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More than one path to Love ~

We live in such an imperfect world that it is not uncommon for parents to EXPECT their children to accept their version of God without question. That applies to any religion, whether Christianity or the Islamic faith or any other. I find it refreshing when a parent or grandparent has been so faithful to the God of mercy that the offspring are inspired to believe, even in the midst of loss and pain. Many have  parents not unlike my grandparents whose view of God was much more a “DON’T” God. Don’t do this, you can’t do that, you’re so impossible, you’re going to burn in H*ll. I find that manner of rearing children a shameful thing, and so sympathized with my mother, who never found comfort in God, even to her dying day.

I would rather see people find God, any way they can, Christian, Pagan, Islam, Jainism, any path of spirituality that brings comfort and a manner of life that is compassionate in it’s ways, than see people flounder in a morass of such negativity that they cannot see God as anything but a lightening bolt ready to blast them out of existence for thinking on their own, or questioning their parent’s values. My mother never found forgiveness and mercy at the thought of God, even though she believed God existed, and clung to the hope that Jesus was really God, even on her death bed. But it brought her no comfort, she thought she was going to H*ll.

So, I admit to having a very strong aversion to teaching one’s own view of God as the only path to “salvation”, as the only path to comfort. If I come across as putting down the Christian faith, it is a result of what I have seen, felt, and thought, through many years of attempting to anchor my own spirituality, hearing voices and all, in a God of such mercy that there is room for all who would love God by loving their fellow man.

There is one principle that I was introduced to in my journey that seems appropriate here. “Be certain of nothing, for as surely as you are certain, you are certainly wrong.” The other side of that principle is, “Change is the only constant in the Universe.” I also believe that the energy that moves about from the sun, in the wind, and moving the very planet under our feet, is love. Love has room for more than just my view of God. I hope that those who find no comfort in the thoughts of God’s existence will at least find Love, for, no matter their view of God, if they find Love, they have found God.

“The Voices in My Head”

That’s gotten to be quite a joke on the web, and could be taken as a kindness for those of us who do hear them, but I doubt it’s intended that way. What do you think? The painful reality, is that those voices can sometimes, and often for many,are so insistent that they drown out the voices of those who walk in this “reality”. They don’t for me, at least as much as they used to. Every once in a while, especially when I am run down because I have been fighting a bug, the voices will be back, and bothersome, but most of the time, they leave me alone, or at least let me conduct my life in peace.Hence, it seems time to talk about this little “problem” again.

That isn’t to say that I no longer hear them, I do, it’s just that I know they are either a figment of something misfiring in my head, or worse, actual thoughts from some other source, which is rather frightening. Many years ago, a thoughtful individual who in retrospect probably had the same problem, gave me the clue as to how to live with them. She said I didn’t really have to listen to them, and if I chose to listen to them, I could choose to listen to only those who had messages of love for me. Now, that can be tricky, at best. One must first figure out parameters that work in all circumstances about what love is and which actions bring love into play. This is where I studied the Mitzvot of Judaism. This group of commands to the Ivrit tries to outline enough daily circumstances as to leave no doubt what one’s actions toward one’s fellow humans would be in any instance. It helps, believe me. They don’t cover everything, but they cover enough to give any student a good idea what one’s attitude and actions should be.

Through these commands I know that any source that even implies that it is all right to lie, cheat, steal, murder, or create chaos, is not from the high. I wish I could say that I am in constant and consistent obedience to them. I am most of the time, but I am quite human, and have been, like every other human that ever walked this mud ball, been known to zig when I should have zagged. Because of that thoughtful woman from the past, I consider myself one of the functionally insane. Yeah, I am not sure of my sanity at all levels, nor do I think I would be classed as sane by a licensed psychiatrist, but I do function on a daily basis. I manage. Some stressors make coping much harder, and so I try to avoid those. I use the AA acronym HALT, frequently. “Never let yourself get too hungry, too angry, too lonely, or too tired.” That acronym has served me well. In fact, I find AA’s approach to life helpful on a lot of levels. The twelve steps are applicable whatever your coping problem may be, not just alcohol consumption.

Because the “dark voices” can be both subtle and seductive, I am constantly taking measure of my attitudes and actions. I know this must seem tedious to those with a firmer moral compass, but it works for me most of the time. I can never be 100% sure at any one time that I have an answer that works, and seldom try to make others see things my way, no matter what. I will voice my opinion, and if others agree, that’s cool, if not, well, I tried to do what I thought was right. I always hope that I succeeded in that, I just can never be sure. So, take what I say with a grain of salt, find your path and hold on for the ride, sometimes it gets kinda bumpy.



