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To “Christians” ~

Jesus taught:

Love ~ “ One command I leave you, that you love one another as I have loved you” John 13:34-35

Forgiveness ~ “Forgive us our sins, for we also forgive everyone who sins against us. And lead us not into temptation.” Luke 11:14

Minding our own business ~ “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.”  Matt 7:3-5

Non-judgment ~ “Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” Matt. 7:1 (same thing as minding our own business, but put a bit stronger.)

Now, I am well aware that there are those who do not believe Jesus was real, or said what was said or was many different teachers, or, or, or. There are many theories out there which are not the point of this particular post. I am speaking to those who confess that He is God incarnate. If you all truly believe this, why do you not take his teachings to heart?

So many claim Christianity as their religion, but pick and choose which of His teachings they will live by. That’s not really how it’s supposed to work. Jesus was teaching a path to walk, one that would bring you closer to the I Am, the very near, very now presence of God very God. Now I believe him to be fully human, like Buddha, an awakened being, big brother to all of us, not just a few. He is recorded to have said that we could all be like him, and do the things he did. John 14:12-14, but that is not what is taught by the churches, for to see him that way requires that we consider him enlightened rather than an incarnate of God. I myself am a seeker, not yet so enlightened that I can manifest as he did.

All I am asking is that, if you believe in his teachings, or believe in Him as God, can you Please, Please, live by what He taught. Shining a light of love onto humanity so that the compassion and forgiveness that he taught are the hallmarks of following Him. It does no good to stand in judgment of others, it does no good to make others to blame for what is happening to you. “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.” Matt 6:33

“So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.” Matt 7:12

Choose, but choose wisely ~


It’a all about the right of the woman to choose whether she will carry the child within her that will remind her, possibly for years to come, of the most traumatic incident in her life. Emotions boil over on this topic and it is often difficult to see the real issues for all the steam we produce. I stated in this debate, that one of the things that bothers me about a man speaking out on rape with any positive twist may indicate that that man has himself raped and is rationalizing in his own mind a heinous act that should receive the death penalty. However, if we look at all the permutations of the act of rape, we might find that few men would survive. Many men do not believe that women mean no when they say no. And women are pounded by guilt if their bodies respond with orgasm when the sex is against their will.

I must say that just because you know someone who is the product of rape whose life has been positive, does not mean that all children of rape will be able to rise above the trauma of this type of conception. Neither you nor I are in a position to judge. Compassion for the woman would give her the option of choosing whether to carry this fetus to term. In fact, the very option of being able to choose may be the positive turn of events that will allow her to carry the child of trauma without her own feelings reflecting on the development of the fetus.

Studies have shown in the past that a mother’s rejection of the fetus in utero reflects on that child’s ability to learn and live a life that is productive. That being the case, do we want to force a woman to bring a child into the world she cannot by the very nature of it’s traumatic conception, accept? To so force the issue may be doing both the child and the mother a grave disservice. All factors considered, the right of the mother to choose whether she will carry the fetus to term is paramount. We need to let her choose what she will do.

Context ~

Facts, figures, comments, judgments regarding circumstances and actions: in all of these, context is key to understanding, and understanding is key to compassion. We here in the States are in the midst of another round of political hash because we will be voting (voicing our opinions, not actually casting a vote) for the next president. The presumption, of course, with the Electoral College is that those more “in the know” make the final and definitive choice in leadership for the next four years. There may be merit in the system, as it is not probable with all the campaigning that we the people will be able to find the truth regarding all of the factors that go into who can lead us best. The problem, of course, is that, no matter what method of choice prevails, the likelihood of corruption of the process is high in the extreme.

Compassion is my first concern, the underpinning of my life as a way of thinking and acting. Which candidate has the most compassion in his way of interacting with the world? I, frankly am not interested in the “fluff” that is often part of this process of choosing. If there is compassion in the man’s thought processes, the leadership will likely take the higher road. At least that is my own take on the subject. However, how do we measure whether there is compassion when there is so much extraneous mud flying through the air that vision is totally obscured?

