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Because of the voices I hear all the time, I have explored areas that are discouraged in the Bible and other sacred writings. There are some things that I have discovered in my exploration that may help others in their curiosity about this phenomenon.  Most who read oracles are asking about the future. This is a less than optimal way to use this tool from the very start. Your future is not written in stone. You rewrite your future every time you learn a valuable life lesson, as your path will change because of your new knowledge. Just to hammer that home, if you do not learn the lessons you came in to learn, your path is extremely predictable, and therefore readable by fortune tellers anywhere.

One of the basics to learn is something taught in Buddhism, and encouraged in Y’shua’s teachings when they are looked at from a different perspective than taught by most Christian teachers. That is detachment from outcomes, emotions and material goals. Without detachment from all these, your own filters are clogged, and you cannot be shown any of the truths that will guide you toward greater growth in spiritual things. Without attachment to outcomes, you can be shown the right way to proceed in most situations without the assistance of an oracle.

The highest lessons, i.e. compassionate living at all times (hard lessons to say the very least), are the goal. If we can learn to love in all circumstances, letting the Holy Spirit shine through, no matter what, we will have accomplished what the Buddhists call buddhahood.  This does not mean we become milquetoasts in our lives, it simply means we do nothing from anger, envy, greed or lust. Every action we take is from compassion. This is the release the Buddha spoke of when addressing the freedom from troubling emotions. At such a point in our development, we no longer need oracles, we can see clearly what must be done, and when.

Freedom from material goals is likewise a must for all who would have need of an oracle, for when we have desires that cloud our vision we will not be able to read an oracle correctly. This, then, is why the cautions in the Sacred Writings regarding the use of oracles. It is not that they are inaccurate, it is that we cannot read them accurately. It requires a Christlike or Buddha-like compassion for the well-being of all to be able to see with the clarity that lets us read what the oracle is telling us. Most of us have not attained that level of compassion. I am right in there with everyone else on this, so, though I do use oracles to check the map to see what I have missed in my own development, I refuse to attempt to read the future, mine or anyone else’s.

Another factor that I have found is that, an oracle consulted may, and often does, reveal the roadblocks in a person’s development, rather than revealing the future. Unless you are on a dedicated path, you will seldom want to know this information. It is often painful to look at, and requires a willingness to do a scorching moral inventory of one’s own failings. If you had been willing to do that inventory, you would have already seen the roadblock thus revealed. So, as shown here, though oracles do have legitimate use, our own failings render them useless for our most pressing requests, where our emotions or desires may, and often do, get in the way.

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