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I am not an advocate of abortion being used as a means of contraception. But I am an advocate for a woman being allowed to make her own choice regarding abortion. There is a reason for that. Though the fetus can and does develop cell memory, and can remember, therefore, being in the uterus, the spirit does not enter the body until the first breath is taken. Therefore, one is not committing murder until there is a living child.

There is a sense of the sacred with all of life, which is why I don’t necessarily believe that abortion should be any kind of wholesale answer to unwanted pregnancy. BUT, there are so many circumstances that call for the necessity of abortion for the sake of the sanity of the mother; too many children already living, the pregnancy being the result of forced sexual encounters (i.e. rape, and yes, if it’s forced on her, it’s rape, legitimate and real, no matter the means of the forcing!), whether the mother’s health will tolerate a full term pregnancy, the health of the growing fetus, yes, and there are other reasons abortion needs to remain an option for women in the prime of their lives.

I want to be clear as I can be that I do not consider this any kind of political issue. This should, first, last and always remain between a woman and her Doctor!  This should not be the choice of the Doctor, it should be his or her job to give clear and concise answers to the woman’s questions so that the woman can come to her own conclusions. We are talking about the woman’s body, therefore, whether to abort or carry the life within should be her choice.

I do NOT want politicians in this equation in any way. Most specifically because most politicians are male. No male has even a modicum of ability to understand the stresses of pregnancy and as they do not have the responsibility for carrying the fetus, they should not usurp the responsibility for the life of the fetus.

Then, there is the question of the life of the child once it is born. This is so completely disregarded by the politicians for whom an extra person in existence is just another vote. There is so little consideration for the health and well-being of the children on this planet that bringing in more is a question all responsible parents ask. Those who are that responsible generally practice some form of birth control, when they have a choice regarding sexual encounters. This should never have come into the political arena, and should be taken out of the political arena for the sake of all concerned! Only when we balance all factors can we consider ourselves to have reached any level of civilization.

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  1. Though the fetus can and does develop cell memory, and can remember, therefore, being in the uterus, the spirit does not enter the body until the first breath is taken.

    What are you on about with this, and what evidence of “cell memory” is there? On first blush it sounds like a lot of unsupportable hand-waving.

    Spirit? – Citation please.

    • Hmmm, I may have to edit that, not out, for it is Native American belief, and the part about cell memory I will have to go look for where I found that. Please forgive any delay with citations then, For I will get to it. Thanks for asking.

  2. http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/0163638394900515
    Though this is by no means a complete synthesis of what I was stating, it does show that fetal memory exists.

    The only online citation I could give regarding when the spirit becomes part of the essential being we know as a human is a Wiley library reference, so if you have access to such, type into Google, “Orenda” to see the Native American belief regarding when the spirit enters the human body. This is a belief, mind you, and like much of my posting can be taken as simply one human being’s opinions, I have made it quite plain that this is a blog by a voice hearer, so you may not want to bother.

    http://phys.org/news/2011-11-cellular-memory.html, one more article, this one on the mechanics of cell memory, not how it maintains memories as we understand them, but as memory that is necessary for survival, good read!

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