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Ok, stick a fork in me, I’m done! When the Supreme Court says these people have a right to picket funerals because of their crazy, extremist views, freedom of speech has gone tooooooo far! The rights of one person or group of persons ends where another’s rights begin! That should be the “tell” for the Supreme Court rulings. Yes, I am glad I live in a country where free speech is allowed, but, people, there must be a balance! The right to picket a funeral? Why? And with their views that aren’t even mainstream? Again, why?

This is similar to the idea that the pornographers have a right to send pictures of genitalia to someone doing a web search on breast cancer, or prostate cancer. Yuck! When a person is doing research to find out what it really is they are coping with, they don’t need pornography on their computer! Have some common sense, judges!! This is not free speech, this is dirty tactics being used by unbalanced people to make their cause create misery in other people’s lives. It’s nonsense! Freedom to voice one’s opinion is fine, in fact, it is excellent, but freedom to voice one’s opinion at the top of one’s lungs, in my face,  is NOT your right!

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