A voicehearer’s path ~

apple_royal-galaIf compassionate behavior is the first fruit of the Holy Spirit, what are the results of that fruit maturing and becoming ready for consumption? Since love can gush all over and be almost overpowering in it’s sweetness and nourishment, allowing all manner of things to grow, both healthy and not so healthy, it is necessary to learn how to handle all that loving power correctly, and with the will of All That is Good, in mind. The result then, of being flooded with the love of Spirit, is a willingness to learn.

One becomes hungry for every bit of instruction that is available. This is where learning to study Holy Writ, the commentaries regarding Holy Writ, the meditations of Masters that have learned the Holy Writ before you, and anything that acts as a codicile to Holy Writ besides. Learning is the mode into which the beginner flowers. As one grows there is also a willingness to help those coming after you to learn the Way.

The things you are learning here are above all how to balance the incredible



love of Spirit with a sense of discipline that will allow that love to flow freely when needed, and to put the brakes on when gushing will only harm the person or situation involved. One learns, if one is close to Spirit, that the place of “Balance” is “Beautiful”.

In order to grasp the beauty of balance, there is always a need for wisdom and understanding, these are the “next” on the agenda to learn, though most of the time the lessons are all wound together so one gets a bit of wisdom when one learns balance in a given area, and a bit of understanding when one needs to apply discipline to oneself or the situation. Patience is learned along the way, as nothing comes overnight.



And, lo and behold, as one learns all of these wonderful things, the will of that which is Highest and Best becomes ever clearer. But, even here, humility is required, for even at our highest point of development, we can be deceived by those whose motives do not serve the Ancient of Days.  This is why there is none who can say they have attained the highest level of maturity and need no more growth or learning.

So, what is the mature fruit of the Spirit? It is a dynamic sense of balance that is able to adapt to the circumstances at hand and move the elements around to honor the Highest and Best. What a beautiful day when we all attain that balance.

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