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Interfaith ~

interfaithI love the attempts by those on an international level of work who continue to try to pull us together as one people, many faiths. It is a sad thing to say that there will probably always be extremes in each faith who will not work toward peaceful solutions. In each of these great faiths one can find teachings on compassion. What we need now is to see our neighbor as not just being an equal in G-d’s love, but also having equal rights regarding the path he or she follows before G-d. This includes a sense of equality for those who choose to believe there is no G-d.

I do not know the fate of each of us, and those who claim to know are usually taking someone else’s word for what they claim to know. I know what I think, I know what I feel, I even know what I have seen in my meditations and dreams. I believe that we do indeed reverberate at the level post mortem that we did pre mortem, which means that regardless of one’s belief system, if one was compassionate toward one’s fellows pre mortem, compassion will be given to that same individual post mortem. It’s a simple belief, and may indeed be too simple, but it works for me. It says that those who are judgmental in their lifetimes will be judged by the same measure afterwards, and yes, you guessed it.

I believe what Y’shua taught about life. The only reason that I do not believe he is born of God in some special way is that G-d told his children many times that this would not happen. I don’t believe G-d changed the Holy Mind, not one whit. I also do not believe Y’shua said those things to the people he was teaching since it would have gotten him a death sentence 3 months into his ministry, not 3 years into it.  I wish I could see the documents that were destroyed in Istanbul (Constantinople). I suspect, like many othersfitz_compassiondvd from scholars to layfolk, that there was much destroyed there that we need today.

I believe very strongly that compassion is the only thing that will save you or me from the fire of our own need for the One. It is compassion that is the healing balm of the soul, it is compassion that seeks help for all regardless of race or creed. It is compassion that keeps us from cradle to grave. When compassion has been denied a human being, they become darkened and withered inside. You can spout all the dogma you choose, you can insist that the cosmos exist by your pattern and no other, it matters not, only compassion will renew us and make us whole.

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