There have, in the past several years, popped up on the internet, some very savvy sites whose stated aims are to show the voting records and habits of the candidates in the running. Truthout.org comes to mind, though there are others, to be sure. One should, but often doesn’t, look at these sites and examine them all for the best information. I cannot tell you how to vote, I wouldn’t even try. I can tell you that I hope you will remove emotions from your choosing procedure and go with the candidate that looks to do the best for the country and her people.

Look at the conditions that prevailed 4 years ago, look at the prevailing conditions now, is market free-fall something you want to see repeated? What is the best course to make sure that does not happen again, and who is the best candidate to follow that course of action? Look at all of the context before you make a decision and cast your vote. Oh, and being a woman definitely influences where my opinion lies. I don’t want my sisters to need to travel to other countries to get an abortion if that is appropriate to their lives. There are other factors that being a woman makes pertinent, I am not married, nor will I marry, I do not want someone else choosing my way of life for me. Independent though I consider myself, I am stuck with the Democrats for now.

Judging Gays ~

I have addressed this before, so I will try to keep my material fresh, but cannot promise that I won’t repeat myself. I have been doing a bit of a survey study of Old Testament Law. One of the things that struck me is that at the points where the Bible speaks of Gay sex as being detestable, it also says that unmarried sex of almost any kind, from simple fornication, as in two unweds fooling around, to adultery where both participants are married to other people, are detestable, and that the Ivrit were to remove the evil from among them, consequently putting to death those caught in the act.

I am blogging this because of the recent spate of fundamentalist Christians and even fundamentalist Catholics, (same thing, really, just clothed a bit differently) that have said that gays should be put to death. To quote Shakespeare, “Lord, what fools these mortals be!” First, there are injunctions in both the Old and New Testament not to judge. You will be judged by the same measuring method you use to judge others. So, why the lists to begin with? Well, I suspect it has to do with showing us what holiness is all about. That living a normal life, with our normal proclivities, carries with it the implication of daily “sin”.

Now, keep in mind that to the Ivrit, “sinning” is falling short of God’s Glory. It is not always some dark and somber commission of an evil deed as we see evil, i.e. mass murder, orgies, serial rape, that sort of thing, but even just doing what we normally do in our daily rounds. We live life. In other words, if you live life in the trenches, you are bound to get a bit muddy. To the Ivrit, and to God in the Old Testament, “sin” was not always an act of commission, but was just as often an act of omission, not doing everything you can to be as good as you can be. Sins of omission, then, would include seeing someone in need and not lifting a hand to help them. Ouch! Doesn’t leave many folks out there, then, who haven’t sinned by these standards.

Now, here, the Evangelical would say that this is where you become a believer in Christ, and let him wash away your sin. But, I want to go one step further, for Jesus said that if we called ourselves by his name, but did not obey him, we were no better than anyone else on the planet. Ok, what is that obedience? It is living each day with as much compassion for your fellow humans as you can, full tilt, 1000%. Do you have that much energy? That’s what it takes, loving others as he loved us. That was his command, you know. His only command.  “Love God, love your fellow man.”

So, when you decide to withhold medication from a gay individual who is HIV positive, you are also going against God’s will. You have not loved you fellow humans with the same measure with which God loves us. When you say that all Gays should be put to death, you are also “sinning” by not being compassionate. Oh, and you are also saying we should put every man and woman who has had sex outside of marriage to death, that we should put rebellious children to death, and the list goes on and on. By not loving them as God loved you. You are just as guilty as the serial rapist in God’s eyes. That’s pretty heavy, but that’s the measuring rod you used. Be careful. That rod, when used on your backside, can hurt.

Hellenization ~

I have been looking at the information on the web about the Hellenization of the Jews about the time of Y’shua’s ministry. The argument coming from this is that there may have been no Aramaic manuscripts because the Jews were at that time so Hellenized as to make them unnecessary. I don’t really buy this argument, since the language of the Greeks is so different from the sister languages of Aramaic and Hebrew. There were, according to tradition, at least 10 close to Y’shua whose first languages would have been Hebrew, and the lingua franca of the time, Aramaic. Since there is no argument that Y’shua most likely spoke in Aramaic when addressing his Jewish followers, their first notes would have been in Aramaic, even if they later translated them to Greek to encompass a wider audience.

