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I haven’t posted on Pathwork for quite a while, mostly because I am living in a learning situation, and Imagedidn’t have much to say. I have been watching some TV online, an interesting experience, and have found that there are things that don’t get much play that should, but then, my tastes may differ from the general public. One of my new faves is Touch with Keifer Sutherland. It’s about an autistic child who is connected with the Universe through numbers, and is teaching his father to see that we are all connected. That’s quite a lesson for a young child to teach an adult, but it’s happening in this series, I hope to see more of it.

I am now living in a house with 3, count them, three teenagers, so things get quite interesting at times. I wish I could say that everything ran smoothly and that everyone is learning all the lessons they ought, but I’d be lying through my teeth to even say it, let alone say it about here.

The two youngest are !4 today. Wow! I remember when they were babies, yes, I have known their mother since their oldest brother was a baby. Dang! I do feel old! The place where we live is a trailer, but I have a built on room that is a luxurious size, in which I have my computer and tables set up as a studio so that I have no excuse not to be drawing more. Oooooops!

My legs are wrapped in pressure dressings for wound care, and I have been experiencing some pain, so I do have a small excuse for the last month or so. But not for the entire time I haven’t posted. I do see that some readers have returned to get more of my meanderings, and I thank you!!

I will try to get back to posting again, so, I hope to be seeing you more often!

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  1. tataclan said:

    I came across your blog and LOVE it. Be well.

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