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simpleI haven’t posted for quite some time, partly because I seemed “stuck” on the theme of compassion,  I still am, but have a few new things to say. I hope to keep your interest, and that what is here will help.

This “Salvation” bit that the church has been throwing at people for millenia, it’s backwards. It isn’t about asking Jesus or Father God into your heart, The Presence is already there. That is the divine spark of life that all humans carry. You wouldn’t be breathing if it were not so.

The scriptures, flawed though they be, have carried the instructions for you from the beginning. “Be still, and know that the I Am is God”. It’s that simple.All you have to do is silence your mind, that’s right, so you can listen instead of chattering nonsense, then release all the things that are gone “wrong” in your life, yes, you need to forgive others if they have wronged you, and you need to forgive yourself for the wrongs that you have done. We’re human, we miss the mark daily, the Creator knows that.

Then, in the silence, surrender to the Light. It’s there, even if you have lived a life full of whining, groaning, and complaining, you wouldn’t be breathing if the light had gone out. In doing this, you will find that you are slowly, but completely saturated with joy and peace. A peace that passes all understanding. As this joy and peace begin to flow through you, you will find that your heart of hearts will be filled with compassion, for your self and for all living things. Do this, don’t make it complicated, keep it simple. The Presence is there for you, at the very core of your being.

This is available to you no matter what relligion you have followed, and you can continue to follow that religion if you choose to do so. The Presence cares for you as an individual, that was the message brought 2000 years ago by the Master Y’shua. That was the message Buddha brought, though he was careful not to talk about “God” so that it would be a path to finding happiness whether you were religious or not. It is not compllicated, the path is simple, follow it to your heart’s fullfillment.

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