A voicehearer’s path ~

Narcissism ~

I am hoping that the “me, me, me” orientation that I and others are seeing in our world today is the beginning of exploration of the soul. When we learn who we are in our sacredness, we learn that all around us are sacred, also, and not to be trampled on by our own foolish desires. If this “medicine” shows up topsy turvy in our lives, it leads to aggression and self-centeredness. If it shows up in balance, it assures that we will treat all in our path with the respect due to equals in a world of equals at the very least, and respect for others that allows them to be fully themselves in all aspects of life.

Truly, as we learn to respect ourselves, and learn our own sacredness, we can begin to respect others in that same way. It was Y’shua who said that we must love one another as we loved ourselves. The “me, me, me” orientation that is evolving in our world, is unsettling because it means the poles are shifting in our world of communication and relationships, but this may be a good thing if it works itself through to the highest and best good of all. I am not saying that we must think of ourselves first, and then others, but that, with a true understanding of who we are internally, we can understand that the people around us also have that internal sacredness whether they know it or not.

We live in a world that injures the soul at every turn of the wheel. It is when those injuries are continuous and unhealed that those who were innocent turn and injure others. As we learn to heal ourselves, we can turn and heal others, but not before we understand that each and all are sacred each in his or her own way. This is a long journey, from injury to healing, and requires much soul searching along the way. The 12 steps of AA are the simplest way to walk that path, learning to go from total self involvement to understanding that we are responsible for how we treat all who cross our paths. Because of it’s simplicity, and emphasis on personal spirituality rather than group religiosity, I find it works for people of all faiths, and endorse it simply because it is the best way to find your personal best without reinventing the wheel.

So, though the narcissistic bent of the current generation may be frightening in it’s implications for all of us, I truly hope that it will lead to a greater understanding of the place each of us has in this world, and the next.


12 Steps for Everyone!

1. We admitted our lives were out of control.

2. Accepted that a Hgher Power could help us

3. Got out of the way to let it happen.

4. Took a hard, honest look at our lives.

5. Told someone the truth.

6. Got ready to change.

7. Humbly asked a Higher Power to help us change.

8. Remembered all the people we hurt.

9. Made it right with them whenever we could.

10. Continued to stay honest.

11. Put our Higher Power in charge every day.

12. Tried to live our values and help others.

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