A voicehearer’s path ~

Y’shua spoke many times in the four gospels about being good trees. In fact, the total among the four is something like 27, though of a certainty, some of that 27 are repeats. However, my point is a simple one. Though there is little said in most churches about this, it is the single most persistent teaching of the Master’s. So what was his point? Taken as a whole, his teachings encompassed the concept that a good tree could not grow bad fruit and a bad tree could not grow good fruit. But, you may ask, just what is “good fruit”?

Paul wrote that the Fruit of the Spirit is Love, he was not mistaken, it is the primary sustaining nourishing energy of Compassion that flows from the Creator. Paul listed 9 such fruits, love, joy, peace, patience, gentleness, goodness, kindness, teachability and self-control. All of that is truly nourishing fruit of the Spirit, but it is not complete, looking at that list one would take all spiritual individuals as rather quiet, retiring little old ladies who sit in the parlor and pray the hours away.

That is a ministry, and a solid one when practiced well, but it by no means is a complete picture of a human being living and breathing on this plane of existence, and gives the impression that to be “spirit filled” one must retire from the world. Most of us do not have the freedom or the will to do that so completely. And then the question arises, if we are supposed to retire from all sensation, why are we in bodies to begin with? What is the point?

Good question.

The very point may be to follow a middle way, a way of moderation, a way of discipline, a way of balance. These things, too, are fruits of the Spirit. God does not desire for us to live a life separated from the good things that are available to us. A balanced life that is filled with good work, good friends, solid home, health and good family, these are the things Spirit leads us to if we will but follow. It is we who grow confused about what is good for us. Spirit does not guide us to “brand” consciousness, Spirit guides us to “quality” consciousness. Our path is not to follow the trends, but to seek to do that which is good for others as well as ourselves.


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