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I now have a computer of my own again, after months of being dependent on the good graces of the friends with whom I am living. They are wonderful, and have not limited me, though the entire family shares two computers, a faster one and an older one not unlike the one I had before. This was such that it made it difficult to start projects that might take time, and separate entries, like these blogs, as I tried not to stay on the puter too long when others were around and wanting to get online. Not an impossible task, but certainly one that required planning.

That, unfortunately, is the difficulty for me, not that I cannot plan, but that thoughts that help me make these observations come in their own time and on their own schedule, regardless of what goes on around me. Hopefully, now, with no more excuses, I will be back to posting at least every other day. I see that the readership has gone both high and low, and the comments others have left have been quite helpful in letting me know that there are those who glean good things from what I have had to say about my own life.

Speaking of which, my friend, a good and kind woman, has taken on a task that may or may not come to a good end. She is now rearing her two grandchildren, a boy, 4, and a girl, 2. The boy has been subjected to known abuse, and has the issues that result from that. The girl has been with her for most of those two years, and is in better shape psychologically, going through a very normal stage of terrible twos. This is a house full of the liveliness of a family in full bloom, coming and going in all directions. That has been somewhat tiring for me, and I am looking forward to living in the little house next door when it comes open to rent (soon, I hope). I love both children, and love being near them, but think I will love them better when I am not in the midst of their everyday trials and tantrums.

I am already finding that the freedom of having my own hard drive on which to store the things I come across is mind boggling. I had a small flash drive, but one must becautious about how much one stores, that, however, has been ruined in a very normal episode with “Fingers”, the two year old ( my fault, one should not leave small things where small fingers can find them.) The flash drive will no longer be read by the computers, any of them. Ah well, live and learn, they say, and I hope I do, since it was my error in leaving it where she could get her hands on it.

The Veil

The Veil between this life and the next is one of my favorite things to contemplate. At first, the concept seems a simple one, there’s a veil between us and then. But, it is not so simple. Given any thought at all, the questions that arise are far more than the answers so far provided. How is it there is no one place on earth to go to cross over this veil; Or perhaps certain “points” on the map where this veil can be accessed? Is it a “veil”?

Many more questions occur to me regarding the veil, but I’d like to stop here for a moment and think about the questions so far. One of the simplest of explanations is the limited number of colors and color combinations that we can actually see with our two eyes. There is much on the entire spectrum of what actually is that we cannot even perceive with our natural senses. If the “other side” simply exists in those areas we cannot normally perceive, then what we think of as “supernatural’ is only so for us, not for those with the ability to see and experience beyond the limits of the senses.

This may also be why it simply requires choosing to see or feel or sense such presences, that one begins to experience “otherworldly” life. The person who has chosen so begins to broaden their awareness of all that exists in this universe. There have been noted children born with no limits in what they see and experience, though, often these children “shut down” before they can really communicate with their elders what they see. I suspect this is because to many of us that live in bodies, only that which can be perceived with the bodies senses, or measured on a scientific instrument are “real”.

But a scientist that was true to his calling would admit quite openly that science by it’s very nature is limited to what we humans can imagine or question. What about that in the Universe that is completely beyond the imagination of humankind? We are a fearful race of beings that continue to feel at a very primal level that that which is unknown is to be feared. Those who use Infrared lighting to see in normally unlit places have not reported seeing “ghosts”, or have they, and been trained to disregard such ghosts as irrelevant? Perhaps this is indeed why we have an influx of “Paranormal” shows, because there is now a way to evidence their existence?

P.S. that’s only the beginning of my musings on this particular subject, it will be back, would love your input on it.

Charity v Compassion ~

And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity. from the 13th verse of the 13th chapter of I Corinthians.

It is strange, how these two words mean essentially the same thing, yet come across so entirely different. Of course it is because of past use of them, but it is rather sad. Charity has been so carelessly used as a word to describe giving to those poor who have let down their pride enough to accept whatever those better off will give. This comes from the use of the word “charitable organizations” to describe groups like the Salvation Army and others whose mission it is to see that those hardest hit in economic crunches have at least the bare necessities to survive, and during the holidays, a bit of nog and some turkey with which to share the hols with those still working. It is not a bad thing, in fact I very much see the need for this, from both sides of the table.

