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Context ~

Facts, figures, comments, judgments regarding circumstances and actions: in all of these, context is key to understanding, and understanding is key to compassion. We here in the States are in the midst of another round of political hash because we will be voting (voicing our opinions, not actually casting a vote) for the next president. The presumption, of course, with the Electoral College is that those more “in the know” make the final and definitive choice in leadership for the next four years. There may be merit in the system, as it is not probable with all the campaigning that we the people will be able to find the truth regarding all of the factors that go into who can lead us best. The problem, of course, is that, no matter what method of choice prevails, the likelihood of corruption of the process is high in the extreme.

Compassion is my first concern, the underpinning of my life as a way of thinking and acting. Which candidate has the most compassion in his way of interacting with the world? I, frankly am not interested in the “fluff” that is often part of this process of choosing. If there is compassion in the man’s thought processes, the leadership will likely take the higher road. At least that is my own take on the subject. However, how do we measure whether there is compassion when there is so much extraneous mud flying through the air that vision is totally obscured?

There have, in the past several years, popped up on the internet, some very savvy sites whose stated aims are to show the voting records and habits of the candidates in the running. Truthout.org comes to mind, though there are others, to be sure. One should, but often doesn’t, look at these sites and examine them all for the best information. I cannot tell you how to vote, I wouldn’t even try. I can tell you that I hope you will remove emotions from your choosing procedure and go with the candidate that looks to do the best for the country and her people.

Look at the conditions that prevailed 4 years ago, look at the prevailing conditions now, is market free-fall something you want to see repeated? What is the best course to make sure that does not happen again, and who is the best candidate to follow that course of action? Look at all of the context before you make a decision and cast your vote. Oh, and being a woman definitely influences where my opinion lies. I don’t want my sisters to need to travel to other countries to get an abortion if that is appropriate to their lives. There are other factors that being a woman makes pertinent, I am not married, nor will I marry, I do not want someone else choosing my way of life for me. Independent though I consider myself, I am stuck with the Democrats for now.

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