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Blessed Holy Days ~

To all who stumble into my humble spot on the web, may the days of December that are sacred to you be blessed beyond reckoning, may Peace and Gentleness reign, now, and throughout the year!

Comments on: "Blessed Holy Days ~" (2)

  1. Ant Andersson said:

    Dec 25 is not a Holy Day according to scripture…it is a pagan counterfeit day that was instituted by pagan roman rulers…dont be deceived

    • Ant,
      I did not use the term Christmas, or refer to the 25th as a holy day, for some of my readers, those who are Muslim or Jewish, or Buddhist, or Sikh, it is not a holy day. Yet, if you look at each of those faiths, you will find that there is a holy day, or set of holy days in the month of December. I wish ALL to be blessed by their observations of the days within their faith that reckon with the holiness of the Creator of our world, and of us. I am well aware that the 25th is a holy day for pagans, as it is the day in the North of our globe when the sun returns after 3 days of being absent, a kind of rebirth for them. I do not judge any faith to be right or wrong, so long as compassion is a cornerstone of that faith. We are here to learn to love, so said Y’shua, so said Moshe, so said Siddhartha. So said many other teachers of the faiths of our world. When we learn to love with the compassion of the Creator, we will be complete.

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