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The Veil

The Veil between this life and the next is one of my favorite things to contemplate. At first, the concept seems a simple one, there’s a veil between us and then. But, it is not so simple. Given any thought at all, the questions that arise are far more than the answers so far provided. How is it there is no one place on earth to go to cross over this veil; Or perhaps certain “points” on the map where this veil can be accessed? Is it a “veil”?

Many more questions occur to me regarding the veil, but I’d like to stop here for a moment and think about the questions so far. One of the simplest of explanations is the limited number of colors and color combinations that we can actually see with our two eyes. There is much on the entire spectrum of what actually is that we cannot even perceive with our natural senses. If the “other side” simply exists in those areas we cannot normally perceive, then what we think of as “supernatural’ is only so for us, not for those with the ability to see and experience beyond the limits of the senses.

This may also be why it simply requires choosing to see or feel or sense such presences, that one begins to experience “otherworldly” life. The person who has chosen so begins to broaden their awareness of all that exists in this universe. There have been noted children born with no limits in what they see and experience, though, often these children “shut down” before they can really communicate with their elders what they see. I suspect this is because to many of us that live in bodies, only that which can be perceived with the bodies senses, or measured on a scientific instrument are “real”.

But a scientist that was true to his calling would admit quite openly that science by it’s very nature is limited to what we humans can imagine or question. What about that in the Universe that is completely beyond the imagination of humankind? We are a fearful race of beings that continue to feel at a very primal level that that which is unknown is to be feared. Those who use Infrared lighting to see in normally unlit places have not reported seeing “ghosts”, or have they, and been trained to disregard such ghosts as irrelevant? Perhaps this is indeed why we have an influx of “Paranormal” shows, because there is now a way to evidence their existence?

P.S. that’s only the beginning of my musings on this particular subject, it will be back, would love your input on it.

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