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The Certainty Principle~

The only constant in the Universe is change. I have read that the old teachers taught their students when following their principles, that one must never be certain, for as surely as they were certain, they were certainly wrong. That has stuck with me in such a resounding fashion over the years, that the moment I begin to see anyone certain they are doing “God’s” work, I get nervous. We humans have a tendency to go on Crusades when we feel we are on a mission for God, and history has shown us how that will end.

I cannot tell you that you are or are not doing God’s work. That will only be shown by the test of time. I can assure you of this, however, when you trod on the rights of others in the name of whatever action you believe is God-ordained; when you decide that others will have to sacrifice for your goals, and don’t they dare complain, you have walked out from under the umbrella of protection you thought you had when you began this or that course of action. You never have that right. You never have the right to tell others what they will or will not do in pursuit of your goals. The only person you have the right to ask sacrifice of is yourself. If others cannot give what you think they must, it is time for you to back off and ask if you are truly doing this work for God or for yourself.

Manifest Destiny, under any disguise, is wrong. I am well aware that I am flying in the face of many who believe they are God’s instruments, but the truth of the matter is that every human being, no matter if they are living the way you think they should or not, is a child of God. If God intends to remove that person from your path, it will be done, and you will not have to lift a finger, or will only have to lift a finger, and it is done. If, however, that indigenous soul remains obstinately in your path, it may be time for you to step off the mark you made in the sand, and look at what you are doing. They may be doing what they are doing for what you perceive to be the wrong reasons, they may be wrong in their pursuit of their goals, I cannot say, but they may also have rights that cannot and should not be denied.

I wish I could tell you that all will be sunny and warm if you do or do not do as you feel is right. I cannot. Life is messy, and seldom has well ordered results, and truly caring for the well-being of others is never a neat and proper process. I can tell you this, however, if you do your best to observe the sacredness of all life in the pursuit of your goals, God can, and has been known to arrange things such that all works out for the best possible results in the end. It doesn’t always look that way from our perspective, it is difficult to see the forest for the trees, I can personally attest to that, but it is always necessary, when all else fails, to follow the principles we have been taught, and let God do the rest.


It has been written by the Dalai Lama that Christians cannot use Buddhist meditations, for their meditations are upon God, and the Buddhist meditation is on the Emptiness. And, perhaps, technically he is right, for I may no longer count as a classical Christian. I do not believe Y’shua to have been God incarnate. I have studied the Tanakh in some part, and find that I cannot go against the teachings of Moshe and Avrahim, who told us that God would never come as a man, and that God would never ask for a human sacrifice. I have meditated on the emptiness, meditating on the need to be rid in my soul of the greed, anger, hatred, and lust that trouble our hearts so.

Yet, I find that with this meditation, I am more truly a follower of God, believing that compassion and genuine love from my very depths have more room in a heart that is no longer filled with the rage that is so common when we hate, or are greedy or angry. I have seen my cup as a crystal clear glass filled  in my youth with mud. That mud was the anger I held, the need for revenge, or worse, the need to hurt others in that anger. As it is, there are still troubled spots in my heart, most especially when I see new injustices and injuries occurring daily in our world, that has more despair to give than hope. I am not as clear as I want to be, but I am much clearer than when I was young. I still use the meditation on emptiness when I find myself getting muddy with those disturbing emotions.

St. John is my favorite writer in the New Testament, I find his work to be more timeless than other works there. Some of his words are the very thing that brought me to the understanding that those of other faiths are not necessarily my enemy, nor are those that practice the faith called Christianity necessarily my friends. in his First epistle, chapter 4, verses 7 & 8 are the words I live by. “Beloved, let us love one another, for love is of God, and everyone who loveth is born of God and knoweth God,he who loveth not, knoweth not God, for God is love.”¬† By those words, I accept all who walk in compassion, knowing them as children of my God, even if they do not speak of God as I know The One in my heart.

Further, let me say that with the luminosity that is gained in meditating on the emptiness of the disturbing emotions, and in the temporal things this earth has to offer, one exposes the light within that is at the very core of all who live. It is this light by which we are seen of God.

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