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Meekness ~

1raspberryThis is another one of those fruits that Paul listed that doesn’t get a whole lot of attention. To my notion, first of all, this is not necessarily the willingness to stand still and be whipped, though that has been known to happen, it is by no means all that this concept entails. When I look at those who insist that they know G-d better than their brother, I look for a couple of things.

One of them is that a person filled with the love of the Holy Spirit will seldom insist they know G-d better than you, for there are only a few souls privy to the workings of your inner being, and they seldom have that kind of pride. The next thing I look at is whether they show the marks of having learned from the Holy Spirit. This will include Compassion, of course, but it will also include a sense of Joy, a strong peacefulness, and a willingness to learn from all other humans, and from all of their environs.

That doesn’t mean that I expect to see the kind of compassion shown by one as developed as HH Tenzin Gyatso, but it does mean I expect to see the buds of each of these holy fruits the_dalai_lamalargebeginning to appear, or that this person is in that stage of winnowing when Spirit first gets hold of us and starts clearing out the gunk we have a tendency to accrue in our lives. All of these things are included in the concept of teachability.

This is not something that is forced upon us from the outside of our souls, this is a working of Spirit deep within us that is, for lack of a better way to express it, a softening of our hearts. As we grow in the Spirit of Holy Love, we find we develop better ears, eyes, touch and taste, yes I know, you are going, WHAT?

But, most of the time, the Holy Spirit does not teach even those of us who do hear voices through that one capacity.  Much of the time, we are taught by hearing what others have to say; by the leaf that scuds across the road in front of us; and by the sharpening of our senses so that we begin to undedoveyrstand that though life doesn’t always make sense from our lowly point of view, life is always communicating with us if we are willing to take the time to pay attention. This talent for learning is something that seems to come with the touch of the Holy One.

This is why there are those who follow a path of discipline, such as one finds in Buddhism, which brings about this teachability, and there are those on other paths toward the Light that find that the teacher within is bringing about the lessons, sometimes all at once, and sometimes gently, one at a time. Each of us learning at the pace our own Spirit chooses from within, aka the touch of Spirit.

Following the light that you now have. ~

genielamp4Several years ago, in my youth, as it were, I read one of Taylor Caldwell’s books about Merlin, king Arthur’s mentor. He is depicted as having become a Christian, converting from Druidism, asked about this, he said that one must follow the greatest light that one posesses in one’s life, and that the Carpenter’s light was the greatest he had experienced.

That stuck with me and is still something I hold dear. I now know that there were several contrivances that surrounded the bringing of that light to those of us who came after, and I wish that those at Istanbul had not thought so much of themselves that they destroyed all the missals that did not agree with their theology. That quote seemed to me to be the most peaceful transition from that which is earliest to that which follows. I wish we humans were peaceful enough to make such transitions without bloodshed.

We are supposed to be intelligent, key word, “supposed”, but why do we need to be so violent when change is in the offing? Why, in fact, does any one faith require that it supercede another? Is there a point at which we can grow into maturity enough to realize that each of the major faiths, and several of the minors have their points of truth? I just a big-blue-marble-transparentfew days ago looked at Sikhism. I would have presumed that, since it is a warrior society there was no confluence between it and the peace loving faiths, yet I would have been totally wrong. Christianity calls on no one to be a warrior, at least not in Y’shua’s teachings, yet, it has for many years taken exactly that attitude toward life, and indeed, toward the winning of land and territory, (expecting the souls, when they are recognized as souls, to follow along in the credo), to even ponder that makes this soul shudder.

There is no human with the right to decide what other human carries a soul! There is no human or station among humans that has the right to choose which races will be recognized as human. All humans have the right to live free of bondage, pursuing each their own vision of happiness so long as the rights of others are not removed in that pursuit. All humans have the responsibility to live in a manner such that all other humans are given equal oppotunity for freedom and the pursuit of  happiness. That is simply being a good citizen.

But what about religion, or even the choice to believe or not believe with or without religious fervor? There are many who believe in God that do not profess one religion or sect above others. There are many who believe God exists, yet do not necessarily believe one way or the other about those who have been called the special sons of God. And, yes, though in Christianity we call that honor for Y’shua only there are others who have been called that all over the world.  Ganesha and ganesha_symbolism_1Osiris to name just two. Their followers believe just as whole-heartedly in their sonship as do Y’shua’s. Do such followers have the right to take the lives of those who do not follow the same path? I do not think so.

Look at the symbolism of the Ganesha for those who follow that path, this is a way of following the light. Sikhism is a path toward the light. Following the teachings of Y’shua is a path toward the light. Following the teachings of the Buddha is a path toward the light. If each and every human practiced one of these paths, or the many others that are presently available on this planet that I have never even discussed, I mean truly followed those teachings, and so lived in peace with all others, there would be no such thing as war, and no need to wish anything but good on our fellow travelers.

Gentleness ~

1145704domestic-cat-silver-tortoiseshell-kitten-with-silver-dwarf-lop-eared-rabbit-2Kittens and bunnies evoke sensations of cuddliness and gentleness for all who see them, now, if they are feral, that won’t be the case, but if they have been handled gently from birth, they will snuggle with whatever human holds them, generally. Paul, the “Apostle” counts gentleness as a fruit of the Spirit, and I would agree with him on the list, though I see that list as incomplete.

Gentleness, however, is seldom, if ever discussed because, for many, that sort of gentleness goes hand in hand with fear. {Mess with that kitten too much and find another little lesson in the weapons G-d gives the gentle.} Yet, most of the time, when I think of the gentleness of Spirit, I think of the Gentle Giant, the Bear, because gentleness is so much a part of her rearing of her cubs, but don’t mess with her, or the claws will tear you to ribbons.

So, having discussed momentarily that gentleness is not necessarily weakness, let’s look at what gentleness is. It isn’t always cuddly, but it is always respectful of space and of need. When you see true gentleness you see that the intent is not to overwhelm, but to allow a creature, whethergb_photogallery1_05 human or other, to feel safe, perhaps even taken care of in an unlimiting fashion. Security, then, is part of gentleness.

when you think of rabbits, you think of gentleness of spirit, in that it is difficult to even perceive of a rabbit being aggressive. Even when a gentle person needs to address something with you they will probably sit down in your presence and await your attention, perhaps “ahemming” in order to draw you toward them, but they are often discreet, no matter the instance. Hence the term Gentleman or Gentlewoman. So discretion is a part of gentleness. In fact, a person you think of as a gentle person is one you usually cannot envision being aggressive in any form.

vfp101_quiet_watersQuietness is also a part of gentleness. One seldom associates gentleness with a rock ‘n’  roll musician for just that reason. This does no mean that such a person may not be gentle off stage, but such would come as a surprise to even an observant person. In fact, because of the imagery of the 23rd Psalm, we think of quiet or still water in association with the Holy One. The vision many of past generations have had of Y’shua has been of a quiet, gentle holy man, softly speaking his truths to those who were willing to listen in little hillside groups, though you have to ask how the 10,000 he fed could have heard him if he was that softly spoken no matter what.

There is yet another thing quite easily associated with gentleness. That would be “rest”, as in the restful slumber of one who is healing from illness or wounds. One thinks of nurses in this role, as it is their job to carry out the healing physicians orders and keep the patient quiet and rested so body and mind can heal.

So gentleness then includes discretion,








yes, one can say with little reservation that gentleness of spirit is a fruit of the Holy Spirit.

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