Since the original disciples cum apostles did not travel, or try to spread the “Good News” beyond the borders of their own land, the argument only makes it probable that the gospels of Luke and Paul (Romans) would have been in Greek or Latin, considering their audiences. Matthew, Mark and John were Jewish, and would have addressed their notes and works to Jewish audiences. There were other gospels, written by others who followed the ministry of Y’shua, these are no longer in existence anywhere, since the needs of Constantine and the bishops at Nicaea were to homogenize the message to create a consistent view of Y’shua that met Constantine’s purpose.

Since the Jewish apostles continued their worship of God in their parent faith, Judaism, I fully suspect that Y’shua never said he was the “I AM”, but spoke of the “I AM” as being the force that brought salvation into the hearts of those who chose to follow that path. If he had claimed Godhood in any way, his followers would have been confused, and would have had to choose between following him or leaving their home faith. This would have left no discord between them and Paul, who, coming late on the scene, and being fully Hellenized, saw no problem with the idea of Y’shua God. In fact, in the book of the Acts of the Apostles, Paul is said to have climbed atop a monument in honor of the unknown God and claimed that this was Jesus the Christ. This makes Y’shua’s message a strictly secondary issue, and his sacrifice on the cross the only thing that matters.

Obviously, I have difficulty with this. It is the reason that folks to this day feel that they can judge and even hate those who do not do things according to their lights. That wasn’t his message. There was no place in Y’shua’s teaching for things like the inquisition, there was no place in Y’shua’s teachings for Manifest Destiny, there was no place in Y’shua’s teachings for the Crusades. These occured because of Man’s inhumanity to man, and because humans tend to feel that they can ride rough shod over others for something as ethereal as a belief.

As long as you believe your “rules” give you the right to interfere with other’s lives, your beliefs are wrong. If you cannot be bothered to learn the Master’s teachings and apply them to your life, do NOT call yourself one of his. He said that his students would be known by their love. That message gets lost when you make Y’shua’s teachings secondary to anything else that happened in his life. As a voicehearer, I cannot afford that sort of foolishness, truth is, neither can humankind. The Hellenization of the Rabbi’s teachings made it possible to think that his followers could call themselves emissaries of God, and, somehow, no matter what,  be doing God’s Will. It created two religions in one, the gentle Rabbi’s path, and a path that destroys other humans as though they were so much dust. Read his words carefully, you will not find sanction to do that sort of thing there.

Edit: BTW, Hanukkah celebrates the driving out of the Greek influences some 2100 years ago, and the rededication of the Temple from the pagan influences of the Greek culture, so rather than accepting the gospels in Greek, the Jews would have rejected them and Paul’s version of the gospel without a moment’s hesitation.

Gay rights ~

I participate in a forum on a game I play. This discussion has been on gay rights, and I was encouraged to see that the young people playing this game are, for the most part, fair minded and progressive in their views. This was my contribution. I had linked to the thread, but apparently it has been removed, as it devolved into unpleasantness, sad to say, however, up to the point I posted here, it had been nicely written posts from several people, and I wish I had copied that portion.

I just read this entire thread, and am impressed. This has been an excellent discussion. I am a celibate straight. I know, a WHAT? Well, it’s a long story I won’t go into here, but, of course there are those who presume that I secretly live an alternate lifestyle, most especially since my most supportive and loving friend is gay. I am glad to see the openness here that will eventually work it’s way into the rw.

Society is in flux right now. Many things have changed since I was a youth, (I’m ancient, 57), the changes are not all good. The gangs, and the violence that we are seeing are things that make us all quake in fear. Some would hastily say that this is because of the breakdown of societies’ “walls” so to speak. And, yes, it is not unusual to see anarchy in times of change. It has not been that long ago that women were not considered human or intelligent enough to vote. It has only been 3 centuries since a pope erred regarding the humanity of indigenous peoples when Europeans were wresting their lands from them, making it moral as well as legal to kill humans of different ethnicity.

