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The Sermon on the Mount ~

This, to me, is more the way the young rabbi from Galilee looked. Not a blond, not even fair haired. Not necessarily swarthy either, just not Swedish. I have always pictured him with a smile on his face. Don’t get me wrong, I do know about the time when he made a scourge and cleared the temple, he was not without a temper.

I have also long since come to the conclusion that he did not have any intention of founding a new religion. I think he’d have laughed at the idea and asked the querent why? There was only one Hashem, did we need 20 thousand different sets of rules to honor the Ancient of Days? When he sat down to teach, he did not say there would be a new way to do things, no, instead, he spoke of a newness of heart. He spoke of obedience to the Spirit of the Law, not just the Law.

In fact, if you look carefully at the Sermon in Matthew, starting around chapter 5, you will note that it is actually a bit sarcastic. There was never a time when men walked around with staves in their eyes, yet he spoke of removing the log from your own eye before you tried to help your brother get the splinter out of his. He spoke about men and lust, addressing the idea that if a man so much as looked at a woman with desire he had already commited the act with her in his mind. I don’t believe for one minute that he didn’t have urges like any other man, he was just pointing out the futility of judging others for something that occurred every five minutes for every man in that crowd.

He talked about lighting a candle and putting it under a bowl, and if that wasn’t a bit of sarcasm, there is no such thing. Duh! He talked about anger with another human itself being tantamount to murder, he who cleared the temple with a whip! He told people that if their hand caused them to sin to cut it off. He was not a masochist, nor the teacher of such a twisted way of thinking, he was pointing out, dear folks in a gentle and maybe not so gentle way, that judgment of others was a losing game, not our job!!

Now, was he expecting that all would go out right then and there and start living a debauched life? NO! That was not the point at all! He was talking about the fact that your faith is something that should be lived between you and Hashem and leave your neighbor alone to live his life without your interpretation or interference, not because there did not need to be law keepers or magistrates, but because gossip and it’s cousin false judgment will surely destroy a people more quickly than a war in your very midst!!

I keep coming back to this, and I suspect I am just talking to empty air, but, folks, Y’shua was not after teaching you the law, there were already 600+ mitzvot that covered pretty well every act of mankind, some even not for discussion in polite company, he was after teaching the heart of the law. That, again, is compassion.  Read that sermon again, and ask the Ruach Ha’Kodesh (Holy Breath or Holy Spirit) to show you what the real message was. It’s not how to dissect your neighbor’s eye, it’s how to live as a whole human being, loving your fellows.

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