Gay rights ~

I participate in a forum on a game I play. This discussion has been on gay rights, and I was encouraged to see that the young people playing this game are, for the most part, fair minded and progressive in their views. This was my contribution. I had linked to the thread, but apparently it has been removed, as it devolved into unpleasantness, sad to say, however, up to the point I posted here, it had been nicely written posts from several people, and I wish I had copied that portion.

I just read this entire thread, and am impressed. This has been an excellent discussion. I am a celibate straight. I know, a WHAT? Well, it’s a long story I won’t go into here, but, of course there are those who presume that I secretly live an alternate lifestyle, most especially since my most supportive and loving friend is gay. I am glad to see the openness here that will eventually work it’s way into the rw.

Society is in flux right now. Many things have changed since I was a youth, (I’m ancient, 57), the changes are not all good. The gangs, and the violence that we are seeing are things that make us all quake in fear. Some would hastily say that this is because of the breakdown of societies’ “walls” so to speak. And, yes, it is not unusual to see anarchy in times of change. It has not been that long ago that women were not considered human or intelligent enough to vote. It has only been 3 centuries since a pope erred regarding the humanity of indigenous peoples when Europeans were wresting their lands from them, making it moral as well as legal to kill humans of different ethnicity.

Many institutions, such as the church, may feel that they must keep old traditions, even wrong ones, alive as part of their duty. But, as the US constitution points out, institutions are there for the people, not the people for institutions. I don’t want to see these old institutions completely disappear. I want their board members and leaders to see that we are growing in awareness of what is right and what is wrong, and that there are simply times the old rules no longer apply.

Forcing others to live by standards I have set for my life is just simply not appropriate. If we use the rule of “compassion first” in every decision we make, in every stance we take, we will find that we do not need to choose how our neighbor lives his or her life, so long as the rights of all are respected. I am drawn to the Buddhist stance on sexual practices, “I will not have sex with anyone that is not morally or legally free to choose to be with me.” That leaves out the gender of my partner, but makes it my responsibility to see that my partner is not married to another, legally underage, or in any way compromised in their freedom to be sexual with whomever they choose. I can live with that.

I truly feel that until we get to a point where we no longer feel we “own” the space occupied by others, and therefore must let them be in their lives, asking only that the rights of all other beings be respected also, we will not progress to a point where we live in peace. That is sad, since it seems that choosing for others is still something we feel we must do, often and usually with horrible results. I wish all my readers peace and compassion in all of their ways and all of their days.

The Devil

Does the “Devil” exist? That’s a loaded question, since many believe that if you believe in God, you must accept the existence of this entity. I very much believe in God, HaShem is quite real to me. However, I do not believe that there is an equal entity serving the dark side as leader. I do believe the dark side exists, I do believe that evil is something that must be dealt with, but I do not believe that there is any dark entity with power that equals that of God.

There are many names that have been attributed to “The Devil” over the centuries, some of them truly false, others quite accurate in their naming of an evil spirit. But there is a major difference between the many names of God, and the many names of evil. You see, all spirits in service of God have one goal, to serve the highest and best interests of all persons involved in the long running drama of life. Those which serve the other side, however, have as their guiding principle, service only to themselves. They cannot by definition serve an ultimate goal.

This is easily forgotten, as evil finds many shapes and sizes with which to present itself. Just look around you; the level of brokenness that exists within each of us is the level at which darkness can prevail as a driving force. That’s pretty frightening all by itself. But it is that very same brokenness that precludes that the person who is broken cannot truly serve a larger cause. It is the very reason that the first step in service to the Ancient of Days is healing. Your level of healing is indeed proportionally responsible to your level of serviceability. You cannot truly serve LOVE until you have been healed by LOVE. It is only as the Inner Self is healed that we can let go of the demands for “rights” and replace those demands with the need to give mercy, grace, and pardon. You can only truly serve HaShem with LOVE.

The other side, however, serves with the exact opposite of LOVE, that is, FEAR. Since the broken ones cannot see beyond their own need, the leaders of such an army cannot focus on larger goals before they instill fear of retribution into their soldiers.Once they have instilled this fear, they can bring about cohesion by focusing their troops on bringing about vengeance, pain and further brokenness in all who experience the touch of that army.  It is because of this very need to serve only self that there is no equal in the dark side army, to the power of LOVE. When the leaders begin to reach their goal, instead of celebrating, they begin to devour one another, again, out of FEAR. Ultimately, the very organization of such a structure will fall, if only because of the weakness within the ranks. Such a beast will devour itself and all its victims from within.

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