Many institutions, such as the church, may feel that they must keep old traditions, even wrong ones, alive as part of their duty. But, as the US constitution points out, institutions are there for the people, not the people for institutions. I don’t want to see these old institutions completely disappear. I want their board members and leaders to see that we are growing in awareness of what is right and what is wrong, and that there are simply times the old rules no longer apply.

Forcing others to live by standards I have set for my life is just simply not appropriate. If we use the rule of “compassion first” in every decision we make, in every stance we take, we will find that we do not need to choose how our neighbor lives his or her life, so long as the rights of all are respected. I am drawn to the Buddhist stance on sexual practices, “I will not have sex with anyone that is not morally or legally free to choose to be with me.” That leaves out the gender of my partner, but makes it my responsibility to see that my partner is not married to another, legally underage, or in any way compromised in their freedom to be sexual with whomever they choose. I can live with that.

I truly feel that until we get to a point where we no longer feel we “own” the space occupied by others, and therefore must let them be in their lives, asking only that the rights of all other beings be respected also, we will not progress to a point where we live in peace. That is sad, since it seems that choosing for others is still something we feel we must do, often and usually with horrible results. I wish all my readers peace and compassion in all of their ways and all of their days.

The Core ~

We live in a world where there are almost as many different faiths as there are cities. Yikes, how do you know which is the “right” one? Well, hm, is there really an answer to that question? Every person of each of the faiths feels theirs is the “right” faith that will lead you safely to the “other shore”. In fact, if you are willing to look beyond the prejudice of your teachers, there is much in each of the major faiths to say that this one or that one may indeed be the “right one”. But, what if they are all “right”? Or maybe, more likely, they all fall somewhat short of being truly “right”. And worse, what if it doesn’t matter? What if there is a truth, a core truth in each of the paths that is what is “right” about the faith, yet much that will lead you astray if you follow the winding roads that take you away from that core truth?

You already know the core truth of the teaching that I personally think is going to get you where you belong if you have read my other posts: compassion. Yet there is not one faith that stops there, and gives no other teachings, all add other contingencies to make you think that there is “more” that must befollowed to be on the “right” path. There is a kicker there, if you worry about all the other things that your particular faith teaches, and decide that unless all others believe those several other teachings, you will decide to be judgmental and not compassionate where your fellow creatures are concerned. You have walked away from the core teaching that would have led you home.

Among Christians there are those who believe in the Rapture (look it up in Wikipedia if you are not familiar with the teaching) as a single event, while others believe it is a two-fold event, while still others believe it is either an ongoing event that has already begun, or that it isn’t going to happen at all. Each according to the teachings of his or her denomination. This is true among the Ivrit (Jews), some believe in living totally kosher, others are less stringent, some believe in reincarnation, others do not. All in accord with the teachings of their particular sect. The Islamic faith has similar divisions, and these are just the Abrahamic faiths. Buddhism also has similar divisions among those who follow Buddha. Some believe that one leads a human life with no help from unseen forces, while others believe that the Bodhisattvas have stayed to help others attain Nirvana. These are only major faiths, there are many more, and the list of differences from congregation to sect to mosque runs true in all, none are exactly carbon copies of the others. Gads, you’d think there were human beings there, making the policies, wouldn’t you?

In every one, from the majors to faiths like Taoism, to Sikhism,  to Jainism, all have the core teaching of compassion toward one’s fellow humans. It is my belief that, if you follow the core teaching, compassion, you are doing all that my G-d asks. Y’shua said he left his followers with but one commandment, to love one another as he loved them, I can certainly ask no more of you than he who is my rabboni. St. John wrote, “Beloved, let us love one another, for love is of G-d, and everyone who loves is born of G-d. He who does not love, does not know G-d.” So, from my point of view, if you love, it doesn’t matter what path you follow, you are on a similar path to mine and we are both headed home.

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