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I now have a computer of my own again, after months of being dependent on the good graces of the friends with whom I am living. They are wonderful, and have not limited me, though the entire family shares two computers, a faster one and an older one not unlike the one I had before. This was such that it made it difficult to start projects that might take time, and separate entries, like these blogs, as I tried not to stay on the puter too long when others were around and wanting to get online. Not an impossible task, but certainly one that required planning.

That, unfortunately, is the difficulty for me, not that I cannot plan, but that thoughts that help me make these observations come in their own time and on their own schedule, regardless of what goes on around me. Hopefully, now, with no more excuses, I will be back to posting at least every other day. I see that the readership has gone both high and low, and the comments others have left have been quite helpful in letting me know that there are those who glean good things from what I have had to say about my own life.

Speaking of which, my friend, a good and kind woman, has taken on a task that may or may not come to a good end. She is now rearing her two grandchildren, a boy, 4, and a girl, 2. The boy has been subjected to known abuse, and has the issues that result from that. The girl has been with her for most of those two years, and is in better shape psychologically, going through a very normal stage of terrible twos. This is a house full of the liveliness of a family in full bloom, coming and going in all directions. That has been somewhat tiring for me, and I am looking forward to living in the little house next door when it comes open to rent (soon, I hope). I love both children, and love being near them, but think I will love them better when I am not in the midst of their everyday trials and tantrums.

I am already finding that the freedom of having my own hard drive on which to store the things I come across is mind boggling. I had a small flash drive, but one must becautious about how much one stores, that, however, has been ruined in a very normal episode with “Fingers”, the two year old ( my fault, one should not leave small things where small fingers can find them.) The flash drive will no longer be read by the computers, any of them. Ah well, live and learn, they say, and I hope I do, since it was my error in leaving it where she could get her hands on it.

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