But, I want to show you that charity, put forth as above, may just be the “working” part of a much larger concept. There is compassion in the heart of anyone who looks on the plight of another, even if that “other” is quite wealthy and needs nophysical handouts, and lends them a shoulder to lean on, or a hanky to cry into. These are acts of compassion that would seldom be seen as “charity”. Yet, on a much broader scale, they are one and the same, for they are attempts by one human to comfort and meet the needs of another.

It is this very caring for each other that Y’shua was addressing when he spoke of loving one another. He wasn’t speaking of loving only the members of one’s own congregation, not even only of one’s own denomination or faith. He was addressing loving all other humans with this same, deep level of caring. He was grounded in a faith that forbids evangelization. Yes, he was grounded in Judaism. That was his parent faith, this is shown by so many things that Christians regard as being solely Christian in origin. The “Our Father” was a prayer spoken at Kadesh, the I Am was and is the here and now presence of the most Holy of Holies. There a many mitzvot that do not require one to “feel” charitable to do the compassionate thing toward both the animals and strangers of a human nature.

Compassion then, on all levels, is the very concept that one must care for the plight of all life within one’s circle of influence. This is required by Y’shua of those who would claim to follow him (living by the law of love would have you living by all the mitzvot that have to do with your treatment of others), and by Moses, as he wrote down the concepts shown him by the Holy Spirit. Other faiths, such as Buddhism are similar in their requirement of compassion as a way of life for all who follow that path. I have come to believe that all paths that teach compassion as a core of the faith, and brought to us from the different regions of the world via the Holy Spirit, each group of believers then personalizing the teachings to their way of life, are paths to God.

The Devil

Does the “Devil” exist? That’s a loaded question, since many believe that if you believe in God, you must accept the existence of this entity. I very much believe in God, HaShem is quite real to me. However, I do not believe that there is an equal entity serving the dark side as leader. I do believe the dark side exists, I do believe that evil is something that must be dealt with, but I do not believe that there is any dark entity with power that equals that of God.

There are many names that have been attributed to “The Devil” over the centuries, some of them truly false, others quite accurate in their naming of an evil spirit. But there is a major difference between the many names of God, and the many names of evil. You see, all spirits in service of God have one goal, to serve the highest and best interests of all persons involved in the long running drama of life. Those which serve the other side, however, have as their guiding principle, service only to themselves. They cannot by definition serve an ultimate goal.

This is easily forgotten, as evil finds many shapes and sizes with which to present itself. Just look around you; the level of brokenness that exists within each of us is the level at which darkness can prevail as a driving force. That’s pretty frightening all by itself. But it is that very same brokenness that precludes that the person who is broken cannot truly serve a larger cause. It is the very reason that the first step in service to the Ancient of Days is healing. Your level of healing is indeed proportionally responsible to your level of serviceability. You cannot truly serve LOVE until you have been healed by LOVE. It is only as the Inner Self is healed that we can let go of the demands for “rights” and replace those demands with the need to give mercy, grace, and pardon. You can only truly serve HaShem with LOVE.

The other side, however, serves with the exact opposite of LOVE, that is, FEAR. Since the broken ones cannot see beyond their own need, the leaders of such an army cannot focus on larger goals before they instill fear of retribution into their soldiers.Once they have instilled this fear, they can bring about cohesion by focusing their troops on bringing about vengeance, pain and further brokenness in all who experience the touch of that army.  It is because of this very need to serve only self that there is no equal in the dark side army, to the power of LOVE. When the leaders begin to reach their goal, instead of celebrating, they begin to devour one another, again, out of FEAR. Ultimately, the very organization of such a structure will fall, if only because of the weakness within the ranks. Such a beast will devour itself and all its victims from within.

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