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The Barbarians ~

fur-coat-full-length-2a-009-w298What is a barbarian? What constitutes being civilized? When has the line been crossed so that all will see an act as barbaric? There really are no answers to those questions, because it is all  in the point of raccoon5view of the culture from which we come. The beautiful fur coat that you see here to the left, it’s raccoon fur. They are awfully cute little guys, and if you have ever watched them, they seem pretty self aware. They use tools, and can be considered pests just because of that. So, because they are inconveniently aware of their surroundings we kill them for their fur? Hm, the same argument could be used for killing humans. We must seem like pestilence to most of the animal kingdom.

I like leather. Most of the leather I use comes from bovine sources. So it is for most of America. We are red meat eaters. (I’m not much anymore,  not because I do not like the taste of it, but because I am a heart patient, and can only have red meat once a week, so stick with chicken and fish for most of my protein.) But, what of killing the cow that provided the leather and the meat? Did it “deserve” death? Was it killed in a compassionate manner? (that seems a strange question, but look at the kosher laws of the Ivrit, and you will see what I mean, and that can seem to be enlightened self interest, for if an animal is not afraid when it dies, the hormones of that response are not in the meat that will  be consumed by the humans killing it.)

storyteller-holymanThe Native American perspective has been one that seems rather civilized,( for being heathens). Yeah, remember that one of the Popes declared Native Americans to be soulless, therefore killable. GADS, what a horrible error in judgment. Lord, what fools we mortals be! Back to civilization: The Lakota Souix, from whom I learned a great deal about Native American perspectives, and remember that is just one tribe, not the entire back of Grandmother Turtle, taught me to thank Creator for any sacrifice made by any thing that had life before I use it. Now, that isn’t just animals, that’s plants as well, and rocks, which carry a slower more ponderous energy, but definitely carry energy of their own. And the question returns, just who is the barbarian, here?

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  1. Summeril. We have met on CR. Noga suggested I visit your site for the peaceful comments and environment I might find. I have thouht allot about the Native Americans, how they were treated and bits and pieces of how they lived and regarded their world. I have a few shards of obsidion (sp) gathered many years ago in the high desert country. One small shard may have been a scraping tool used in the process of tanning animal skins. Each time I have held these shards something special was sensed. I have often thought of the effort and hard work the people had to do just to exist. This place was beautifully shown to me on two occaissions. The first was in the Nevada desert near Ely nevada. Thunder heads showed clearly across the deser driving rain and wind before it, The colors were of dark green and a sandy brown. The earth literally drank up the fluid as soon as it landed creating many smells and a muffled sound of rain falling. The Native Americans must have rejoiced at each cloud burst that brought life to the desert.

    I have been concerned about how many treat our earth including me as I acquired an awareness. Lately, programs have been aired talking about near galaxies and the liklihood that other planets may exist the might support life. Then there is the next step, can we transport human beings to such a place and save humankind? Mr. Hawkins told CR that he did not believe mankind would survive on earth that a new planet would have to be found. That suggests to me that Mankind has limitations and may not likely be able to spread to other planets especially if one thinks of the distance and light years required to get to another hospitable planet. Boundaries suggests to me design and purpose. That we should take care of this earth if we want to survive. Nice to see your special place. Hope these comments do not in any way detract from it. Best, (Rick) Latetraveler

  2. Rick, first of all, let me thank you for stopping by. I am glad you commented, as that never detracts from the commentary, and often gives me food for thought about future comments. I like to write what others would enjoy reading, as I really am wanting this to be more than just a journal for me and for my friends back in Indiana to read, though, in truth, that would serve it’s own purpose, so no harm either way.

    Yes, we do now need to begin to take responsibility for the Earth, acting in such a way as to be conscious of how our actions affect those even to the 7th generation. That is three more than the Bible states, and no one seems to have listened to either comment on our lack of foresight regarding the earth or our progeny. Yeesh!

    Thanks again, Rick for the lovely letter, you were on the CR boards? As Traveler, or something similar?


  3. Debora Manning said:

    Your website was a lovely surprise. I went to my first clan circle today to start my questing lessons. When I got home I put googled native american pathwork and there you were. It is the 1st time I have responded to something on line (the world web.

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