thoroughly. One draw is that the Sikhs’ founder was inclined to feel that G-d did not need rituals and traditions, that this was a human thing, so there is a specific stance on such things within the faith.

I remember being told in church that one could not get into “heaven” via good works alone, which necessitated the intervention of a G-d being such as Jesus. I think what made me question that so closely was the presence of the other special borns in religious history, such as Osiris, etc. There was too much resemblence to all the other religions for the claim of uniqueness to stick to Christianity if one examined the claims closely. That brings us straight back to the kind of lives you live being the source of your eventual reunification with the Light. It’s just not possible for me to believe one can go on lying, stealing, and killing, and claim to know the God who is Love.

Perceptions ~

20080118-missing-section-3d-sidewalk-art3D sidewalk artists have a great deal of fun showing us that our perceptions of the world may not be correct. I love the work they do, and have a friend who is always forwarding me the new stuff as it makes it’s way around the internet. What a wonderful way to teach us to be on the look out for those things meant to fool the eye, or other senses for that matter. Yet, our world is so complex that if we do not trust others to report “truth” in their perceptions, how can we survive?

I remember many years ago being under the teaching of a man whose simms_wc_lgperceptions of the world were so straightforward that there was no room in his world for other ways of “seeing” things. It was he that threw me out of a Catechism class at the age of 12, yes, he had been explaining that Creator’s time line had no beginning and no end. I asked if he wasn’t describing a circle? He became so distraught, he asked my mother to withdraw me from the class, as he did not want the other children exposed to the perspections of a “witch”. Now, a mentor of mine, who helps me with my drawings and exploration of the visual world wrinkled her nose when I related that tale and said, “That question was normal from the point of view of an artist!?” So does that make artists witches?

I don’t think so! But then, I prefer the company of witches to the company of stodges, so who knows?

large_webBut that same man said something else that caused me to contemplate then, and even today it’s a point of query. He said that one could only worship with others that percieved G-d in the same way you perceive G-d. I disagree. I can’t remember that I said anything at the time, though if I did, I probably had that poor man’s back up before I ever mentioned the “circle”. If we wait to find only those who perceive G-d the way we do, we will never fellowship with others. Our individual filters are such that each of us has different perceptions deep within our psyche as to who and what G-d is to us.

To me, everything we are and that exists in our world exists within the mind of G-d. Now, that makes G-d immense physically, or makes our world in all it’s layers an illusion of incredible proportions. The Native seers speak of the dreamtime, so perhaps that is the case. However, that is not how others perceive G-d or the Universe. I have had some wonderful discussions with others during fellowship gatherings at my teacher’s house. Those were the best times in my life, and though none of us saw “G-d” in exactly the same way, we enjoyed the companionship of others whose openness allowed for free and unencumbered¬† discussion on all manner of things spiritual.

willow_tree_on_the_sunset_by_rattodisabinaI would not trade those times for any amount of pure church attendance, even with a fellowship circle after, as in many of those fellowship halls, little of spiritual note is discussed for fear of offense to others. No one dares take that chance. I like being with those who will discuss without offense what those in the circle believe, leaving room for others’ views to prosper. I am aware of those who feel that being too open minded allows the wind to come whistling through, but I prefer the fresh air to the smell of mustiness.

Cyan ~

At the throat chakra there sneaks in a lighter “blue” that is called cyan. It’s a rather lovely, almost electric blue and quite vibrant. Though we think of it as a mixture of blue and green, it is a printer’s primary color, mixing with magenta, (that extra color between red and purple) and yellow, with a dead black as the darkening agent. It is interesting that the “normal” color wheel and the printer’s color wheel both use an almost pure yellow when the other colors are just ever so slightly different in their vibration on the electromagnetic scale.

The variation of Cyan that is called “Light sea green” is actually the color I would have expected to show up on the spectrograph, as it is more my own perception of the combination of blue and green.

