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Love in Action

I have long believed that God cannot actually see us when we have surrounded ourselves with the smoke of our own discord. This is not to say that God does not know we are there, just that we cannot be seen because of our own smoke. This is difficult to explain, and rest assured, the moment we reach out to God from whatever place spiritually that we are, God is able to reach us.

This has come to mind for me recently because of the little boy that lives where I live. He is certain at times that he is greater than anyone else in the world, and at others is like a little waif, sure he is unseen by anyone. (Rather normal for a child who has been abused and is in recovery.) This observation led me to think in terms of the fact that each and every one of us, no matter where we are in our beliefs toward God, is important to the Holiest One, equally important. I know that those who practice daily their faithfulness toward him would question why. But there are many reasons to say that this is the case.

First, and theĀ  most obvious reason, is that we are all in this world together, and what affects one, affects all. For instance, should that little boy grow into adulthood still hurting from the abuse he received as a little one, he is vulnerable to becoming one of the abusers, perhaps even to the extreme of being a killer. That would be a terrible shame and source of sorrow for all who love this child, including God.

Aside and beyond the fact that this child’s pain will affect us all, even if the extremes never happen, there is the knowledge that the call of all the major faiths is compassion toward one another. Even if he does not kill, how can he grow in compassion when his soul is so grievously injured? It is the lack of compassion in the hearts of humans that leads to all the major injuries of soul that humans inflict upon each other. By the time the children grow into adults, it is often difficult to find in our hearts any compassion for the nasty individual they have become. We need to truly search the sources of anger and hatred in our world, and find viable means to eradicate them if we are to get to a point where all can reach out in compassion toward each other.

We need to act in a healing fashion toward our children so that they do not become darkened in the smoke of their own discord. Yet, looking at modern psychotherapy, are we even close? I do not know. We focus these children, when they do receive counseling, on the injuries, with the idea that it is in facing those sources of pain that they can be healed. Are we right? Maybe, but not likely. If you look around at the world at large today, there is little to support the idea that such therapeutic means are affective. How does genuine healing occur? What is needed?

Hmmm, well, it would seem that we need to go back to the great teachers and look at the whole concept of compassion, and find what truly brings compassion (love in action) into the children’s lives and hearts. How do you teach compassionate action? And how does compassion in our hearts translate to right action in the children’s lives? Part of the answer would seem to be in enabling those children to feel secure enough to feel love. For, if the child cannot feel, they cannot empathize, they cannot put themselves in the shoes of others and share their humanity on a heart to heart basis. And, with all the profiling that seems so prolific, that, it seems, is the very lack in the perpetrators of crimes against humanity. They do not see themselves as human, or they do not see the rest of us as human. Gads, we truly do have a long way to grow!!!!We need to grow enough to be able to convey God’s love to all, no matter the condition of the heart.

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