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Violet ~

Good grief! Even purple is controversial! I guess it just goes to show how UN-peaceful we are as a species. Purple is considered a non-spectral color, it is violet that is the spectral color, and purple is a shade of violet. Since the word violet means purple that may be splitting hairs lengthwise. Anyway, it’s a pretty color, and as strong a darker color as yellow is on the lighter side, a little going a long way in a color scheme. According to surveys, almost 75 percent of pre-adolescent children prefer purple to all other colors. It is said that purple is suggestive of controlled passion, seriousness and creativity.

From Wikipedia ~

Violet in culture





  • In the metaphysics of the “New Age Prophetess”, Alice Bailey, in her system called the Seven Rays which classifies humans into seven different metaphysical psychological types, the “seventh ray” of “Ceremonial Order” is represented by the color violet. People who have this metaphysical psychological type are said to be “on the Violet Ray”.[8]



Purple is a color that has long been associated with royalty, at one time, it seems, it was not permitted for the masses to appear in purple clothing. {Gee, I’m glad I live in this wild and wooly age where there are at least areas in the world where a person can do what they want. we won’t be truly free until we are all free, but that’s another post.} Most shades of violet are associated with the crown chakra, so it is a color of Spirit.


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