I have read and studied other chakra teachings and the one thing that strikes me as strange is the lack of comment on listening, which is as much the power of this chakra as speaking. Since this is a blue-green combination in color, it is here that balance in our day to day “journey” is most important. Hearing truth and assimilating it as truth is every bit as important as speaking truth. To do so with the grace, beauty and balance of the purest color of Cyan is a worthy goal for any lifetime.

Is it coincidence do you think that this is also the center of balance in the human being? Our inner ear is responsible for helping us to walk on this rapidly spinning planet without whirling out of control. Learning to hear everything that is being said, and weighing it’s importance to you and yours is tricky indeed. Carefully digesting this truth and bringing it into manifestation for those you value can be intense, to say the least. Finding the balance of when to listen and when to speak is every bit as important as speaking truth and hearing truth when it is spoken. It is also important to remember that how you speak the truth can make all the difference in the world in how it is received. When the Dalai Lama was asked if he could boil his religion into just a few words, he simply smiled and said “Be Kind.”

{Editorial Note:} In my further studies of the spectrum I have learned that Newton had initially named the spectrum with the standard 7 colors that we have been accostomed to, but it has apparently been suggested that “indigo” be dropped as a seperate color because there are many folks who cannot differentiate between it and violet. Erego, the spectrum now has 6 colors, rather than being expanded to the 8 or 9 that I would have thought appropriate with magenta and cyan, oh well, fashion, as ever prevails

Birthdays ~

Today is mine, making me officially 56 years of age! Gads, what an old woman I am. The raven and the crow are the birth totems of the Libra people, which is actually quite fitting, since folks either love us or dislike us intensely. That is this bird’s reputation. Trickster, clown, funny; omen of ill, morbid, dour; I am not sure whether it is that we cannot make up our minds who we are, or whether we are just so sensitive to every wind that blows as to make us unsteady in the long run.

I was quite fortunate to have parents that would not tolerate that kind of unsteadiness, and since the beaver (taurus) is my moon sign, {our inner self} I had some strength to draw from. I very much believe in free will, so do not believe the old teachings regarding the stars and their hold on us as individuals. Though I do most definitely believe that there are influences that come to play. I drew the above picture of the raven with my own totem in mind, but gave it ultimately to another “raven”, a close friend and companion.

Like the coyote, raven is a trickster, clown, who often likes to play jokes on others, though, as often as not, the jokes backfire, and it is Raven that gets kicked in the derriere. It can be fun to watch the fireworks, but watch out, the sparks may fall on you, too. If the raven learns fairly early to only put out what he or she would like from the universe, things will go much more smoothly, and Raven can learn to go with the flow. My papa was a coyote man, and could laugh at himself quite well, so there was no question I would learn that way of life, or go down trying.

Raven is a bird of portent, companion to Odin of the Norsemen, long associated with the tower of London, and one of the Native American bringers of the gift of fire, his feathers having been permanently singed in the effort. {Raven used to be white, in the “first” age, but Raven has simply played too many jokes, so now wears black most of the time.} Raven’s “planet” is Venus, so raven’s clowning will often flow over into the department of love, as well.

Raven’s lifetime struggle is to learn to find that delicate balance between what to take seriously, and what to laugh at, and Raven will ultimately serve the truth, no matter how much it hurts.¬† I would have to say that the lesson to learn from Raven is to never take yourself too seriously, learn to roll with the punches, and have fun while you are at it. P.S. that would include how you read this blog!

Thanks, Su

Mysticism ~

I have often been amused at the tongue in cheek correlation between the idea of walking through the mists on a dewy morning and walking through the mists on a “mystical” journey. Yes, I know that is either corney or punny, choose, But the metaphorical connection to mysticism and a misty morning obviously struck the photographer of one of my favorite desktop backgrounds, because this photo is entitled, Mystic morning, Yosemite. Yet, is it tongue in cheek or just a deeper connection than apparent on the surface? When you walk down the path to look at the mysteries of the Universe, there is no guarantee that you are seeing any more clearly than your less adventuresome neighbor who follows the truth as he perceives it, in a normal psalter.

