A voicehearer’s path ~

They Shot Her ~

Think about it! Dirty men in rags shot a 14 year old girl for wanting an education! If that isn’t testosterone poisoning, nothing is! I am soooooo tired of extremists from both sides of the pond who want to deprive human females of the right to live and get an education so they can improve their world! I don’t care if they call themselves Muslim or Christian, it’s time to put a stop to this. In the worldview of men from extremist veins of both religions want to keep women barefoot and pregnant in order to keep the world an uncivilized place where men can make war for no greater reason than it suits them.

To be absolutely fair, there are quite civilized males who work with their feminine co-workers at all times, and at the highest levels to create a better and truer world. Those are not the men who anger me. It is their extremist brothers who, in the guise of religion, trod on the rights of women who seek equality of life experiences that frustrate and infuriate me and many women like me. Y’shua treated women as equal before God. That’s how I know that many of his teachings survived the multiple transition from Aramaic to English. It was Paul whose writings were used to bring a misogynistic view of women back into the teachings of Christianity. This is the primary reason I am not a Paulist.

I hope and pray that Malala not only survives, but makes a full recovery, both physically and pschologically from the trauma of this wounding. I want to see what she becomes in a brave new world that allows women equality. May her sun never set in this world!!!!!

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