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I truly wish we didn’t live in a world where bullying, and much worse, exists. I was subjected to bullying as a child, and no, I didn’t always run to my parents when it happened, for the reasons the experts talk about, it’s humiliating to admit that you have been singled out to be the receiver of such actions. I tried to understand, even then, why people would do that, and it never really made sense to me. Now, of course, I know it is a mechanism by which people make themselves feel better by visiting misery onto others. How sad! But this post is not about the bullies as much as about the idea that you don’t have to live with bullying. If you, or your child is being bullied, there are ways to survive with your ethics and morals intact.

One of the things that has been puzzling to me is that the people that are attacked on television shows react in ways that lack common sense, that even lack what looks like a need to survive, which is what got me thinking about what information people need to survive such attacks. And, no, I don’t believe that stuff just happens on TV, many of the shows are taken from the headlines, so what happens there is a reflection of something that has happened to someone, somewhere. There are also incidents that have happened in my life, and in the lives of my friends. Here is a list of things you need to keep in mind if someone, anywhere, starts swinging a gun around. They are sensible, they are not aimed at heroics, they are aimed at getting out of the way. However, in order to implement the advice given, you need to stay focused, think, don’t panic.

And that, in a nutshell, is key to surviving anything potentially disastrous around you. Hence, this post. One of the things that comes from training as a nurse in my younger years is the knowledge that panic is your enemy in an emergency. You actually need to think about what you would do in a given situation. One of the most pro-active things you can do is take a self-defense class. The training really does work, because you have a plan of action, you have things you can actually do should the need arise. Many colleges and universities are offering self-defense classes for their students, look at your local university and see if something is offered there.Here is an article about verbal self-defense that might surprise you in it’s common sense approach to communications, with the emphasis, again, on awareness of the situation being the key.


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