So, why do we do it? Why are we drawn down a path that is never ever going to able truthfully to guarantee us any clarity of vision? I have been frank enough with you that you all know that I hear voices, some of them not the kind ones that one would take to be a holy teacher or friend. For me, following the path of the mystics was simply because any other direction and I was crazy or possessed.

But, I am not the first to follow that path, nor will I be the last. So what draws us? Most of my fellow wanderers are intelligent enough not to buy the swill that’s sold at the street corner that this is a way to “know the truth”, no one can honestly guarantee that. However, when you sit down and talk at length with the wanderers, most have experienced something that cannot be explained by a “normal” take on religion. Some may, like myself, have repeat experiences that will not go away. Some may have only one experience but it so filled them with awe or wonder or dread, that the only thing they could do was seek an answer from somewhere.

The photo above on the right was taken by a close friend who has experienced the pictured phenomena for most of her life. When she was sent to me, it was during a time when the encounters were not always pleasant. She would not discuss these things with her grandparents or their church, as she knew she would go through an exorcism, and she knew she wasn’t experiencing that sort of phenomenon in her life. When we met, it took a while for her to trust that I did not deal with the devil, but as we progressed we became inseparable friends.¬† There were lessons on prayer and meditation, things she should already have known from the church, there were lessons on being sensitive to “Spirit” and listening to what she needed to know. I didn’t teach her, Spirit did. We are still close friends, even though separated by many miles.

She now serves where she is, I where I live. All we can provide is a bit of light shining in the dark. Sometimes the mist is so thick we can only see a few steps ahead, it isn’t easy, I wouldn’t try to sell anyone the path I walk. But if you are already on it, please wave, we can sit down and share a cup of coffee and some fellowship!

Luminosity of Spirit . . . . . .Nirvana?

I have heard it argued both ways, that the Sermon on the Mount was addressing life after death, and that the SotM was addressing a better world here, if we would learn to live the way he taught. When I read Neil D. Klotz interpretation, there were many things that pulled together for me. I have come to believe that Y’shua was very much addressing how our lives can change in the here and now, if we will learn to live a “surrendered” life.

This is a life so dependent on Spirit that we know that all of our needs will be seen to, no matter what they are. I have actually known people for whom this has happened. I can testify that Spirit will indeed see that your needs are met, if not your wants. And there is where we come to the similarity between the “surrendered” life of Y’shua’s teaching and the life without external attachment of Buddha’s teaching.

When one lives a life without external attachment, one has reached a point where there is an acceptance of all that befalls one. This has been called fatalism by many from this side of the theological divide, and to a degree, that may be truth. But it is not the whole truth. There are “graces” in Buddhism, as there are in all major faiths. The presumption that we understand a faith or path from the outside looking in was one of the many things Y’shua cautioned us about, yet many practice that very form of judgment.

When Buddha taught regarding Nirvana he was not addressing an afterlife experience, he was talking about the golden life one would be able to lead when one no longer held onto desires as rights. You can understand this if you look at the meaning (from Huston Smith) of the word tanha, in the Four Noble truths. “I want what I want when I want it, no matter the cost.” This was the cause of suffering and misery. Letting go of this was the road to Nirvana, the Eightfold Path that led to enlightenment was the prescription toward getting “there”.

Y’shua taught the Eight Beatitudes, Gautama Buddha taught the Eightfold Path, I believe they are the same path. Simply taught to different audiences, therefore with different emphasis, according to the needs of those intended to hear the message. (The Lakota believe the Path of the Morning Star (eight points) will lead to happiness in this life and a good crossing into the next life. Coincidence?)

I also believe that we the people of earth will only remain divided as long as those who desire the dividing are allowed to influence what we think. When we can surrender our will, let go of the desire to have what we cannot have, and learn to walk in inner peace, there will be outer peace, and not before. There are many who believe the prophecies of the end times and of great disasters befalling the human race. That is one possible future. Look at the story of Jonah and the whale. Prophecies may be true and still do not have to happen. We can treat our fellow humans with kindness from deep within, and in doing so, bring about a time of true peace.

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