A voicehearer’s path ~

The Wren as a Totem ~

I love studying totems. They are a way of visualizing what each of us carries that makes us unique, as each of us carries a slightly different combination of the “medicines” that help us through life. Totems are not to be worshiped, they are like friends, teachers, companions that travel with us through life. Guiding us, if we know how to access their help, and giving us strength to do what we have to do.

The wren is a cunning little bird, considered “cheeky” by those who have familiarized themselves with animal lore. Their coloring is rather plain, being mostly browns, but their “design” is compact, downright pretty, and they hide well within the bushes of any terrain. They have a rather loud voice, being able to sing a song that can be heard above other bird calls.

When wren has appeared in your life, you are often asked to take knowledge already available and apply it with a unique twist that brings about a different perspective, so that all can see the solutions to a problem and solve it with ease. Wren people make good team leaders, for though they can speak loudly enough to be heard by the entire team, they do not need to take center stage, therefore letting other members of the team shine when it is appropriate and good for all.

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